A few months back I made a choice to move from a PC to a Mac.  I LOVE my Mac and haven’t looked back EXCEPT when it comes to printing coupons!  With my PC I could print any and every coupon.  But when I tried to print bricks coupons from my Mac I just couldn’t do it.  Every time I would get this:

I was so frustrated!  And I know you are too since many of you have the very same problem.   I Googled this problem for hours. I did what everyone said: tried different browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Every once in a while it would work, but most of the time, nothing. BOO! I wanted those coupons. I’m a Krazy Coupon Lady and don’t want to miss a single deal!  Well, today I’m here to give all of you frustrated Mac users a solution that I hope will work for you. Because it worked for me!

Here it is:

1. First, I always start off in Safari.

2. When you click on the link to print your bricks coupon, highlight and copy the link at the top, BEFORE you push print.

3. Now pull up Firefox and be sure you have the very latest version.  Paste the link into Firefox and hit ENTER.

4. Click PRINT COUPON and Yippee! You are now getting every coupon and LOVING your Mac again!

*Once in a while it will give me the same, “We’re Sorry…” message but I just resend the page and it works!  I’m crossing my fingers it works for you too! Please let us know.

This has been a guest post by Kelly from Colorado Springs, CO
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45 thoughts on “Having Problems Printing Coupons From Your Mac?”

Are you using the coupons.com app?

Are you using the coupons.com app?

it doesnt even show me the were sorry thing, it just blantantly doesnt print then tells me that it did…..grrrr…….i really needed that gold medal flour coupon :((((

If this really works you are one of my new favorite people. Thanks for the tip!

I can print coupons from Safari on my Mac. After upgrading to Lion I did have to go into the settings and do something with Java. I can’t remember exactly what I did but I’ll bet it’s the Java fix posted previously.

The copying the link and then pasting it into a different browser is what I’d call a workaround but not a fix. If you’re going to do that you might as well set your default browser to be the other one, then you won’t have to do the funky copy and paste. But since there is a fix for Safari, that’s the route I’d advise taking.

Every once in awhile I’ll get a weird error message when printing coupons that looks Windows based because it’s telling me it wants me to change some setting in the printer preferences that Macs don’t have to deal with. Usually if that happen I can either get the coupon to print by restarting Safari or worst case rebooting my computer. I hate it though when the erroneous message results in the system telling me I’ve reached my print limit when I didn’t actually get to print even one.

Can someone tell me the link for the latest firefox version to download? Thanks :)

Just downloaded Java on my Mac and followed Ashley’s directions, but target.com coupons still won’t print. Says that I need to download latest java runtime to print coupons.

Thanks, Samantha. You answered all my questions. I guess I’ll just keep trying and it should work out.

i can not believe this timing of this post. SO funny, b/c i was about the send an email directly to KCL to see if she knew how i could solve my issue.

we had a Mac for 7 years and never had an issue printing coupons – from any site. our computer died 2 weeks ago (so sad!) and we upgraded to a brand new 27″ iMac (so awesome!). b/c i am running on lion now, i am having the whole java issue. it really really sucks!

i called applecare and the guys were so helpful trying to get me up and running – but to no avail. i even got pushed up to a “senior tech person” and he was even puzzled. he said the only reason he thinks this is happening is b/c java hasn’t caught up with this newer lion operating system. he said the kinks will get ironed out and it will eventually be fine. so, in the meantime i figure i’ll just keep trying to do the “software update” on my system…and one day the java update will be there for me.

the tech did say i was the SECOND person to call him that very day with the issue of “not being able to print coupons from the target website”. we both got a laugh out of that. 😉

anyway, we still have our old mac, which the apple store re-configured for our children’s use. i am still able to get online and print coupons with no issue from that computer…so i’ll do that, as annoying as it can be.

but i say just hang in for that software update and it will get ironed out.

or maybe all of us KCL’s can call java and flood their phone lines….then maybe they will get their ducks in a row! 😉

I have problems on my Mac printing coupons in B&W. It is set up on default to print B&W but when ever I go to coupon pages it still prints Color. Help me!!!

Yes, as a mac user, it took me ages to figure out. Be aware though, that even that doesn’t work all the time.

I have also been asked to repeatedly reinstall coupon printer.

Thank You!!!!!! This has been frustrating me ever since we upgraded to Snow Leopard (I know we are behind…) I can’t print coupons, or Target coupons. I will try this =)

oh my gosh i had this same problem and thought I was the only one. I just kept trying to print and then one day it happened and I got so excited. So i think they just finally fixed the problem. if not though i hope this solution really can help some because i know how it feels

You even helped me with my PC. I hadn’t been able to print Smart Source coupons for several months for some unknown reason. Once I downloaded Google Chrome I was able to FINALLY install the java and start printing. Took some work but I was able to make it work. So happy that I can now print those wonderful coupons. Thank you so very much!

This worked for me as well! Thank you so much for posting!!!

Please for the love of all things good in the world, someone tell me how to adjust ink setting for printing from a Mac. So easy on a pc, but Mac seems to think it’s fun to make it obscure. Usually don’t utilize the Mac for coupons because it wastes too much ink.

I have been researching this for months and can’t come up with a solution either. I’ve tried tech support through my printer manufacturer and that got me no where. I cannot get a coupon to print in BW from a coupon site for the life of me. This is the only problem that is causing me to not like my Mac for couponing. One of these days when I have some free time I am going to call Apple and see if they can offer a solution. I’m annoyed by this too!

Sucks that something like this that really should be right in front of our faces requires a call to tech support. Just another reason why I’m a PC girl haha. Meets more of my needs. Hope we figure it out!

what kind of printer?

what kind of setting do you want edie? and what kind of printer?

Canon Pixma is the printer (dunno exact model number at the moment, I could look though if it’s needed). I want to be able to print in black and white and in something similar to fast mode on the pc, where it’s not the best quality, but uses less ink, and still works. :)

I have a mac and I have to use modzilla to print my coupons. So far I haven’t had any problems with modzilla on my mac

I’ve had a macbook for years and had no problems printing bricks coupons until I recently upgraded my operating system. I googled the problem and ended up uninstalling the coupon printing software and then reinstalling it. Problem solved! I occasionally get the “we’re sorry” message but just hit print again and it works.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This problem has plagued me forever! I just got a Bricks coupon to print for the first time ever by following your instructions!. So happy!

The problem I have is printing coupons that require Java. I can’t figure out how to fix it. I have tried downloading it. I’ve tried to follow the prompts that are supposed to help me install it but I get the “i’m sorry we can’t find what you are looking for.” ugh!

I posted the Java fix above. It’s because Apple uses their own “kind of Java” and the coupon sites for some reason dont’ recognize it. I had to call Apple and the fix was simple, as you can see by my post above.

This article makes no sense at all!! This is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Copying a link from one browser into another is no fix for anything. It’s still the same link! None of this needs to be done to print on a Mac. I print all the time on a Mac and have never once had to do this.

YOU may not have had any problems, but many of us have and do. Lucky you for not having any problems, so now stop assuming that your experience is the same for everyone.
I never used to, but for some reason about 4 or 5 months ago I was no longer able to print from my mac, getting the same error she mentions in the post. My hard drive is partitioned though, so I can still print from my windows side. If I can get this to work for me, I can print 4 on this computer (the partition makes it as if I have 2 comps) and then 2 more on our other laptop.

I tried this, and it said it printed (unlike what it usually does which is show that error page), but nothing happened. Anyone know of why that may be? My printer set up is fine, and so is my wireless. So maybe it’s too good to be true for me :)

Actually Jodi you are mistaken and I NEVER said I didn’t have any problems in the past. I had problems for many months printing coupons on my new Mac. And I did share above how to solve issues with Target coupons, which people have alot of problems with. So don’t act like I haven’t helped someone with a problem. As far as Bricks, I have no issues now, but in the past I did and it seems to just fix itself. When I upgraded my OS to Lion all of my problems disappeared. Also I have to use many different browsers to print different coupons, but one of them always works and that’s usually Firefox. I have never heard of having to copy links from one browser to another and to me that makes zero sense. You could read through all the Mac Forums and none of the solutions say to do that. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if Lion fixed my problems but I fixed my Java to print Target coupons and that is about the time when all my other printing issues stopped. I have read through about every Mac Forum on this topic and everyone has a different issue and a different fix. I don’t think the same works for everyone, it must depend on their Mac, their OS, etc. When all else fails, completely uninstalling all the coupon printers and starting over seems to solve alot of problems.

Wow, congratulations Ashley. I’m glad you helped someone and your computer problems just fix themselves. Way to go! Now please stop insulting people who are having problems. Fingers crossed that our problems will ALSO just magically fix themselves! We are so “silly”.

if you are copying and pasting a link and adding it to another browser… it is the same thing as clicking the same link in that browser

I actually agree with you here, I think it all has to do with what OS you are using. I think after 10.2 something happened but most people working with Lion should have no problem

Are you using virtualbox?

@Ashley Case- would you like to share with us what you do then to be able to print on your Mac? I am NOT able to print bricks.coupons on my Mac, I have to use my husband’s PC. I can print smartsource & Target coupons just fine, but typically not manufacturer’s website coupons because they use bricks.

I don’t have a fix. As I said above, my problems that I had for months many months ago all of a sudden fixed themselves. For a long time I regretted switching from a PC to Mac because I couldn’t print coupons. When I upgraded to Lion, my printing issues seemed to have stopped I rarely use Safari to print a coupon, though on occasion it is the only that works. I use Firefox 99% of the time for all my coupon printing and never have any problems. Try completely uninstalling ALL coupon printers and starting over. I know that fixed my issue with Smartsource awhile back. Maybe I got lucky that my Mac seems to have fixed itself, but I’ve done alot of research on this and nothing I tried worked and I’ve never seen anything mentioned about copying a link in Saf and pasting it into Firefox. Seems like an unnecessary step. Are you running Lion?

No I don’t have Lion. Maybe I should look into it.

Thanks so much!!! i have been having probelms forever printing coupons on my Mac. Every now & then it would work, but most of the time I would get that message :-( I will try your tip when I get home!!! Fingers crossed it does!!

god bless you

Oh thanks so much for this.. for the past couple of days, I have been so frustrated with printing my coupons. I have lost out on a few of them, because after trying so many times, the website said, “I reached my coupon print out limit!” UGH! Thanks for this.

thanks for the article! I’m going to try these tips next time i have a problem. Do you have any tips on printing target coupons from a mac? the website doesn’t recognize my default printer and I get an message saying my device isn’t valid for printing coupons even though it is just a regular printer. I’m tired of missing out on the great target deals!

Target coupon printer issues have to do with Java. You need to go in and make sure you have the right thing clicked in Java and then it will work. Go to Applications > Utilities > Java Preferences. Under General make sure that the box next to Enable Java Applet Plug-in and Web Start Applications is checked. If it’s checked, uncheck, then recheck and that somehow clears the error.

where do I find Applications?

Either in Finder or it’s a folder on your dock