Most people have a “one time read” book lying around the house collecting dust. Why not put it to good use by making this amazing wreath? It’s simple, fun, and cost effective to make. Plus, it’s great for any holiday because there are so many different ways to accessorize it.


  • Old book – Check the Dollar store or thrift stores if you don’t have one on hand.
  • Paint – I used brown, but to make it more snazzy consider using mod podge and your choice of glitter.
  • Sponge Brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wreath base – I recommend using a foam base. I got mine from Roberts for only $4.79 (after my 40% off coupon.) You could also go to the plumbing department of Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy a six foot long piece of foam tubing.  Cut it to the desired length and simply duct tape it together. This will cost you less than a dollar.


STEP ONE: Tear the front and back cover off your book. Take your paint and coat the three exposed edges of the book. Allow a couple minutes to dry. If you are using mod podge and glitter then run the mod podge over the three edges and sprinkle with glitter.

Once this is dry, carefully tear out the pages of your book. Try to get a semi-straight tear.

STEP THREE: Take a page from your book and either roll it like a cone or fold it back and forth like a fan without making any creases. I traded off rolling and folding to give it more texture. Then use your hot glue gun to attach the pages to the wreath. Start at the outside edge of your wreath first.

STEP FOUR: Once the outer row is done, the following rows need to be shorter in length. Simply fold the page and inch or two at the bottom, making a tab. Glue the back of the tab to the wreath. Continue this until your wreath is full enough to your liking. Once you get to the final inner row, glue the pages as you did on the first outer row.

STEP FIVE: Ta-Da! Your wreath is complete. Now go ice your hands because if you’re anything like me, you have several hot glue gun blisters.

This has been a guest post by Katie from Pleasant Grove, UT
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17 thoughts on “Unique Home Decor: How to Make a Vintage Paper Wreath”

The post reminded me of a craft I just saw on the Martha Stewart website when looking for holiday crafts to make. They were called “Shimmering Stacked Trees”.

Basically you cut different size squares of paper or felt and stack them on a pointed needle or skewer. You can use newspaper, old books, magazines,etc…however as a couponer I always have tons of scraps of white printer paper when cutting out my printed coupons from them and thought this would be an AMAZING use of them as well as something that would be free to make and a lovely decoration!

*librarian goes into shock* I like the idea of recycling (used) wrapping paper much better than destroying a book.

I don’t know about you however at the library I work at we are always throwing out dated reference books. We have to destory them anyways. Might as well make t wreath out of them and decorate the library.

This would be great using an old hymnal. I have seen angels made from folding down the pages of a hymnal into a triangular shape forming the skirt of the angel and the wings folded the opposite direction. The head is a styrofoam ball with synthetic hair and lashes and the whole thing stands upright with the folded pages fanning forward, still attached to the covers of the book.

you stole my response! :) that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’ve got plenty of those lying around, being a musician.

I love this idea!!! my hubby and i are both avid readers, so it’s super fitting for our house. Thanks!!!

Beautiful this could be a timeless peace holidays hang it on walls and when holiday season is over just place it down on a table and place a candle in between just for decor don’t turn it on repeat don’t turn it :)

oooh you could put a bowl and some floating candles in the middle of this, maybe for a wedding table deco? or glue some mini silver balls in it for a holiday wreath! thanks for the cute idea!

Right now we will paint fall colors, then remove that from the frame and do a Christmas one. I always like a holiday (all of them) wreath on my front door, recycling each one for each holiday!

I also learned that you can make a wreath with coffee filters.

Take a piece of foam board and cut out the size wreath you would like to make (the coffee filters will make it a couple of inches larger on the inner and outer part of th wreath). I chose to use a dinner plate and a bowl for my template. Take the coffee filters one by one, taking the center of the coffee filter and gluing them on the the wreath. I start working from the inside out. Bunch them close together when you glue them down. After the wreath is finished you can glue flowers or small ornaments to complete the look.

I have made one and I love it. I am also planning on adding a little glitter to the edges of the coffee filters to give the wreah extra sparkle. :)

Cute! I will probably use a circle of chicken wire and stick several pages thru each hole, then touch of glue gun. Next, attach the wire to a wreath frame with twist ties.

My daughter will have a blast painting (recycling) each of the book pages.

I do already have all these things, tho so won’t cost me a dime! Whoop!

Thanks for the idea!

I think I’m going to use this idea with my boys, except we’ll go with red, green and gold for a Christmas wreath. Maybe using construction paper. Thanks for the idea.

tissue paper might work better than construction paper, not sure because I havent tried it, just a thought! OR you could use gift wrap, oh i have some fun shiny wrapping paper, now thats a great idea!

This is a great idea! I will be making a few :)

very cute! i love crafts.

i love this idea, i am a reader so i have a bunch of books lying around! thank you for the idea. i think i will soak my pages with tea bags and possibly burn some of the edges i love the rustic look

Great idea!