$1.50/1 – Mars Product, any 9.4 oz bag or larger – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 90210

Another great deal on Halloween candy was just released! Mars candy bags are just $1.99 at Walgreens with in ad coupon. This makes candy bags cheap for Halloween! I plan on stocking up and keeping some for myself after the holiday is over :) :

Mars Fun Size Candy Bags, 10.23-12.5 oz. $1.99, On Sale thru 10/29
With in ad coupon
Use $1.50/1 – Mars Product, any 9.4 oz bag or larger  – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.49

Thanks, Hip2Save

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52 thoughts on “Save $1.50 on Mars Fun Size Candy, Only $0.49 at Walgreens!”

I couldn’t find this coupon to print. I am in 48183 zip. I tried about 10 different zip codes and none of them worked. There is a coupon for $1.50 off of 3 bags in my Sunday paper but that is not as good. Any suggestions?

the coupon s gone :(

I bought 2 Mars’ snickers bags at .49 cents each and was surprised when I received a $2 register reward courtesy of Mars, giving me a $1 money maker. Did anyone else buy 2 Mars products and receive an RR?

Im sorry Im just not understanding which in ad coupon works for this deal. Can anyone help me out?

The ad coupon is on the first page on the Walgreens Ad, Fun or Snack Size candy on Sale $1.99 which includes Hershey’s, Mars or Nestle. You stack the Walgreens ad coupon with the manufaturer coupon. I just came back from Walgreens and bought 4 bags of candy. I paid $2.12 oop. By the way you can use the manufacturer coupon even though it has the Walmart logo. I asked first if it was okay, the Manager said they were fine.

Is this a regional thing, or does Walgreens not do that? I checked both ads (the weekly and the two day) and couldn’t find it. I loaded up this page on my phone and saw your comment about it being on the first page, but the only candy I saw listed wasn’t this deal. Even the cashier looked but we couldn’t find anything.

Bummed I missed out, but oh well… That’s life…

Maybe it was regional but Walgreens does have a great deal if you haven’t checked the ad yet. Fun Size Candy- Hershey’s, Mars or Nestle. Sale Price $2.49- $1.50 mfg coupon. Pay 99 cents out of pocket get back 50 cents RR still making them 49 cents a bag. Hopefully you can get this deal.

thanks so much for the coupon. Just spent little over $10 at walgreens and got 4 bags of candy, 4 tubes toothpaste, l shampoo, and have $ RR to use next week. Used $1.50 candy coupon, 2 x $1.00 candy coupons, $1.00 x 4 toothpaste (2 crest, 2 colgate) $1.00 shampoo coupon item on clearance for $1.49. all but candy go to charity, I keep the good stuff for myself, LOL, hidden from the family of course. Thanks again for your great work.

Does this sale end at Walgreens today? 10/29?

My Walgreens will not take coupons that have the Walmart logo on them. They said that they do not get reimbursed if there is another stores logo on it, even though it says Manufacturer Coupon – because I did point that out and even calling the manager over didn’t help. :(

I just used 4 of these at my local Walgreens. No problems, but I will admit my local Walgreens cashiers are great.

It says “available at Walmart” not “to be redeemed only at Walmart”….Walgreens should know the difference.

Oh no!! the coupon stated AT Walmart and also have the Walmart Logo on it. I don’t think it will be used in another store except Walmart and not only the candy at walmart starts from 2 dollar something.

A. Walmart can ad match you can just take the ad there.
B. it prefers you to shop at walmart but you can use the coupon anywhere
C. a list is better with 3 things.

not true, works at walgreens. it is manufacturer’s coupon, not walmart coupon.

Can I use that coupon at Walgreens if it says available at Walmart printed on the coupon?

just used it at Walgreens with no problem, manager said he was only too happy to take the coupon -meaning he’d rather have the sale the Walmart. It is actually a manufacturers coupon, it just encourages you to go shop walmart.

If you’ve been getting those $1 off M&Ms Qs all week at CVS like I have, you can combine for free M&Ms or even a MM if you use Savingstar! I did 2 M&Ms on sale for 2/$5, used 2 $1.50 off one Mars product 9.4 oz or larger, 2 $1 off M&Ms 12.6 oz from CVS machine, which means I got the M&Ms for free and I should get a $1 deposit from Savingstar too making it a MM!

Is this an unadvertised sale? The only sale I see this week is B1G1 50% for Hershey’s brands?

I had a man point and laugh at my binder while at the grocery store, in my mind … I was pointing and laughing at his empty wallet !!!!! lol :)

Would this deal work on the christmas bags of candy? Halloween is far gone already at the the drugstores int my area – WNY

To those who hate the people behind who complain – I finally experienced it the other week (I did 4 transactions at Walgreens). After it happened I realized what I *should* have said…you’re free to use it if you wish, “If you prefer, I can skip the coupons and ad matches and you can just give me the $20 I’ll be saving instead.” Of course when the retort comes back that they don’t have that kind of money to waste…then you can say that they obviously should be couponing too :)

Yes, just wanted to confirm the CVS deal, they are $0.25 a bag! Go get em!

Today, a Target cashier was frustrated with all my coupons. He hesitated on one coupon and I tried to ask him which coupon is that and he pulled it closer to him saying, “ma’am I have to read it”. Once again, another cashier to call a manager over to question something. The manager said my coupon was fine for my items.

As I left the cashier, a customer behind me made a derogatory comment, and the cashier replied, “No comment”. I went to CS and asked cashier to price match. She asked, “Are these the items you used coupons for?” (I figured the manager had given her a ‘heads up’). I said, “Excuse me?” She said she would this time but not again since the ad did not list all the candy types. This is the second time that I’ve price matched at Target and they’ve found a reason to complain both times.

I am following the store’s coupon policy. I am so tired of others bursting my bubble and treating me like I am trying to rip them off. Instead of leaving feeling good about saving money, I leave upset.

Does this happen to anyone else and if so, how do you handle it?

Sometimes Target sucks.
They have great deals on alot of things, but I agree they suck at price matching, Next time you have a coupon for a price match deal make sure you buy those items at the Customer Service and use the coupon.
I think we’ve all had horror stories about coupons at every store.
I figure people behind me in line are just jealous, I wait in line just like everyone else. As for the cashier they just don’t want to get introuble. You can kind of understand that, but theres no reason for them to be crappy.

Just hold your head up high and say “I have no shame in saving money even if it does take up a bit of my time and only moments for you to read the coupon!”
If they don’t like saving money then thats their problem!

Yes this happened to me at Target as well. One of the managers was even making comments about how he doesn’t understand how this is legitimate, and the other one commented on how they can turn down so many coupons if they felt like it, as a threat. Give me a break Target. I left feeling like I was a thief the way they treated me.

i agree i always feel bad in a sense that im holding up a line and sometimes i have to wait to get the manager to come over, and at times it is embarassing. At the end of the day this is what gets me by. As a working male college student that has bills to pay. I am proud to use coupons and thank you for this website thats getting me through college and having a future.

Just deleted a whole sappy paragraph i was going to write on how much it sucks when someone is trying to burst your couponing bubble but then i thought about it and realized it will happen again and again (to me this week 2x) which is sad but true. People are just people and not everyone will understand us couponers but at the end of the day its your money, just make sure you are armed with the store policy, a smile on your face, and your binder of course lol Good luck and hope target gets better for you!

Always happens to me at Target, they just seem to be very strict about how they handle their coupons. I understand that some people use coupons wrongly but I always follow the policies and what happens to you always happens to me as well.

Last week, I was denied the use of all my coupons of cat food because they, “didn’t think I did my couponing correctly.” I used my Target web coupons for Purina One & Friskies treats and was only supposed to pay tax but they denied my transaction and I left emptyhanded. I still don’t understand why Target, in particular, always seems to be the place full of problems when couponing but it is.

Just try to keep head high, remember that we are doing nothing underhand or illegal. I do agree with the feeling llike I’m doing something wrong, tho, My husband runs out of the store when this happens.

Yes I can relate to that feeling as well.

We only have one Target in the area, and it happens to be one I worked two months at during the holidays when I was out of work a few years back. After personally experiencing the attitude of their managers and many (not all, but many) of their employees, I had decided I would rather be unemployed and gave notice after the holidays.

The attitude they gave off left me with such a sour taste in my mouth, I won’t even set foot in the store. I know I miss out on deals since I started couponing, especially with them so close, but knowing what I know I feel confident I would experience nothing but problems with coupons there.

As for grumbling, I’ve yet to hear anyone complain about me (yet), and actually sometimes get amazed comments about my savings. The worst I’ve experienced was a CSM at Walmart who took issue with the whole couponing thing in general, but that’s it.

I’m not looking forward to the day it’s my turn.

I just bote 4 bags for a total of 1.52 at ralphs in soCal. They had them fir 1.88 in their 8hr sale. Also scored 4 Digiornio pizzas for 1.99 a piece cuz they were also on sale for 3.99 and I used the $2 FB Q. Yippie!!!! Btw wen do these coupons expire (the 1.50/1 mars??) I was so xcited to use them at ralphs that I forgot to check. I just printed and left…

Were the Digiornio’s pizza part of Ralph’s 8 hr sale as well? I bought some from Walgreens last night but paid $2.50 each.

yes they were..they were on sale for 3.99 – $2 MQ it was 1.99..plus when you bought 2…there was a $1 catalina that printed to use on ur next trip on any item….so basically they came out to be 1.49 each…

1.50/1 Mars exp 11/30


for those who have an iphone/ipod/ipad and an HP printer…u can download the coupons.com and print coupons from the app too…is u dont have a second computer or whatever…unfortunately it didnt work for me cuz i have an epson…:-((..it only detects HP printers….

coupons.com app** for free ay the app store

I just used a couple of these coupons at Ralphs tonight. They had an 8hr sale and Hershey, mars, nestle fun size candy bags were $1.88. =)

Has anyone had trouble using this at Wags or CVS since it has Walmart logo on it? I understand it can be used everywhere however cashiers don’t always get it.

If you point to the top of the coupon and show them that it is a manufacturer, they should take it. If not ask for a manager. Tell them the logo is because that store is a sponsor of the coupon. It is redeemable at that sponsored store, but not mandatory.

I didn’t have trouble using this coupon at CVS earlier when I bought the chocolates :)

my walgreens manager said he is only too happy to take them. Bummed that I couldnt do the CVS deal, already have that one and it is one per person, but .49c per bag is still excellent. Of course, it all depends on the individual manager, It is actually a manufacturers coupon, just encourages you to go to Walmart.

I used a few tonight without issue

Yes I had a store tell me their manager said they could not accept it because of the Walmart logo. i showed her it was a manufactures coupon but she wouldn’t here it. So I just emailed corporate and let them no that I would not be back in that store because of the staff there.

Well I tried to us them at Wags & CVS both refused them. Oh well I guess I had enough candy anyways. I gave it to a co-worker as I very rarely shop at Wally world anymore. I hope everyone had a FUN SPOOKY SAFE HALLOWEEN tonight!!!!!!!

Yes, at my Walgreens they said no, even thou it was a manufacturers coupon. Because it said Walmart on it. ?

Well I tried to us them at Wags & CVS both refused them. Oh well I guess I had enough candy anyways. I gave it to a co-worker as I very rarely shop at Wally world anymore. I hope everyone had a FUN SPOOKY SAFE HALLOWEEN tonight!!!!!!!

It’s only $0.25/bag at CVS. They have a Buy 4 for $10 get $3 ECB promotion on fun size chocolates. So use 4 $1.50/1 coupon and pay $4. Then get $3 ECB. :)

I did this deal with my $1/1 hershey MQ.. Paid .75/bag after my ECB… Since It’s a limit 1 can’t do this again… Will go to Walgreens… .49 cents still a great price…

My plan is to hang on to my $1.50 coupon(s) until next week. I’m hoping that all the leftover candy will be reduced and I’m gonna be eating me some FREE chocolate!