Walgreens Fillers and How to Use Them:

The Walgreens cash register system will not allow the cashier to accept more manufacturer coupons than total items purchased in a single transaction. For example, if you are purchasing five items, using five manufacturer coupons and a Register Reward, the cash register will make an angry beep and reject the sixth coupon.  The solution: you’ll need to purchase what we call a ‘filler’ item.  This refers to any inexpensive product in the store that you add to your purchase so the register will accept that extra sixth coupon. This might be a small candy caramel ($0.39) or pencil ($0.05) near the register, or my personal favorite, an extra copy of the Sunday paper.  It doesn’t matter what the product is or even what it costs.  You just need to ensure that you have more items than manufacturer coupons.  Here’s the equation: total number of Register Rewards+ total number of manufacturer coupons cannot exceed total number of products purchased.

The other time that will need to add a ‘filler’ item to your transaction is when the amount of the Register Reward you’re trying to pay with exceeds the total cost of your item(s). Even if you have more items in your transaction than coupons, if your subtotal is less than the amount of the Register Reward, the register will again make an angry beep. This is because Register Rewards cannot be used to pay salex tax or put your subtotal below $0.00.And remember, Walgreens in ad coupons and Instant Value coupons do NOT count towards your coupon to item ratio.

Filler Item Suggestions For the Week of 11/6:

Holiday Gift Bag with Window or Gift Sack $0.10
With in ad coupon, Limit 10

Betty Crocker Cornbread & Muffin Mix $0.33
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

No Nonsense Essential Basics Knee Highs $0.33
With in ad coupon, Limit 6

Russell Stover Holiday Candy, .875 to 1.25 oz $0.39
With in ad coupon, Limit 8

Arizona Tea or Drink, 16 to 23 oz $0.50
With in ad coupon, Limit 4

Nice! Baking Soda, 16 oz, Morton Iodized Salt, 26 oz, Clabber Girl Corn Startch, 6.5 oz or Baking Powder, 4 oz $0.50
With in ad coupon, Limit 4

Hershey’s Candy, 1.4 to 2.5 oz $0.59
With in ad coupon, Limit 6

Jell-O, Regular or Sugar Free $0.59
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

Blue Bonnet Spread $0.67
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

Deerfield Farms or Nice! Seasonings, .5 to 5.25 oz $0.69
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

W Candy, 3 to 9.5 oz $0.69
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

Kitchen Accessories, Oven Mitt or Kitchen Towel, 2 pack Pot Holders $0.99

Dish Liquid, Joy ,12.6 oz, Gain, 11 oz $0.99
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, 20 sq ft, W Wax Paper, 75 sq ft $0.99
With in ad coupon, Limit 3

Color Studio by Hallmark Gift Wrap, 50 sq ft $1.99
Buy One Get One Free
Final Price: $0.99 each when you buy 2
This would work well if you are in need of two fillers for the same transaction :)

Smart Water, 1 Liter or Vitamin Water, 20 oz $1.00
Buy 3, Receive $2.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
Final Price: $0.33 each when you buy 3

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41 thoughts on “Walgreens Filler Items: Week of 11/6”

I was wondering if the instant value coupon was the same thing as the walgreens in ad coupon? I got it from the walgreens site. I am new at this and trying to understand everything before I use the coupons. Thanks.

This is great! Please do this each week…it sure saves us time, you chose really useful fillers, and it helps us avoid the problem at the register

Glad it’s such a useful post for you!

really like what you post here…it definitely simplifies the process and prevents the beep! Please do this each week!

So glad it’s helpful to you!

At my local Walgreens they have a bunch of different items such as emery boards, nail clippers and other iems that are 2/$1, these can make great stocking stuffers as well as filler items.

I am sooooo happy…I did not have to buy any pencils I will never use today =) Thank you so much for doing this for us. Hopefully we can see it next week too…Thanks again.

You are so welcome! Glad it was helpful to you :)

If you buy cheap pencils, pens, clearance candy, etc. as your filler and can’t use it donate it to a teacher. I use these as fillers and my middle and high school students love getting the benefit of my coupon shopping!

Thanks a bunch for this info. It will really help me out when using those rewards..

You’re welcome!

the schick razors in massachusetts are 5.97 @ walmart and 9.49 @ cvs.
I has a BOGO and a 2.00 off coupon, walmart would not let me use the 2.00 off, saying I had to buy 1 more pk of razors. If I gave them the 2.00 off first could I the use the BOGO?


If you are buying 2 packages of razors, you should be able to use the $2.00 off and the BOGO coupon. Usually the $2.00 off will come off the 1st one you are “buying” and the BOGO will cover the 2nd one that the coupon gives you for free. Sometimes it is best to give the dollar off coupon first and then the BOGO – hope that helps!

Haha…I stand in Wags looking for “filler items” all the time, this is so helpful!!!!!

To my surprise my Walgreens let me use RR on milk and eggs. One of them sells skim milk for $2.99 and eggs for $1/dozen, cheaper than Walmart and other grocery stores. I no longer have to get things I don’t need as fillers!

I had a page of Wags coupons in my paper today. There is one for $0.99/3 Hersheys, so you can pair that with the in ad coupon and they will be $0.26…not free, but still a good deal:) There is also one for Jell-O.

This is a great new addition!! :)

So glad you like it :)

Omg, I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to know what are the best filler items. Thanks so much!

You’re welcome!

I don’t know if you have done this type of list before but I appreciate it very much and it would be awesome if you could do it every week…..Thank you soooo much

You’re welcome!

Walgreens is rolling out brand new registers. The registers won’t allow filler items anymore. I’m not sure if this is a temporary gliche or not.But if the filler item is only sixty cents and your RR is $2 it prompts the cashier to return it.

With the new registers I have heard two different things. One its a gliche because it is taking Manf q as payment (cash) which locks the register from adding anymore items. This results in having to void the transaction if you want to add an item (filler or impulse buy). One Assistant manager told me it is to cut down on the “couponers” he couldnt explain himself especially when I pointed out to him that couponers are not the only people that will need to add an item to their order especially when they are constantly trying to upsell you at the register not to mention the last minute “mommy can I have candy” people. So time will tell.

I didn’t realize you had to have fillers at Walgreens. I just started couponing, and iI used more coupons than I had items the other week at Walgreens, but there was no problem. So, I’m confused. Am I supposed to use fillers anyway?

Edit: Never mind. I was counting the in-ad coupons too. Does anyone know if that include the instant savings booklet too?

Walgreens in ad coupons and Instant Value coupons do NOT counts towards your coupon to item ratio :)

Walgreens in ad coupons and Instant Value coupons do NOT counts towards your coupon to item ratio :)

This info is so helpful. It’s going to save me even more money because I was counting ALL coupons, including in ad coupons, as well as coupons from the monthly booklet.

I’m so happy to see this post!!! It was the very question I was going to ask: “What are good filler items?” I have recently acquired a lot of $2 register Rewards, so I need a lot of low cost fillers in order to spend them. I don’t like the idea of buying fillers that I have no use for-I can’t seem to bring myself to do that. So I’m delighted to see that you’ve posted a variety of filler item suggestions. Way to go!

Thanks again KCL!!! :)

Thanks so much! Up till now I was also including “in-ad coupons” in the count! Yippee, less fillers!

Me too! This is great info.

me too this is definitely good to know

if i was to get the arizona tea as a filler, it states .50 with in ad coupon, so dont i have to use the in ad coupon to get it at .50 and how is that a filler if i have to use to coupon?

its the number of MANUFACTURER coupons and REGISTER REWARDS that need to be equal to(or less than) the number of items in the transaction, store coupons do not count towards the item to coupon ratio.
although, some manufacturer coupons that are off of two products(say you bought 2 tomato sauces and had a manufacturer coupon for $1 off of 2 packages of tomato sauce and you also had a $1 register reward) that one coupon MAY attach to both products(this doesnt always happen, just sometimes and im not sure how to tell if it will or not) meaning you would need a filler item in the transaction even though you have 2 products and 2 manufacturer coupons.
hope that explained it and didnt confuse you haha!

Thank you so much for this information, it explains alot……

ok, please don’t laugh. I am new to couponing. If you take all deals on the product in the store coupon…ex. soup 59cents limit 3. Do I need 3 store coupons to get all 3?

no, you dont need 3 coupons for walgreens in ad coupons. Just one & most of the time(depends on cashier) they wont even ask you to remove the coupon from the ad.

Thank you. This is SOOOO helpful.

Thank You. This is SOOOO helpful.

You’re welcome!

This is really helpful thanks:)