25 FREE Prints or 15 FREE Cards at Rite Aid!

Do you need some photos printed, or maybe you need a few holiday cards?  Either way, Rite Aid is here to help!  Right now you can get 25 FREE prints when you use coupon code FREEPRINTS at checkout.  To get 15 FREE personalized cards, enter coupon code FREECARDS at checkout.  You can also save on shipping by picking up in-store.  This is a great deal, so don’t wait!

Go HERE to check out!

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27 thoughts on “25 FREE Prints or 15 FREE Cards at Rite Aid!”

nothing happens when I click “select photos” …

Just ordered mine, so the deal is still on. No tax in Washington. So $0.00 for me :)

Just ordered mine, so the deal is still on. No tax in Washington. So $0.00 for me :)

woohoo was hoping for a xmas card deal! hopefully they wont mind that I did some in my name and in my boyfriends! He wants to send some to his family, I would like to send some to mine! Will find out tomorrow…lol

Free prints is great! I just ordered mine and will pick up at my local store – for free!

I am so frustrated with this. I got the deal fine and the order came out to $0.00 but none of the stores near me have the ability to print 4×8! I spend 30 mins waiting yesterday only to find out they are out of ink in that printer and all I got was “uhhh sorry”. I called around and I can’t get them printed in any stores near me. I called corporate and they wouldn’t waive shipping. Check before you send to a store near you!

So frustrating : (

I ordered the 25 4x6s and when I went to pick them up Thursday night, they weren’t there. They told me to bring in my confirmation and try the next day. Well, I tried again today and still nothing. The manager told me to do it at the store because the online stuff was down. He said I could even get more for free since it was such a hassel…my Rite Aid is awesome!

i love the deal but my local rite aid is stupid ordered them yesterday went to pick em up and still not ready! clerk says,”they are probably gonna be delivered to our store i will call u as soon as they are in.” WTH???? Then why do i order them online!!! IRRITATED!!!

I’m having trouble building the cards. Anyone else? It lets me pick a card, but then freezes or something and doesn’t show me a preview or let me add photos.

if you order the free 25 prints you can also get a free 8×10 that you get for purchasing 25 4×6, add the code free8x10

How long is this deal on for?

There isn’t an expiration date listed online, so I would hurry if you’re interested in using it : )

I’m a little confused, if someone could help, I would appreciate it! When I get to checkout and put in “FREECARDS” it gives me this error and I don’t know what to do to bypass it or get it to work:
Freecards promo code cannot be applied to any of the items in your cart.

* The item required for this promo may not be in cart.
* You may have already used a promotional code for this item.
* Only one order-wide discount code may be used per order.

What are you trying to order? You know it is only for the 4×8 flat cards, right?

Make sure you’re logged into your Rite-Aid account before you check out and put in that promo code. Change the total in your cart to 15, it’s only good for 4×8 flat cards. Good luck!

Nevermind Ladies… I kept pressing the 4×8, but in checkout it was saying 5×7 and that was holding up the transaction. Once I logged in the second time and recreated the photo under the 4×8 and finally got it to stop switching it over to the 5×7, it took the code easily! Thank you so much for the help though!

You can also get a 8×10 print and 15 free greeting cards added to this too. Check out hip2save.com. They include all the promo codes. :)

Great deal. Turned mine into avon cards for the holiday as a thank you to my customers

Great deal! Thanks

how long is this going on!

There doesn’t seem to be any date on the Rite Aid site, so if you’re interested, I’d hurry before it’s gone!

Mine should be ready in 3 hours. Total will be .67 with tax. Thx KCL!

Great deal,though I can’t get the free prints,as I’m visiting a friend,& they don’t have Rite Aid stores in this state.


Awesome! Will pick mine up in 2 hrs., can’t wait to see how they turn out! Thanks again for another sweet deal, dear KCL! :)

is it free if picked up in stores?

Yes, Amber – if you are picking them up in store, they are completely free! It also depends what state you live in as to whether or not you will have to pay tax.