Right now CVS cardholders can receive a $4.00 off $20.00 coupon when you give CVS your email address!  If you are not a CVS ExtraCare member you can sign up here.

Note: This is only available for members who DO NOT have an email address on file.

Thanks, Combat Clippers

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17 thoughts on “$4 off $20 Purchase for CVS Cardholders!”

My mom and I signed up for our cards and entered our email address right around the same time (yr or so ago). She still to this day gets $ of $$ and I don’t. Every time I turn around she is getting one via email. Like I said…my email has been linked to my card so I don’t know why I’m not getting them. Boo!

Unfortunately, not everyone gets them at the same time. Some people don’t get them at all. I’ve had my card for at least two years and I just got one for the first time last month. I got another one this month.

Hang in there. They might start showing up in your account all of a sudden. Make sure you actually log into your account too, don’t just check your e-mail. I’ve had things show up in my account before with no e-mail notification. Good luck.

This deal has been available from CVS all the time.This is the first time that KCL has made a post about it,that’s why.If you don’t have a card yet,then you can get this coupon.I just got a card for myself,& it sent it to me in a day.Its a one-time deal,but its a great coupon that CVS has available.


I registered my e-mail a couple mounths ago. Not only do you get the $4 off of $20, but since I have given CVS my e-mail address, I probably receive a $4 off of $20 or $5 off a $25 purchase every 4-6 weeks or so.

I got mine a few days ago and I was already on the email list :)

If you already have your email on file, but have never received this coupon before use a different email address than the one they have and it should work! :)

I think it’s only fair, especially to the loyal cvs customers!

I’ve had a card for a little while but never received the coupon offer so I called today and apparently my info was not entered into the system, so I had him register my card and send me the coupon!

Where did you call? I never get the coupons, either.

Does anyone know if the $4 off coupons you can get on eBay are legitimate or not? I don’t see how they could be.

I have an email on file and got it….. (NOT COMPLAINING!) 😉

I got $5 off $25

I have had my email address on file and I got the coupon in my email.

How is that fair that those of us who have had cards for years cannot share in the coupon???

Totally agree!

I have had my email on file for years but I received an email from CVS with a $4 off $20 coupon. So check your email for that.

awesome! Lets use this deal for example-:) -x8 ALL degerants- total 32.00$ -use 8 1$/1 (m.) coupons- brings it down to – 24.00$ – Use 4$/20$ – CVS coupon- Pay 20$ Get 10$ gift card – Total- 1.33$ per bottle! I got 8 earlier I am going back for morE:)

Good for you !!! My CVS put a limit of 3 on the all. Plus when I went they only had 5. I was unable to get the deal D: