Are any of you taking advantage of PrePaid Debit Cards!? Here are the things we love about PrePaid Debit Cards:

Keep Your Budget Under Control.  Prepaid Debit cards are a great way to “budget” each month; just load your total “grocery” budget (or other category) onto the card and when it’s gone, you are done for the month!

Free Online Offers.  You know when you are getting a freebie online, but it still asks for a debit card?!? Use a Prepaid Debit card and rest assured that your bank account is safe!

Shopping.  Are you on a strict budget this year for Christmas? Just load your card with the amount you’d like and you won’t have to worry about overspending!

Vacationing.  This is a great way to pay — without having to carry around cash!  It’s accepted anywhere that takes Visa!

Here’s a Great Offer!

Get the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card! No credit checks, no interest or late fees, accepted anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted! NetSpend is Better Business Bureau Accredited and has a BBB rating of A plus.

Just go HERE to order your FREE PrePaid Visa Card.  Then, when you receive it in the mail (and get it activated), you can load money to it via Direct Deposit, Bank Account Transfer or at a Reload Center!  Remember, there are usually fees when it comes to Prepaid debit cards, you can see NetSpend’s fee schedule here.   So the question is, do you think the fees outweigh the benefits of this card?!

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21 thoughts on “Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards (And How to Order Yours)!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a netspend card for 10 years now and Im her to tell you that is the best thing I have ever done, i even have direct deposit from my job and I allways get pay before evryone ells at work they post and make your check available to you 1 minute after they get it. other banks hold the direct deposit 24 to 72 hrs before they relese it to you depending when they got it. I only pay a $9.00 fee a month and that is it, is better than dealing with banks that allways have a problem for me to solve or a new fees that they forgot to tell me or explaing. This company have change alot in 10 year and is allways for the better and for my convinience, look into it make your self a favor, at least they did not whent running to the goverment for bailout money so the big boss could still get there bonuses.

  2. Our daughter is in Europe for the semester and we chose the American Express Prepaid Card. NO FEES (if you withdraw from an ATM more than once a month, they charge you $2/time; but your first ATM withdrawal is FREE).
    No fees to purchase, no fees to reload, etc. I love that it is American Express (accepted almost everywhere now) and that it came with her name on it so people don’t realize that it’s a prepaid card. It’s working really well for us. It is way cheaper for her to use this than her debit card, which charges $5 for EACH ATM withdrawal.

  3. Shopaholik! says:

    check out walmart money card….. $3 reload fee, $3 monthly maintenance fee.

  4. Alissa H says:

    i have a netspend card and i love it! i pay $9.95 a month for unlimited use of it. It has free direct deposit and you can load up to $7,500 in one direct deposit (very good for my tax return!).

  5. I just have a husband whom opened a seperate account gives me the debit card and tells me how much I have for christmas,,changes password this time of year, so I can’t transfer money into my account. NO FEEs :)

  6. After looking at the outrageous fees I think it is best to open a FREE checking account w/debit and put my household budget into that account each month.

  7. I use the walmart card…the only fee i ever have to pay is $3 load fee…there IS a $3 monthly fee, BUT if you get direct deposit or load more than $1000 a month, its waived…No overdraft fees, no BS. I love it!

  8. Kroger periodically has quadruple fuel points on gift cards. It works out that you get more saving on the fuel for, say, a $100 prepaid card than th $5 it costs to buy it. I like to also buy it on my airline credit card and also get frequent flier miles (and pay that off in full every month, of course!)

  9. Anonymous says:

    How is this better than purchasing a Mastercard or Visa gift card to use in the same way? Yes, the gift card “leaks” a little money, but not nearly as much as the fees associated with this, especially if you use it right away. Plus, my Safeway is giving 4x fuel discount points right now on gift card purchases. Does this debit card have advantages over the gift cards that I’m missing?

  10. Anonymous says:

    How does this differ from, say, buying a Mastercard gift card at my Safeway? Is there some way that it’s better? The gift card ends up not being for the full amount, but loses nowhere near the amount of these fees, especially if you use it right away. Plus I earn fuel discount points at Safeway on the amount of the gift card purchase (right now it’s 4x points).

    • Alissa H says:

      the 4x promotion excludes visa/matercard/american express gift cards because they can be used at the pump. same with safeway gift cards.

  11. This one has 3 fee structures: you pay per transaction; pay $5.00 per month; or pay $9.95 per month. I don’t know of any cards that have NO fees… some of ‘em charge upfront (i.e., you pay $5.00 or $10.00 to ‘buy’ the card, plus ‘reload’ fees), and some have transaction fees.

  12. This sounds like a neat idea but the fees Vicki posted on are outrageous. Anyone know of a card that does not have fees?

    • i use MasterCard from dollar general….no monthly fees, used to do visa but they charge 4.95 a month rather you use it or not, so no activity for 6 months = 29.70 just to keep it in positive…..ya i like the MasterCard much more

    • Armenia Ward says:

      Western Union Prepaid Debit Card,which you can get on Gold Card version is completely fee free,which is impossible to find these days.Their Moneywise version has a couple of fees,I believe,but its basically the same as the Gold Card.All of the others charge a monthly fee,which this one does not.I have one,& have used it for a year.It has saved me multiple times from my bank always charging me monthly maintenance fees when I didn’t use my account.

  13. After you sign up for it, it shows that there is a $1.00 per transaction fee or a $9.95 monthly fee. Is that correct?

    • Anonymous says:

      I work for a loan company, and we actually load people’s loans on these cards if they wish. It is a $9.95 per month fee to have it, or you can pay a yearly fee of $69.95. You can have your paycheck direct deposited on this too. I have mine set up this way, but since I work for the company, my fees are waived. Also, account holders of NetSpend also get a savings account with it, and you can transfer the money back and forth from the card to the savings for free, and the savings account gives a 5% interest rate, which is a little more than you will get from the bank, and also if you overdraw your account, there is no over the limit fee. (And yes, you can overdraw it even though it is a prepaid card. You won’t be able to overdraw it by more than $10 or so, but it is a nice thing to know)

      • Armenia Ward says:

        Please don’t encourage people to use this card.Its horrible,& truly takes advantage of people who don’t want the bank taking their money every chance they get.

        • Anonymous says:

          First, I did not encourage anyone to do anything! I simply stated some easily read facts. And FYI, not everyone can get a checking account, and for that, this would be a good alternative. It does have it’s benefits, you just have to read everything to make sure you understand. It’s hard to be taken advantage of if you know all the facts. You cannot overdraft your account like you can a checking account, except for the $10 allowed, and for that they do not charge any overdraft fees. If you upgrade the card, it is only a $5 per month fee, which is not unreasonable considering some probably pay that with their checking account fees. And I for one, keep most of my paycheck on the savings account side, so that I can draw as much interest as I can, which is slightly more than the savings account you can get at any bank. Those are all facts, not encouragement. And I believe in the post from KCL, our opinion was asked for, so I was giving it. :)

    • Armenia Ward says:

      Yes,it charges a $1.00 every time you use the card!Stay away from this card since its outrageously expensive for people who use prepaid debit cards.Pretty much all of them charge a monthly fee to have the card.This one charges a $1.00 every time you use the card.That is the craziest thing that I’ve ever heard of.Use the Western Union Prepaid Debit card,either their Moneywise or Gold Card,which is fee free.This card is the worst prepaid debit card that you could possiblt use.Stay away,& save yourself from an overly expensive card.Just get a Walmart MoneyCard if you just want to get one while your there.If you can get on WesternUnion.con,then get the Western Union card,which will save you a whole lot of money.You have to wait for it to come in the mail,but its worth it to save money.