Looks like there is a great new coupon available to print from the Wounded Warrior website. This means we will have Moneymaker Bic Razors for next week’s Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale at Walgreens! LOVE Moneymakers :) I’d highly suggest printing this coupon now and saving it for next week’s HOT sale:

Bic Flex 4 or Soleil Bella Disposable Razors, 3 pack $3.00, On Sale Starting 11/24
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Bic 3 or 4 Blade Disposable Razor – (smartsource.com) 
Pay $2.00, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $2.00 Moneymaker

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65 thoughts on “Hot! $2.00 Bic Razor Coupon, Moneymaker at Walgreens, Starting 11/24!”

I’m sorry if I’ve missed this answer some where but will you be compiling a transaction order (to maximize the rewards and minimize out of pocket spending) for the drug stores on 11/24?

When you click on the link above is it taking you to the hero coupons? That is were it takes me and there are only 2 pages what is your zip

I can not find the Bic Coupon in the hero’s page . can anyone tell me were it is or what zipcode to use

thanks but the link above takes me to the hero coupons and they only have 2 pages. is there were you a go or another site. What is your zip code?

I can not find the bic razor coupon on the hero site can anyone help me

Its on the site right now,so you should be able to print it.Go to the third page,& it should be at the top of the list.


thanks but the link above takes me to the hero coupons and they only have 2 pages. is there were you a go or another site. What is your zip code?

Question I thought you can only use one manufacture coupon per transaction….How does this work?

You can use on manufacturer’s coupon per purchase. Each item is a purchase. So if you have 2 razors, you can use 2 coupons.

Me & my friend go into the store seperately,so their aren’t any limits for us!


will this coupon work for the soleil bella razors too?

Yes,any 3 or 4 pack of BIC razors qualifies for this coupon.


My coupon says any one BIC 3 or 4 BLADE disposable razor. Not 3 or 4 pack of razors. So I don’t think it can be used on the less expensive packs of 2 blade razors, but can be used on the Soleils

Oh,I didn’t notice that,but the coupon is still good on the Flex 4 & Bella Soleil.


This coupon is not showing up for me. Is anyone else having this problem? I have never been able to find razors for free. What am I doing wrong?

I am wondering since this says starting on the 24th does that mean walgreens black friday deals start on Thursday???? Are they open thanksgiving

Do you have a plan for Black Friday that you are willing to share which will be the least out of pocket? I see a lot of free items after RR but if you go out and buy them without strategy, it will get expensive.

WORKS for me!

I have those coupons as well. :) I think I’ve only used 1 so far, so I have plenty to use for free razors, woo!

For some reason, every time I try to print these coupons, my browser closes. Any ideas???

I had no problem finding it and printing it so it isn’t gone. I JUST did it. Along with a few other ones too!!

I just went and printed one, went back to print again and it was gone. Would have been nice to get the moneymaker, but paying only a dollar is just as good.

Even with only one coupon, you will still be able to get 2 packs for free! :)

I printed this one out last week so it’s not letting me do it again, it showed up on my list but when I tried to nothing printed (normally it does that if it doesn’t read you printed it already before you attempt to do it again)… so if you printed it last week, that might be why.

anyone know the zip code, its not coming up for me

Found it under 23434, I have about 75 razors for free but i am making goodie bag for christmas so this is supper.

I can’t find them, but I remember printing BIC, but it said Flex or something.

I got it!! thanks….I used the link above without putting in an area code and it was on page 3….Since I began couponing this summer, I have only bought these razors with coupons (wouldn’t have bought them otherwise) and in a house of with 4 teenage/pre-teen daughters these are now the only ones I to buy!

just printed…try zip 90210

that was fast it looks like they ran out already..

Try 85741 – it was on page three

I also wasn’t able to find it. I don’t remember printing it out, but I do have the coupons in my file. So I must’ve printed it earlier.

BUT, I then turned on my laptop and was able to find the coupon. So maybe those who aren’t finding it did print out before? Try another computer :)

Coupon not on Wounded Warrier!

its not showing up on smartsource at all.

click on the link KCL posted, mine was on the 3rd page. And it just says bic razor or something like that, not soleil.

I’m only getting one page of coupons and it’s not listed. Is there a specific zip you have to use?

what zip code did you use

90210, but I just checked and it isn’t there anymore. Sorry :

23434, 3rd page. The pic is of Bic Flex 4 razors for men, but it says “any one Bic 3 or 4 blade disposable.”

i shouldn’t haven wasted the ink, can never find anything at walgreens, pretty much stopped shopping there

How did you get it Carol I went there and I could not find it.

The link work, I just printed mine.

Are you serious? I just looked again!


last page blue packaging instead of picture shown

Walmart usually have a good price and with coupons you may score for 1.98-2.38, depending on your area…

Don’t see the coupon on that site ?? Haven’t printed either.

the coupons have been available since I believe last Sunday so I’m not surprised there are only 3 of them left now on the site. I wish I would’ve printed some of them sooner but it kept getting put on the back burner…oh well, another sale will come our way soon.

If I bring one more Razor into the House FREE or other wise, My husband will toss me and the “THE FREE RAZORS OUT” since couponing, he has lost 1/2 of his garage and had to Build shelfs in the other 1/2,…So this one will have to be a pass for me, Funny when you first start out couponing you run all ove town in fear you will miss out, and there will NEVER be another sale, well after 3 years of couponing, I’m here to tell you theres NO need for 100 boxes of tooth paste, or 75 sticks of APDO, or 50 bottles of Body wash, Buy a few and YES THERE WILL BE ANOTHER GREAT SALE down the road, so don’t be Bummed that you missed one or two, there will be more!!! Have Fun!!!!

Sounds like you should be donating some of your free items to a local organization – like a VA hospital for Vets or your local domestic violence shelter – neither of which have funds for items like you listed and soley rely on donated items.

I agree, domestic abuse shelters and crisis pregnancy centers really need the support! If its free or a MM and you don’t need it, I am sure they would appriciate it and it only cost you the tax! It’s a win/win

I have a question about donating…when I go to do my taxes, do I claim the price before coupons, after coupons, or after rr (or eb, ups, catalinas, etc.) Thanks!

This is a question I haven’t been able to find an answer to either.

Can anyone help with the answer?

Tax professional answer- sorry! only what you actually paid for it can be donated.

Thanks! Does that mean only after coupons or after you factor in what the store gives you back?

my tax guy told me the after coupon price so, like Michele said only what you pay…my question is do I also have to factor in what the store gives me back (rr, eb, ups, catalinas, etc.). Thanks!

my mom is an accountant and she says you claim before the coupon price, because the manufacturer reimburses for manufacturer coupons, so the retailer gets full credit on those items based on your original purchase price. That is one reason couponing is perfect for doations, it is a win win!

my tax guy told me the after coupon price so, like Michele said only what you pay…my question is do I also have to factor in what the store gives me back (rr, eb, ups, catalinas, etc.). Thanks!

I agree with Dawn Marie, sounds like its time to donate! Local food pantries, homeless shelters etc!

I been couponing for almost 2 years and its true when you said that at the beginning when you start couponing you get upset when you miss a sale and you try to buy everything even if you don’t need it…after years of couponing you learn that there is always another sale and you will have a chance to get it.. I don’t wanna end up buying 50 toothpaste or 50 deodorants that have an expiration date..I rather buy 1 or 2 items and left some for the other couponers so everybody can get them too..@Dawn..I also donate thing from my stock pile to family members and friends that have lost their job and are in need.. 8)-l-<

Danielle, I belong to the Elks Lodge in Kennewick Wa. We have a list of marines stationed in Afghanistan who are always in of extra toiletries such as your razors. If you would like to donate them we would be happy to enclose them in our weekly mailings:) Contact Suzi (509) 554-9242 or Elks Lodge, Leslie (509) 735-6035 :))))

>>will toss me and the “THE FREE RAZORS OUT”>> lol

>>will toss me and the “THE FREE RAZORS OUT”>> lol

Take your over stock to a nursing home or local United Way or shelter for abused women and children. I gave mine to United Way last year and they were happy to get them. I’m looking into the shelter for abused women and children this year.

I know of a place that helps abused/abandoned women and children out in southern cali hopebiz dot org is the site if I remember right.

My husband tried a much “nicer” approach, by hiding them in our trash can, but I tok the trash out that day….lol needless to say I agreed to donate them.