Looks like Walgreens is rolling out new mobile coupons, which are set to begin on Black Friday! Coupons are going to range is value from $0.50 to $5.00 and will be for a variety of products, including beauty items, gifts, consumables and everyday essentials, such as diapers! They have not yet made it clear if they plan to continue the program beyond the holidays. I just downloaded the Walgreens App to my phone; it was super quick and easy! Hoping for some great coupons to use, maybe even some for Black Friday :)

What is it?

The Holiday Mobile Program is a program that will offer “mobile” coupons via iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry (5.0 operating systems or higher) phones that are compatible with the Walgreens App. The coupons in the Mobile App will begin 11/25 and run through 12/24. Additionally, there will be a text message based campaign that will have offers from 12/28-12/31. Once the customer opts in on the first day, they will be given offers for the following days of the campaign. This mobile program will only work on phones that have downloaded the Walgreens App and are web-enabled. Also, the phone must have cell or internet reception in the store or come into the store with the coupon already on their phone.

Coupon Information

  • For the App Coupons (11/25-12/24): There will be 3 offers per week with (2) 2-day offers and (1) 3-day offer.
  • For the Text Coupons (12/28-12/31): The offers will be 1 per day from 12/28-12/31.
  • These will be one-time-use coupons; if it’s already been used it will come up as “Coupon Already Used” when scanned at the register

How to Download the App

The Walgreens mobile application is free and can be downloaded by searching for “Walgreens” in smartphone application stores or marketplaces for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Standard data and text messaging rates may apply, internet connectivity is required at time of transaction for coupon to be accessible. You can also text APP to 21525 to receive the direct link.

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10 thoughts on “New Walgreens Mobile Coupons!”

I just hope walgreens doesn’t become another kroger. Where you can’t combine manufacturer coupons with the coupons loaded to the kroger card :(

I had already downloaded this app….when I went to check the coupon icon was there….sign up was easy. Now I am just waiting for my first coupon!!

I already had the app so when I pulled it up….there it was coupons!! Can’t wait to
see the first coupon….

How will the policy for Wags Q be if using these coupons?? Will they still count as an actual coupon and need the same number of items as coupons?

They count as actual coupons, and they will be considered Walgreens coupons. You can still stack them with your manufacturer’s coupons!

I already have the app installed but I don’t see a section for coupons. Will it show up 11/25?

i dont have a coupon option either…

Since the coupon feature is new to the app, you just need to update your app to get the coupon feature.

You should be able to update your app and then opt in for alerts.

They don’t have it for the Palm :-(