Old Navy Black Friday ad

Old Navy will be opening its doors on Black Friday at Midnight. But, hold on to your hats! Old Navy is also open ON Thanksgiving from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. What?!  On Thursday there is a $10 off $50 coupon in the ad.  On Friday morning they are offering a free Kodak Easyshare Sport camera bundle with $40 purchase. I am sure supplies on the camera will be very limited. Old Navy also has great on-line shopping, and if you order more than $50 the shipping is FREE! Have fun and be sure to pack a snack!

Top Three Deals


Pea Coats, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. Riveting Wool-Blend Pea Coats for the family. For kids and baby only $19 and for Adults only $29


Jeans, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. Phenomenally Famous Jeans, All kids and baby on sale for $10 and All Adults on sale for $15


Sweaters, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. Sweaters for the whole family are on sale for $15

Other Deals

Fleece, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. Powerhouse Performance Fleece for kids and baby on sale for $5. Also on Saturday only the Adults Performance Fleece on sale for $8

Sleep sets, Sale Saturday only. Packaged toddler sleep sets on sale for $10

Tees, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight.Extremely Graphic Tees for the whole family on sale for $5

Tops, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. Waffle-Knit tops for the family on sale for $7

Womens Fleece, Sale Starts Friday at Midnight. V-Neck womens Performance Fleece on sale for $5

Hoddies, Sale goes through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Men and Womens Applique or fleece hoodies on sale for $15

Outerwear Accessories, Sale Starts Friday  at Midnight.

  • Fleece Scarves $1
  • Gloves $2
  • Socks $3
  • Fleece Hat and Gloves Set $4
  • Slipper Slides $5


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8 thoughts on “Old Navy Black Friday Ad 2011: The Best Deals!”

Since I am fortunate to have an 82 year old Mother, I am going to spend time enjoying a turkey meal with her and my husband. The sales will wait until after Thanksgiving…


I took my teenage daughter Black Friday shopping last year for the first time, and we started at Old Navy. I have to say, I’ve never waited in line outside Old Navy before on Black Friday, but it was the best run situation I have ever seen. When the doors opened, there were quite a few people who thought they were going to get out of their cars and join friends who were already in line and had been for hours (like us) and the employees refused to allow them to enter the store! We all cheered because there is always that person who thinks that they shouldn’t have to stand in the cold. I was VERY largely pregnant and after standing for so long, my ankles looked like trees, but if I could wait, everyone else could too! Thanks Old Navy, We’ll be back this year too!


Is anyone else dissapointed that the sales start so early? I love black friday shopping, getting to the stores at 4 or so & getting the deals just like every year. my family (all female aunts, cousins, grandma) have gone together and at midnight, we r still up celebrating thanksgiving! I understand the stores will do what it takes to make a profit, but I’m just dissappointed that our tradition isnt going to be the same this year. I feel like we r going to miss the deals if we go later, yet i refuse to cut my thanksgiving short to go shopping. I guess im rambling, sorry :o).


Unfortunately their plus size customers will be left out unless they also have the sale online.


the KCL posted something earlier this week about getting the sale item at a different size than u need and exchanging it later for the correct size. I wonder if you can exchange something online for something u bought in the store?


Also, you can get the Black Friday prices on Thanksgiving Day if you use and Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic credit card. Just the prices, not the deals like the camera. Last year I went on Thanksgiving Day and got everything I wanted without the crowds, it was great!!


When you say Friday morning their offering the camera deal, what time is Friday morning? Midnight?


I think I’ll be heading to Old Navy first considering I love their clothes and I LOVE pea coats. I have my eye on the green one 🙂