If Xbox games are on your Christmas list this year, you’ll want to check out Walmart.com.  Right now they are offering an Xbox 360 Value Bundle that is a great deal!  Buy two Xbox games for $30 and get a third one FREE!  Plus, if you choose Site to Store, you’ll get free shipping.  Each game will be $10, which is amazing, considering that Xbox games often go for $20 – $30 or more a piece!

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10 thoughts on “Buy 2 Xbox Games for $30, Get 1 FREE at Walmart.com!”

Does anyone know where the Da Blob 2 360 game is for the buy2 get 1 free offer. I see someone got that game for the deal but i don’t see it listed on the web site. Please HELP before i miss this great deal THANK YOU

it’s probably gone already. New games appear every so often and then their gone. I have been checking all day and seen new ones pop up then after an hour they are gone.

Thank you so much for getting back to me

Thank you soooo much!!!! What a great deal!!! Was able to get 3 great games for my son and his family! You don’t know Jack, Crashtime and Sonic’s Ultimate Game Collection!!! Shipped to my local store so $33 after tax!!!

worked great for us! thank you!

Thank you!!!

how do you get the third for free? I selected them all from the list of the 2 for $30…

There should be 3 options which say required, pick one from each option and it will come up as a bundle pack for $30, One game I ordered did add $1 extra so my 3 games were $31 not including tax.

OMG THANK YOU for this deal! I was able to get a game my son really wanted (Lego Batman) a game my husband wanted (Bioshock 2) and I picked up Da Blob 2 for the whole family because we loved the first one! And since I used ship to store I only paid $32 after tax! Thank you for making my son’s christmas even better this year with yet another dirt cheap deal!

Where did you see Da Blob 2 on the list of 360 games to buy from? I don’t see it