B1G1 Free – Chiquita Bites Singles or Chiquita Fruit and Juice Duos – (facebook.com)

The Chiquita Bites Singles are the perfect addition to my kids’ school lunches!  Right now there is a Buy One Get One Free coupon on the Chiquita Facebook page!  Use this coupon to get the following deal at Walmart:

Chiquita Bites Singles or Duos $0.98, Regular Price
Use B1G1 Free – Chiquita Bites Singles or Chiquita Fruit and Juice Duos – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.49 each when you buy 2

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35 thoughts on “Chiquita Bites Only $0.49 at Walmart!”

where do i get to B1G1 on FB page? clicked “like” but can find it. Thank you.

No more coupons

The family packs are on sale at Safeway for $3, if you can double at your store and use the $1.50 coupon it makes them only $1 :)

where do i find the coupon?? I’m looking all over like crazy!! I love these!!

this coupon expired already!

Safeway (Randalls) sells the singles for about $1 regular price

usually by produce

really learly of this coupon, it shows the coupon online, could print as many as I wanted… I destroyed the coupons I printed….my guess it is it will show up as a bad coupon on the one site.

I am leary of this coupon…you see it online and print unlimited quantities…really?

These are regularly priced at $1 @ Kroger (in Atlanta). I buy them every time I get coupons. My twins love them!

It isn’t uncommon for Chiquita to put out their coupons in this fashion.
Their avocado coupon was .pdf not to long back.

If you’re still questioning the coupon you can always call the company. The coupon does state “One coupon per customer” so in a perfect world they expect you to only print 1 coupon for use.

Edit: Was in reply to the below comment about the legitimacy of this coupon

no store will accept this..it doesn’t have an up to $ limit on it…bummer

they sale the at kroger in Ga….same deal :)

What exactly is Walmart scenario?!?! I tried finding this info on the site, but I’m not seeing it.

Just a scenario “example” of how to use the coupon.

oh ok! thank you!

I always have such a hard time finding these

you may try checking target as well. Most grocery stores do carry this….granted I’m in the south, but you should see em. try contacting manufacturer and see where they distribute to in your area. some web sies have where to find product.

If you are disappointed that you can’t find these, here’s an idea- Buy an apple, slice it up and put them in a Ziploc bag! It may even be cheaper! (Duh!)

These are a real time saver for many of us. Also, they don’t brown quickly like a freshly cut apple does and they come with a small cup of low fat caramel dipping sauce.

yeah, except the apples will turn brown, even with a little lemon juice, still brown.

you do not have to be such a smart mouth towards everyone if you have a problem with what people are typing then just unlike this page because you have no business being on here!!!!!

she’s not a smartmouth, she’s just smart.

Tiffany, who made you Judge, Jury and Executioner?! First of all, I do not have a problem with what people are typing. I simply offered a realistic & practical alternative, in a humorous manner, to assist those who missed out on this offer. I’m sorry if you were offended, but could it be that you are a little oversensitive?
If you take a close look, you will see that my comment has the most likes on this entire page, and if you take a closer look, you will see that it is actually YOU that has the ‘smart mouth’, and furthermore, it appears that YOU are the one that has a problem with what people are typing! As far as ‘unliking’ the page, it seems that you have this confused with Facebook, because that’s not how it works here. As far as having ‘no business being on here’, if you click on my icon, you’ll see that I have accumulated over 300 likes for my numerous comments as opposed to your 0. Also, thanks for your support ladybugpam!

My walmart does not carry them. They carry a similar brand. Was hoping to get them for my little girl. I will check one of the local grocery stores.

did you all just use 1 or more than one? If you used more than 1, did you use em all in one transaction or more than one since the coupon says one coupon for customer?

At my Walmart they ae in the produce section.

I tried looking for htis as well at my walmart and I cannot seem to find them anymore… I think walmart use to have them before…

Does anyone know where in Walmart these are located? I can never seem to find them :(

Our Wal-marts don’t carry these ;(

I would like to know too. I have wasted several qs because I can never find it.

At my walmart they are in produce section by the veggie and fruit trays and some other walmarts had them by the salads. Hope you find them :)

they are in the produce section. ALWAYS. look real good usually w/ the cold del Monte fruit cups. Very small section of the produce.!! Good luck.

They are usually in the produce area.

they are in the produce section…in the cooler area like buy bagged salads and cut up watermelon