$5.00/1 – Foster Grant Reading Glass, any – (adperk.com)

Glasses are so easy to misplace.  You set them down and they seem to magically disappear!  So it’s always nice to have an extra pair on hand.  This week at Rite Aid, you can score a FREE pair of Foster Grant reading glasses!

Foster Grant Reading Glasses $9.99 
Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off
Buy 2, Receive $10 +Up Rewards 
Use 1 $5.00/1 – Foster Grant Reading Glass, any – (adperk.com)
Pay: $9.99 Receive $10 +UpRewards when you buy 2
 Final Price: FREE!

Thanks, For The Mommas

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19 thoughts on “Free Foster Grant Reading Glasses at Rite Aid!”

Hi, Is this still avail this wk? Thanks

They were $24.99 at our Rite Aid and they weren’t cute….you could buy a much cuter pair for less, IMHO

I am curious why you can’t use 2 $5 off coupons is you are purchasing 2 pairs of glasses – I have reviewed their coupon policy and can’t see why you can’t use 2 – am I missing something?

i looked at my store and both the foster and the zoom were 14.99….. :( am i looking at the wrong glasseS? they said reading glasses. kind of dissapointed.

Yes, the zooms also were $14.99 at our Rite Aid, and the adperk coupon is good on only these.

Walgreen’s will have the same glasses; buy one get one free. I have actually seen it (but not for a while) buy one get two free. That’s a much better deal.

My Walgreens in Lynnwood didn’t have Foster Grant glasses either, but they did have the Zoom glasses. I am getting the coupon tonight and will go check them out tomorrow.

btw, the zoom safari are on sale for $9.99.
My Rite Aid did not carry the foster grant, so I did the deal with the ZOOM.
It is 4 + up per card, so I’ll be going to another RA that carry foster Grant and do the deal again.
It is free.

I don’t get it…if it’s Buy one get one 50% off, doesn’t it mean they will be $5 for two pairs, not free?

Christi – it’s $15 for 2 pair – less the $5 adperk coupon and get $10 back in reward bucks… = free

Note: The $9.99 Foster Grant reading glasses are the plastic “spare pair” glasses. Almost missed them as they were slightly separated from the regular $19.99 glasses.

oh man, I ended up not paying attention and didnt realize until after I made my purchase that the reading glasses I picked up for my mother in law were originally 19.99 – so I had to pay 24 and got back 10 in up rewards. bummer. oh well, great stocking stuffer

I usually get my reading glasses from the Dollar Store. They aren’t free, but it works out to only .50-cents an eye.

My grocery cashier said the same thing. She has several cute pairs that she picked up at the dollar store.

Interestingly Kiki, sometimes the glasses that I get from the dollar stores have price tags on them that range from $9.99-$19.99, indicating that they may have come as ‘buy-outs’ from other stores; so, your grocery cashier & I may very well be getting the exact same glasses that others are paying much more for!
Thanx for your reply!

Thanks Pizzaz :)

none of my rite-aids have the zoom glasses :(

I scored this deal on sunday i got 1 pair of zoom reading glasses and 1 pair of foster grant sunglasses 12.99 and 50% off second one was 6.00. i used 5.00 of each one there are 2 coupons on the rite aid video values site and the cashier told me during a previous sale the coupons work on reading glasses or sunglasses. so i paid 7.99 for first pair and 1.00 for 2nd pair after coupons and i got the 10.00 reward back so moneymaker :) woohooo

you need to make sure these are sold at your rite aid. mine didnt have them. but i got mine for free from using my plus up rewards :)