$1.00/1 – Heinz Ketchup, any size – (smartsource.com)
$1.00/1 – Minute Maid Pure Squeeze, 59 fl oz – (smartsource.com)
$1.00/1 – Ban Solid Deodorant – (smartsource.com)
$1.00/1 – Ore-Ida Frozen Potato Product, any 19 oz or larger- (smartsource.com)
And many, many more!

I’m so excited to share these HOT, high value coupons with all of you!  Many are $1.00 off 1 coupons! Hurry and print them because I anticipate that these will go FAST!

All of these coupons are great coupons for everyday items – but the best part is that this is a chance for us to give back to Wounded Warriors.  By printing and using these coupons a portion will go towards the project. You can also click the “Donate Now” button if you feel inspired to give back to our heroes.

Believe in Heroes™ is a Wounded Warrior Project™ initiative that calls on Americans to recognize the enormous sacrifices made by our newest generation of veterans and to honor the service of these individual over a two-month campaign leading up to Veterans Day. The Believe in Heroes campaign will provide the American public with an opportunity to show their support and appreciation of our veterans in their communities, and across the nation.

Darn. That one is gone but there are still A LOT more left to print!

There is a $1.00 off Heinz Ketchup coupon that can be used to purchase those cute little deli size ketchups at Walmart. Check out this moneymaking deal:

Heinz Ketchup, Deli Size $0.60, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Heinz Ketchup, any size – (smartsource.com)
Final Price: $0.40 Moneymaker

 Thanks, Coupon Katarina

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49 thoughts on “New Printable Coupons for Heinz Ketchup, Minute Maid and more!”

has anyone had trouble using the orange juice coupon at walmart. Yesterday it would not scan at all, and they wouldn’t accept it. I ended up putting the juice back. That was only the beginning of my troubles at walmart yesterday. sheesh! any responses?

Harris Teeter has Ore-Ida potatoes on sale for BOGO………..also…super double coupons makes them free………

Ugh, the ketchup coupon is all gone and we go through so much ketchup at my house (5 kids)…if anyone has extras and would be willing to share, that would be awesome

I had a lot of trouble finding it too.

As I was walking out, I spotted it at the deli section near the entrance at my Walmart.

Then I went to buy 2 Bar-S Franks for $0.64 each.

At the check out the cashier had trouble taking the bar-s frank coupon off.
She had to manually take it off and I got 2 cents back!

Total was $2.48 and the coupons were $2.50.

Has anyone been able to find this product for .60? I checked at the deli asile and the ketchup asile and I couldn’t find it.

I got my ketchup coupon!!

Looks like the ketchup ones might be all gone again. I printed some from my sisters computer about 15 minutes ago and now Im trying from my laptop and the coupon isnt anywhere and I tried different zipcodes just to check. Just glad I got a few more :)

Did you use the coupons on the packets or bottle?

I tried using the coupons today at Walmart and they refused them. Something about they were having trouble because a lot of people where using the coupons for small bottles as pictured above even though it does not say anyhting about a specific size. It must be the ones that looks like in the picture. My Wal-Mart use to be so great with coupons and I’m starting to hate shopping there. I need to shop at another Wal-Mart. Anyone else having trouble?

I just printed these off even though KCL said they were gone! Maybe they restarted!

I just got mine!

My Food Lion wouldn’t accept the Minute Maid coupon. They said that it is on the “fraudulent coupon list” from corporate. Is anyone else having issues with this coupon?? I don’t want to try it at another store if it really is fake.

Thankfully I was able to print off the Ketchup coupon last night and I went into Walmart today to get these and they tried to deny letting me use the coupon on these b/c the picture didn’t match the product I was getting. I asked for the store manager and the CSM came back stating they would do this this one time but they wouldn’t make any money off of it b/c they won’t get paid back for the coupons.

I also was able to print the ketchup coupon as well

Getting the ketchup coupon here

I was still able to print 4 !

I have a question about the free BBQ sauce when you buy charcoal. There are two different ones, can you use both when you buy one charcoal or do you need to buy 2 bags of charcoal?

my computer printed 2 of each but they have the same offer id and pin # they look exactly the same can I use them?

ketchup is back!

I thought I would let anyone know that wants this Ketchup coupon, that it is printing again. I just did it a couple of minutes ago. :-)

Ladies & Gents I was able to print the Heinz coupon just now so its still working as far as I know.

Same here. Just printed it with no problems.

Try printing the coupon solo. At first I selected 3 coupons to print including the Heinz one and it did not print. However, when I selected just that one coupon it worked for me. I was able to print two of them this way. Hope it works for everyone else who is having trouble also!

I just printed mine!! Thanks for sharing!!! :) Also glad to know that using these coupons will help those whose lives will forever be changed for standing up for what they believe in …. protecting our freedom!!! Thank you to all our veterans and military families!!!!

I was just happy to get the Annie’s coupons… those are hard to come by, and are awesome to use on the little single-serve bags they have for .99 at Target. Love Annie’s!

Kayleen, where can I find the annie’s single-serve bags at target? also what type of varieties are there? I never tried this before so I would love to buy some

Printed some last night, tried printing my second round this morning and its saying they’re restocking AGAIN! I don’t think I’m getting my second round of coupons lol. oh well 1 set is better than 0 I suppose.

I printed these yesterday and used the $1 off Mott’s coupon at Safeway and got the juice for $1 since it’s curreently on sale 2 for $4

I’m still seeing the coupons this morning. YAY! Some of them aren’t there anymore but there are still a lot of them!

Lets all donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, its not just about the coupons its about the soldiers out there fighting for us! Lets show our support!

I sure hope that some people donate to the Wounded Warrior Project its not just abouth the coupons its about our soldiers too! So lets show some support and Donate!!

Mine printed, so they are at least still available.

Wish my printer worked

Tried on 3 different browsers can not print SS if after 45mins or so of waiting and it spits out a blank Q no bars no picture. Giving up on SS Q’s

Awesome tip. I’m loving these coupons!

I was able to print two of the Heinz Ketchup coupons and found them in the deli section at my SuperWM, thanks KCL for all that you do. Not only do you post us the best deals and save us all time but you also have to sit and read thru all the emails and reply. You ‘re the best!

Love these!! I printed and immediately went to Harris Teeter. With the Super Doubles this week I scored some great freebies!!

I’ve been having a hard time printing from this website. I get an error message telling me that my Java is disabled. But it’s not. It’s enabled. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can print from this website?

LOVE These coupons! Ketchup, Toilet paper, and Laundry soap??? Who could ask for more????? lol

My walmart has the Ketchup at $1.72, bummer

My walmart had them at the deli counter not with the regular ketchup bottles.

I love these! Thanks for sharing! So far I have been able to print them twice so far.

I don’t see the ketchup coupon :(

click on the link that’s posted, mine was on the 2nd page

I thinik they are disappearing? as the amount available is used up???? I got one and the next time I looked it was gone….. Or maybe you can only print one…. Good Luck!

Thank you so much for posting these!!! What great coupons! Love the ketchup one!

Tried printing website says currently unavailable. I hope it comes back up soon! I’m seriously low on ketchup!

It said that to me too then it worked so keep trying!

I just printed some :-)…. hope your connection works….. soon