A few months back I made a choice to move from a PC to a Mac.  I LOVE my Mac and haven’t looked back EXCEPT when it comes to printing coupons!  With my PC I could print any and every coupon.  But when I tried to print bricks coupons from my Mac I just couldn’t do it.  Every time I would get this:

I was so frustrated!  And I know you are too since many of you have the very same problem.   I Googled this problem for hours. I did what everyone said: tried different browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Every once in a while it would work, but most of the time, nothing. BOO! I wanted those coupons. I’m a Krazy Coupon Lady and don’t want to miss a single deal!  Well, today I’m here to give all of you frustrated Mac users a solution that I hope will work for you. Because it worked for me!

Here it is:

1. First, I always start off in Safari.

2. When you click on the link to print your bricks coupon, highlight and copy the link at the top, BEFORE you push print.

3. Now pull up Firefox and be sure you have the very latest version.  Paste the link into Firefox and hit ENTER.

4. Click PRINT COUPON and Yippee! You are now getting every coupon and LOVING your Mac again!

*Once in a while it will give me the same, “We’re Sorry…” message but I just resend the page and it works!  I’m crossing my fingers it works for you too! Please let us know.

This has been a guest post by Kelly from Colorado Springs, CO
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