Do you need a haircut?  Check out this great offer from Great Clips!  Right now through 12/9, you can buy a pre-paid value card good for $9.99 haircuts!  Haircuts at Great Clips are usually between $12 – $15 so this will save you some money.  Buy the card in-store and use it on your next visit.  And you can load as many pre-paid haircuts on it as you’d like.  Here is an example:

  1. $9.99
  2. $19.98
  3. $29.97, etc.

This would make a great Christmas gift!  Go here to find a Great Clips near you.

Thanks, Chi-Town Cheapskate


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4 thoughts on “Haircuts Only $9.99 at Great Clips!”

Anyone know if the value card is good at any location or just the salon you bought it from?


I would imagine it would be good at any Great Clips locations, but you could call to be sure : )


I’ve never known anyone who has received a decent haircut from great clips, including myself. You get what you pay for.


I was JUST saying to myself last night, “Self — you need a haircut. By someone else. Because if YOU pick up the scissors, you’re going to wind up with the buzz-cutters.”