If you are still deciding how to organize your coupons and the KCL Coupon Binder is a bit overwhelming for you, perhaps the File Box is the answer for you!  Watch our video for more information about how to organize with a File Box!

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I am a busy working Mom and for now this method makes the most sense for me. so I have a question: When using the file box method what does your friend do with printed coupons?

I use a shoe box size file box – I have laminated letter size envelopes that fit inside the box. I clip all the coupons, sort them into category envelopes which I have filed alphabetically in the box. I can take the box into the store, it fits in the cart, and when I want to find a coupon, I can pull that envelope out and quickly look through the coupons. – the binder was too big and awkward at the sotre for me.

Why aren’t we seeing videos from Joanie anymore? She ok?

I dismantled my binder after a couple years of using it and last month started a shoe box size coupon box and file categorically. It’s so much easier, easy to take with me if I decide to (I only take it to winco and walmart because they don’t advertise their sales) and I don’t get as many gawkers as I did with my binder since everyone found out what it was (before nobody noticed but now everyone stares at the binder and I get tired of comments and people trying to be coupon buddies – I’m just shopping here, not out to start a club) and it’s so easy to leaf through if I need to. AND easy to file my coupons and ditch the expired ones. I don’t miss the binder a bit. I saw a woman in the store yesterday holding her baby, trying to flip through the binder, coupons all over the place. She should have just gotten ready before she went to the store, and that binder plus a baby: wow what a disaster. I felt bad for her.

I use the binder method. But is was getting overwhelming for me to cut and try and fit 10 -15 of the same coupons into a slot. Plus I was growing out of my binder. I’ve already gone for two. So now every Sunday I get the same amount of paper,(8-15)depending what the coupons inserts offer that week. I take 4 inserts 4 RP 4 SS etc.. I go through and mark ea. coupons with the date and what insert they come from and the rest of the inserts I mark with the date and fill away. That way if I come across I really good deal and want to really stock up I can go to my filed away inserts and cut them out and I know which insert and date becuase I have marked them on my coupons i’ve put in my binder. It makes my binder less heavy and bulkie, yet I still have a good amount of coupons in my binder. And also take the filed inserts with me. that way if I am far away from home and theres a really good deal, all I have to do is go to my car and get the coupons. I really cuts down at the cutting time!!

My method is a mix. I have my inserts sorted by date into 3 expandable file folders (one smartsource, one redplum, and one misc–P&G/Target inserts)

From here I use basic excel and the sunday coupon preview website to type out all the coupons I have in each insert. Those list then go into a very thin (flimsy really) binder. I can flip though that binder to see all the coupons I have in each insert, then go right to the proper insert and clip the coupon.
It works out taking these to the store even because the expandable file folders fit easily into a bag I bought specifically for couponing.

Yes, it takes time to type up the inserts but it’s comparable to the time I was taking to cut, sort and file away each coupon into a binder…so this is a great choice for me.

I use this system as well, only I don’t print out what I have where, I use a website call trackmycoupons. com I can use my smartphone to look up my coupons and which insert they are in. I don’t take all of my coupons in the store, I keep them in a file box in my trunk, and if I need a coupon for something I wasn’t planning on, I can just go out to get it. I carry a binder for the coupons I have already clipped for my shopping trip, extra bucks, etc. It works better than cutting and sorting every single coupon, like I used to, and it takes less time to type them in to the site than it did to cut and sort.

I use the file system (sort of) but mainly b/c I can’t take anything but the coupons I am going to use on that particular trip at that particular store and the weekly ad into the store b/c I typically also shop with my little boy and carrying him there is no way I could lug in a big binder or file.

I am a ‘Cherry Picker’, which means that I only go after the best deals and avoid impulse buying. Therefore, I organize according to store. Do you know those nice cardboard priority/express mail envelopes that the post office has available for free? I have one marked CVS, another Walgreens, Walmart, Albertsons, and so on. Before I leave my house, I already know what I will be getting from each store and pretty much know exactly how much I will be spending. All the scenarios are worked out ahead of time and I’m in & out of each store like lightning, because all my coupons and Catalinas and RR and Extra Bucks are all sorted out ahead of time. If I come across clearance items or other items I would like, I make a note of them and research the best way to return to the store and get them frugally. (Cheap..lol) It works for me!

Why can’t you take that to the store? I think that’s better than the binder. I’ve taken my big huge binder tot he store and it’s very hard to flip through in the cart. That would seem easier becuase it sits up rigth correct???

I like misticbutterfly’s idea I may do that!!! right now I have a GIGANTIC binder actually the one KCL uses, storted by date. it’s just so big and bulky I hate taking it to the store!!!

Lang calendars makes a very small file folder just for coupons! It may not hold as much as a binder, but for me it works because I only have a few stores I go to and I don’t buy multiple inserts, although I still get lots of coupons to fill it up with! I also use it to organize by category, it wouldn’t work with date b/c the tabs have permanent stickers. Just a suggestion.

I have kind of combined both methods. The binder was was too time comsuming for me, and when I just used the file folder, I felt like I had missed opportunities.
Now, I clip all the coupons that I will use, out of the Sunday paper. I bought an extra large coupon binder from the office supply store, that is the accordian-style. I take my clipped coupons and organize them by DATE and by CATAGORY, then paper clip them and put them into my accordian-style binder. That means, every Sunday, I dont have to take the time going through my binder and look at each coupon to check if it is expired, then wrestle them in and out of those little baseball card sized slots. I just pull out the catagory I need and I know the ones on top are the oldest. Plus, having the coupons loose, make them easier for me to quickly sort through. This method takes me HALF as much time!

I use a file box, but mine is smaller (about the size of a card box.. found it at Dollar General) I find it’s perfect for me. I section off each coupon – down to the individual item with note cards and lable tabs. It is small enough to come with me to the store. I don’t feel ashamed… I’m saving a lot of money and I’ve just started couponing.

I started out dating the flyers and my husband bought me a work table. I still use that to store things till I clip. I have my coupons alphabetical in my binder. That way if I see something on special I can see for sure if I have the coupon. I know using the date system or categories works for others but the alphabet is for me.

great idea, but the binder is deff my favorite way. my sister and i have tried envelopes, alphabetical order, dates, but it never seemed to fully work for us. the binder is a bit overwhelming but if you just take the time to get it just like you like it it’ll be your best friend!

I tend to do a combination of both the binder and the file box. I cut coupons on Sunday that I know I will use and put those in my binder. The remaining coupons uncut in the inserts into a filing system. Then during the week if I see a deal that I want to take advantage of, I can go pull that insert and clip that coupon. This also helps me to keep my binder less cluttered with coupons that I probably won’t use.

Yay, the binder method is what I use! (kinda, except mine are cut and into their cat. tabs) It is much more easier for me, I love it. I get really overwhelmed with the binder. It’s a little quicker for me.. since i can only coupon 2 days a week :(