Extreme Couponing Tip: Printing Twice

One of the best tips a newbie learns is that most Internet printable coupons can be printed twice per computer! 

Finding it again: When you’ve printed a coupon once from sites like Coupons.com, it often moves to the last page. While you may have found the coupon originally on page 3, the second time around, it has likely changed to the last available position.

Going back: Many times you can simply press the back button to print a second coupon. If this doesn’t work, try clicking the original link again or opening it in a new tab.

Once: Some coupons only print one time per computer. These can be a site policy (e.g. Stonyfield.com) or because a coupon is popular or soon running out of prints (so manufacturers want it to be available to the most customers). Remember one is better than none, and photocopying coupons is always ILLEGAL.

PDFsPortable Document Format enables the customer to print out multiple copies of a coupon. However, many store scanners don’t like reading PDF barcodes (because they do not have unique number) and will make an angry beep. Read more about why this happens and what you can do here.

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22 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Printing Twice”

how do you refill your own ink cartridges?

Have you tried just taking out the color cartridge (some printers still print as long as one is in)? Other printers, when one cartridge is out, will just default to the other, so keeping an empty color cartridge may also work, depending on your printer.
I have heard others needed to change their settings to Grayscale several times before coupons would finally start printing in black and white (e.g. 5 separate times in a row), so maybe just keep at it and hopefully it will “click”.
If not, I might try looking on forums about your specific make and model of printer and ask if any one else had that problem and how they corrected it. Also contacting the printer company for advice may help.
Best of luck!

I THINK I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!! Download and print using safari, or if you have an older version of Windows it should allow you to print in black and white too. This has been frustrating me since I began couponing in mid September, coupons.com consistently printed in colour despite my printer settings being set to B&W. Seeing your post got me thinking, downloaded safari and problem solved. Thanks everyone and thanks KCL you’re the best!

If you sign up with Old Orchard Juice you can get a 0.75 off 1 (which can double if your store doubles) that you can print as many times as you want as long as you hit the back button. It prints a whole page but the coupon is at the top so you can hit the cancel button on your printer after the coupon is printed to save some ink.

I have a canon printer, and it is an ink hog. Another way to save money on printing coupons is to refill your own cartridges.

I can usually use the back button (click 3 times) for it to automatically print the same coupon the 2nd time.

My biggest issue with printing coupons, is the large ads they place below the coupon that takes up 3/4 of a page and uses an enormous amount of my ink. I hate those!

I find it helps to change my printer settings to always do a print preview– that way I can know where on the page the coupon will print and if there will be an ad printed before or after.

I’ve found using papers that come home with the kids from school make excellent coupon printing paper. Each side gets used and created less waste.

I do the same thing but cashiers seem to question the validity of the coupon more so when I do that. I guess if there is a crayon drawing of a monster truck on the back of it the coupon seems suspicious, lol

I don’t know how many of you have laser printers but my one complaint about them is that they don’t print if you cut the paper into any size that isn’t normal.

What I mean is if you print two coupons and they are usually at the top and bottom of the page…after you cut them you only have the blank middle section. If you try and use just that part, it won’t print.

Before I upgraded to a laser printer my inkjet printer was able to print that 2/3 or 1/3 of that cut out paper. I hope you’re understanding what I trying to say.

So what I do now after I print at least 2 coupons…the leftover paper that haven’t been printed on, I cut out and save to when I have 3 of them and then tape them together to make 1 piece of paper again.

Maybe I’m being extremely frugal, I think it’s creative and uses all my paper.

I use mine for scrap paper for the kids. I also use it as scratch paper and a lot of times make my list for the week on it. I still have quite a lot. I know there’s a way to flip the paper and feed it back in, but I never remember which way it goes in. So if you have a piece of paper with only one coupon at the top, you can feed it back in to get another coupon on it. Practicing with something other than actual coupons you want to use might not turn out so well. I would be really worried that taping the paper together would result in printer malfunction eventually.

I do the same! I write my lists on those blank leftover pieces of paper :)

I was worried about taping the pieces of paper together might not work and get stuck in the printer too but, my first time I did it…it printed just fine and ever since then.

As far as remembering which way the coupon prints, in the beginning I would just write a different letter or number on the top and bottom of the page and see which way it would print and which side.

If you forget just make a note and post it on your desk.

Print a coupon you don’t intend to use if you decided to try it in the future.

I also use my scrap paper to make my weekly shopping lists but hadn’t thought about flipping the paper over to print another coupon! Awesome idea!! Thanks Kristy!

What about when the coupon is only suppose to be printed 2x, but your printer gives you the option to print as many as you like??? Isn’t that the same as copying it???

Each coupon has it’s “Serial code”. Printing out multiple copies of the same coupon w/ same serial code is no different than photocopying.

Check out the paragraph on PDFs and read more at the link given there for more information :)

KCL can you help me figure out how to print coupons from coupons.com in black & white??? I have tried everything I can think of and it continues to print in color, and it only happens when printing from coupons.com…all the other sites are b & w. I don’t like buying so much color ink!! Thanks!!

You will have to change your printer settings as it doesn’t present you with options when you print.

I hope it’s ok if you print them in black and white. I print them at work on my black and white laser printer.

Black and white is the best! It works for both black and white and color…it is just cheaper for you in black and white:)