Some of you may be wondering what a filler is and when exactly you need one. Hopefully I can clear some of that up as Walgreens can be a confusing drustore to shop.

What is a Filler Item?

A filler item refers to any inexpensive product in the store that you add to your purchase so the register will accept all of your coupons.  This might be a small candy caramel ($0.39) or pencil ($0.05) near the register, or my personal favorite, an extra copy of the Sunday paper.  It doesn’t matter what the product is or even what it costs.  You just need to ensure that you have AT LEAST AS MANY ITEMS AS YOU HAVE MANUFACTURER COUPONS.

When Do I Need a Filler Item?

You must NOT have more manufacturer coupons (including Register Rewards) than items. Let’s say you are buying 2 items and you are using a manufacturer coupon for each item, then you would like to pay with a Register Reward. You would need to add in a filler item to give that 3rd coupon (your Register Reward) something to attach to in the transaction.


Buy 2 DiGiorno Pizza, 12 inch $5.00
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Digiorno Pizza – (
Also use $5.00 Register Reward from Previous Transaction

Remember, Walgreens in-ad coupons and Instant Value Coupons (IVC) do NOT count against your coupon to item ratio. So now your transaction could look like this:

Buy 2 DiGiorno Pizza, 12 inch $5.00
Buy 1 Royal Gelatin, Regular or Sugar Free $0.20 (with in ad coupon)

Use 2 $2.00/1 – Digiorno Pizza – (
And Use $5.00 Register Reward for payment
Final Price: $1.20

Another situation in which a filler item is needed is when you are trying to use a Register Reward for payment on a transaction and the subtotal is LESS than the amount of your Register Reward. Register Rewards can NOT be adjusted down.


Buy Hefty Trash Bags, 18 pack, 39 Gal., 28 pack, 30 Gal., 40 or 45 pack, 13 Gal. $5.99 

Now let’s say you want to pay for them with a $6.00 Register Reward. You would need to add in a filler item so that your total equals or exceeds the amount of the Register Reward. So now your transaction would look like this:

Buy 1 Hefty Trash Bags, 18 pack, 39 Gal., 28 pack, 30 Gal., 40 or 45 pack, 13 Gal. $5.99, Through 10/29
Buy 1 Royal Gelatin, Regular or Sugar Free $0.20 (with in-ad coupon)
Use $6.00 Register Reward for payment
Final Price: $0.19

Now for the sake of another example, let’s say you were buying the same thing but had (3) $2.00 Register Rewards you wanted to pay with. Now your transaction would look like this:

Buy 1 Hefty Trash Bags, 18 pack, 39 Gal., 28 pack, 30 Gal., 40 or 45 pack, 13 Gal. $5.99, Through 10/29
Buy 2 Royal Gelatin, Regular or Sugar Free $0.20 (with in-ad coupon)
Use (3) $2.00 Register Rewards for payment
Final Price: $0.39

I hope that clears up some of the confusion with fillers and Register Rewards and how they all work together. If you have more questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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I’m getting ready for Walgreens Black Friday and after hours of trying to figure out my transactions, I keep reading about RR not being able to be rolled over, so I’m getting nervous. This is currently my understanding (for example)

Transaction One:
Crest 3D Vivid 2.50 (1.00 mnf cpn) 2.50 RR
Colgate Total Colgate 3.00 (.35 mnf cpn) 3.00 RR
oop: 4.15 RR: 5.50

Transactions Two:
Gillette Skin Care Men: 2/7.50 (4.00 mnf cpn) 5.50RR
Gillette Venus: 8.24 (2.00 mnf cpn) 5.25 RR
oop: 4.24, use 5.50 RR and recieve 10.75 RR

Now my transactions are much larger, but this example should cover it.
1. I will need 2 filler items for transaction #2.
2. Will I be able to use RR from #1 for #2? I was under the impression that you couldn’t roll over into same offers, however, I’m now reading that it’s the same manufacturer of the products. In this case, P&G Crest from #1, rolling into P&G Gillette in #2 and me not being able to recieve the 10.75RR from transaction #2.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Walgreens is wearing me down and I hate to be a pain at the register.

Because Crest is a PG product, it would be best to substitute it for something else, like maybe the Preparation H, which is a big moneymaker. And yes for #2, your 2 fillers are correct :)

i have to ask this question because i thought i understood Walgreens pretty well even with the corks of its beeping system.
i was interested in the liquor on sale this week (having a party trying to stock up). they offered 6 different bottles with 5.00 RR. i had 2 MFG coupons for what they had the RR so i though big score. i thought it through even getting a filler and still left unsatsified with the final process.
Trans. 1. bough 2 qualifing bottles used my MFG coupon and received the 2 5.00 RR (10.00).
Trans 2. bought 2 different qualifing bottles & my filler, used my MFG coupon and 10.00 in RR. however it did not spit out the next 2 5.00 RR????? Why?????
the guy at the register said that since i used RR’;s that it won’t give me new ones. I was confused because i bought 4 different bottles (no duplicates) why did it stop me????
i could have gotten another bottle (needed another filler) but still!!!
Still saved 30.00 at the liquor store but i wanted more (for the party of course)
any one have any inside help on this one???

It may because all of the offers were from the same company and therefore when the first RR’s were used to pay for the 2nd transaction, it cancelled out the new ones printing. We also see this with P&G, Kimberly Clark, etc. Sorry about that though. Maybe you can return and re-buy and then just save the RR’s for another purchase.

I had a horrible experience with Wags. I won’t be shopping there again! Can you return and rebuy with the RR, and do you happen to know by chance if returning will be a hassle? I hope not. I have 30$ in RR that expire in about 2 weeks that printed today, and I don’t think it’s right to put an expiration date on them? At least CVS and Rite Aid gives you a month…

To any Wags employees out there: do you accept expired RR? I have 4 expire that I dind’t realize (they expire so quick compared to CVS!). Do they accept them within a certain time frame?


No, most Walgreens do not accept expired RR’s. Sorry about that. I’ve had some expire it the past and its not fun :/

I have a question about RR. If i buy multiple same items in one transaction, will it print out multiple RR? for example: lets say toothpaste has a RR attached to it. So i purchased 3 toothpastes in one transaction, will it print out 3 RR, or just one?

If all 3 are from the same RR offer, only one will print per transaction which is where the limit of 1 comes from. In order to buy more than one, you would need to do separate transactions. Hope that helps!

Can I use the RR on gift cards?

Or let’s say on a
5c pencil
$5 gift card and used a $5 RR

I’m confused, my I don’t coupon walgreens because the drive is far for my mom but I want to do the black Friday deals.

No, you can’t use them on gift cards.

No, they are not allowed to be used to pay for gift cards.

Today at walgreens, I purchased a razor and received a $4 RR. In another transaction, I purchased the same razor and used the 4$ RR, but it didn’t print out a new RR.
The store manager told me i cannot purchase an item, use an RR from an identical item and receive a new RR. Is this an adjustment to the policy? Or maybe I’m remembering incorrectly?
For example
Transaction 1
Razor $4 RR
transaction 2
Same razor, use the previous RR
But didn’t receive a new RR

Store manager is correct: you can use RR from previous transaction but you won’t get new RR printed.

Yes the manager is correct. And this has always been the policy. Sorry it didn’t work out for you as you had planned though :/

Today at walgreens, I purchased a razor and received a $4 RR, then in another transaction, I purchased the razor again but it didn’t print off my RR. The store manager told me I cannot use an RR I got from a product to purchase the identical product.
Typically, I am able to do this without any problem. Does anyone know if there was an adjustment in the walgreens policy? Or maybe I’m mistaken and this has always been the case?

This has always been the case. You cannot use the RR from item A to purchase another item A and still get the RR. It will cancel it out and it will not print. This is why you would need to “roll” between RR producing items.

Walgreens RR gives me a huge headache! I been through Hell today trying to use my RR. And I am not a newbie with Walgreens. Today the cashier give back the $8.00 RR and ask me to pay cash $10 because it beeps. I added so many Xmas bags as fillers to make it work. It’s ridiculous! CVS is so much easier stacking the coupons. I actually miss the days where the RR and store coupons didn’t exist. Just good old fashion rock bottom sales plus manufacture coupons.

did you owe sales tax in the amount over $2? that could be a problem because RR cannot be used to pay sales tax

What were you trying to purchase? Maybe I could help figure out why it was a problem…

This is what I don’t get about RR’s at Walgreens-
If an item is .99-cents and a .99-cents RR is promised (in the ad), the RR comes out as $1. But then, if you try to use the $1 RR on a .99-cents item, it doesn’t work!!!
Am I the only one who finds that ridiculous & insane?!

Very true. Sometimes it rounds up and other times it prints as advertised.

I went to Walgreens today. I wanted to buy a shampoo and conditioner on seperate transactions. The cashier told me I couldn’t, so I told her “I’ll just take my business some where else.” I’m not planning on shopping at Walgrens any more. Walmart will price match and couponing there is such a pain!! No longer a Wlagreens customer.

I do NOT get why register rewards can’t be adjusted down. They count as manufacturer coupons, and with regular manufacturer coupons they will adjust a $1 coupon down for a .99 item, so why not with the RR? It’s like the do it on purpose, because if you buy a $1.99 item the RR actually prints for $2, rather than $1.99, and NOTHING in stores is an even dollar amount, so now you HAVE to buy extra stuff you don’t really want to use the darn $2 RR on your next $1.99 item. GRRR, it frustrates me to no end!

It’s probably because they are a different type of manufacturer coupon issued by the Catalina company. And it may be the policy of the company (and any others involved) that they don’t want these specific coupons being adjusted down. I agree, it’s a bit of a pain sometimes, but all in all, I think the deals are usually very worth the hassle :)

My Walgreens counts the in ad coupons as a coupon so I have to get fillers for those too. Does anyone else have this problem?

That is not correct- in ad coupons do not require fillers

That is not correct. In ad coupons do not count towards your coupon to item ratio and can the items for them can definitely be used as fillers.

Today I was told at my local Walgreens that I could only buy one each product that gave a RR. I was told I had to “play by the rules” and could only buy one of the axe, dove, degree, deodorant/scents that were on sale for $3.98 each with a $1 RR. I checked their coupon policy and cant find anything that limits the number of transactions I do. Does anybody have more information?

I had issues with the one Walgreens today. I had purchased 2 of the schick razors at a different Walgreens and went to this one to purchase the razor blades. They told me I could only purchase one package of the razor blades even with mutiple transactions. I wanted one of the mens and one of the women’s razor blades.

I dont get it…their own policy says nothing about this. Its as if some of these managers have a problem with couponers

I can understand limiting the amount, but they were technically different items. Apparently i won’t be going to this Walgreens on Thanksgiving. Not that I’m buying more than one of the same item, but who knows what they’ll be limiting!

Sorry about your experiences. Unfortunately some stores choose to limit and others do not. Do you have any other stores around you to try?

our stores started limiting number of items that are free after RR. It could be “Limit 1 (or sometimes 2) per customer per day until Saturday”. This way everyone could have a chance to buy these products. I actually like it, because our two stores in town would be wiped out before 10 am (or sooner) on Sunday.

What I do when I am planning two transactions of the same items is to get back in line after my first one. I figure that’s only fair to the people behind me, rather than take up the time of two separate people. I’ve never had anyone give me a problem with the multiple trasactions, and I had one cashier say it was really thoughtful of me to get back in line and she wished everyone did that.

I would have been more than happy to go to the back of the line, but I was the only person in line. Come to think of it there wasn’t but one or two customers in the store. Besdies If I have a couple of transactions at any store I will let people go in front of me. She refused to sell the shampoo and conditoner to me because they had a register reward. One bottle of each. I couuld understand if I was trying to buy ten of each, but that wasn’t the case.

call the corporate office even if you are not coming back to the store- they should know what’s going on. Shampoo and conditioner are NOT the same item. I don’t see why they would not let you buy them in separate transactions.

I sent the corporate office an email last night. We’ll see what they have to say about it.

Yes, that is the best way to do multiple transactions. I am usually able to do mutiple back to back transactions at the beauty counter. They aren’t as busy as the front registers :)

Hi all , I have a question about purchasing more than one of the same item that gives a RR. Today I was told that I had to” play by the rules” and that I could only buy one of each item that gave a RR. They would not let me buy but one each of the degree, dove, ax, deodorant/ scents that were on sale today at Walgreens for $3.98 with a $1RR. I checked the coupon policy and I cant find anything. Anyone know if the policy has changed?

All of the RR deals say in the ad that it is ‘limit 1 RR per transaction’. So if you want 3 RRs for the same deal, you have to do 3 transactions. It really is up to the store if they will let you do more than one transaction per visit – most do, but this is not something that is addressed in their coupon policy.

Thanks Sarah..I have never been so embarrassed as I was when I had to take back half of what was in my cart in front of other customers, like I was cheating or something. I have done multiple transactions before with no problems but there was a new manager who obviously does not know her owns stores policy. I am going to complain to corporate, then I will not give my business to Walgreens anymore. I dont need the hassel or to be made to feel as if Im a thief.

So sorry about your experience :/ Hope it gets resolved for you!

I posted this question already but it seems like it gets buried every time. So, here we go again: about RR that didn’t print at Walgreens. I sent a Mail-In request the store’s manager gave me. Then about a week ago I received a letter from Catalina Marketing which included a $10 RR, they apologized, everything is great or so I thought . Well, the letter was dated November 7, and the coupon they mailed to me already EXPIRED on October 1. I don’t know any stores that would accept expired RR/coupons. Why would they such a thing- sent a coupon that expired 36 days prior? I tried to call the number and the Customer Service Support Rep had hard time understanding what I mean. So I emailed them 6 days ago and still no answer. What else can I do?

I would talk to the store manager and bring in all your paper work with you. Since it is a catalina issue and not a Walgreens issue, they may not be able to help you. If you were coming to my store I would give you a $10 gift card, but I cannot speak for every manager out there. Second, if this happens again, at the time if misprint I would have the manager on duty write on the receipt “Did not recieve a RR.” This is what I tell my customers. Then, in a couple of days when hopefully the machine is working, I will get them one.

Normally, I get a filler item when I am using my RR to buy an item(s) with the same dollar value as my RR because it says, “over the value of coupon”. Am I doing it wrong?


Buy Toothpaste for 2/$5
Buy 1 filler item
Use $5 RR
OOP = tax

I have not been shopping at Walgreens because two different managers from two different stores give me problems with using my coupons. I even have my coupon policy to show them but they didn’t want to look at it and asked me to come back to talk to the store manager. I e-mailed corporate and the store manager send me an apology through e-mail and asked me to shop at the beauty counter. The funny thing is that we spend more money at Walgreens than CVS or Rite Aid and they are the ones who don’t know their own coupon policy and give us a hard time about it. I don’t need the headache from them just to save a few bucks. Other drugstores give us free stuff with a welcoming smile and I feel bad for paying literally nothing for bags full of good products. I have not checked any Walgreens deals so I guess I am Walgreened out. LOL!!!

Yes, I love shopping at our CVS. They are always more than patient, and never have an attitude. it’s always a friendly shopping experience. Walgreens is a different story though.

You are so lucky to have choices! I only have Walgreens where I live – no Rite Aid or CVS. :(

That is so funny, I have experienced the opposite! The walgreens folks around here are friendlier and seem to be used to couponers, but the cvs ones are snarky, and often won’t honor their own ad!

I also have a great Walgreens!

I love shopping at CVS they love for you to come in and shop and are very helpful. They are more patient and nver have an attitude. They become your friend and tell you about a deal you might have or looked. Great store CVS!

In that case, you do not need a filler item. The RR would go through just fine in your scenario without the filler. The only reason you’d need a filler is if you had manufacturer coupons for each of the toothpastes. Hope that helps!

Thank you!

it is frustrating. i had 3 filler items and it wouldn’t take. i know they can override it, bc they’ve had to do it before. the lady was just plain hateful and didn’t like the fact that my sister and i were using coupons in the first place, and we even made sure we went late at night so they wouldn’t be busy and have to rush. ugh.

As a Walgreens employee, it is very frustrating for us as well. It seems like the coupon policy changes every other day because there are people who are cheating the system. I’m not saying that what your cashier did was right or wrong, but please try to consider the employee is likely doing what they are told. In most cases, we CANNOT override the register.

Your coupon policy does not change every other day and I’m sure couponers are not trying to cheat the system. I don’t blame the cashiers who know how to do their job but I do blame the managers who do not know their own coupon policy and therefore cannot properly train their employees. You cannot override the system but your manager can. You guys need to realize that we do go by the rules and that we try to make your life easier by planning out our transactions. It’s funny how Walgreens is not very friendly when it comes to couponers but Walgreens give us their own store coupons to make our purchases. You want us to pay our money to get the RRs but you don’t want us to use it. I’ve heard so many excuses from cashiers and managers that a 5 year old would even say, “What?”. We follow your coupon policy and now you need to follow yours!

Your post sounds very angry, and I’m sorry you feel that way. What the other Walgreens employee is saying is that we get told by our managers different things every other day. The district managers send out e-mails telling us what we can do and what we cannot do, but not every district manager is on the same page (which is one of your points that I completely get). One major example that I have found, which has caused a lot of people from this blog to yell at me and call complaints on me, is the irritating infant care book. There are a lot of deals posted on here that include the infant care book coupons. If you have the actual coupon in hand, that is great and I will gladly scan it and give it back to you. If you do not have it, please do not ask me to just “punch in the code.” I could get in a lot of trouble if I punch in the code, because it counts against us each time we do that (which brings me to making sure that you have enough ink in your printer for computer coupons, but that is a different rant). I, as a cashier, really am all for helping my customers save money. However, I do not like having people calling or emailing corporate when I am just following what my manager and my manager’s manager has told me to do. I’m sorry.

Please don’t tell me how I feel. I am not very angry. I am actually amused by Walgreens inconsistent excuses for not excepting coupons. I am simply stating the fact what all couponers go through at Walgreens. If you had read my comments carefully, then you would know that I was mostly talking about the managers. The cashiers at my store and I get along great. It is the managers that are very unprofessional. Don’t be offended by the truth instead learn from it. Just like I learned not to give my money away to a store with unwelcoming service.

I was just trying to help. I did read your comments, 3 times actually, so I don’t appreciate you insinuating that I didn’t. I know that you were mostly talking about managers, and I was trying to help you see where they are coming from. I am not offended (as you said, please don’t tell me how to feel) and I have learned a lot being both a Walgreens employee and a fellow couponer. I have asked my managers about the same exact issues you have with them and have learned. Again, I’m sorry if my post came across wrong.

last week i bought the estroven, which gave me a $10 RR, then for my second transaction, purchased the $25 dollars worth of product for a $5 RR (bounty paper towels, febreze, etc) which i had a coupon for each of those items, so i picked up the tomato sauce that was 3/$1 for filler items so i could use my $10 RR from the first transaction. The register wouldn’t take it. i was then told that since my “$10 coupon” was above the price of any of the 3 products that i didn’t already have a coupon on, that it wouldn’t work. so i had to have them remove the coupons i had on the bounty paper towels to get it to take the RR. I have never had a problem with walgreens until the last couple of weeks. It seems their coupon policy is open for interpretation. The manager even came over and rerang my sister’s order bc she couldn’t believe that she was only paying $2 for $10 worth of product and thought the cashier had made a mistake. it’s so frustrating. i really want to try again on black friday, but even with their coupon policy in hand, they claim not to be able to “override” the computer, which i know isn’t true.

I really don’t think they can override the register when it comes to having the right number of products/coupons. It is frustrating when they don’t know what they’re doing though!

That doesn’t sound right…I just used an Estroven $10 RR the other night. I had about 4 things in my purchase that all had manufacturer coupons, my 5th item was a Sunday paper. And my RR went through just fine. No beeps at all. Wonder why yours didn’t work… :/

Ok I get all of this but what I don’t understand is can we apply the RR towards tax as well? say an item is $2.99 and you have a 3RR so could you apply that towards your 2.99 purchase of do you need a filler item for that 1 cent for it to go up or past the $3 item. Tax will bring it up by 30cents so it would exceed the 3RR but does the original price have to be above the RR being used?

Yes, you need a filler if you have $3 RR and the item is $2.99. It’s really annoying but RR cannot be applied toward tax.

Yes, RR”s cannot pay any of the tax so your subtotal (pre-tax) needs to be equal to or more than the amount of the RR.

Hello, I’m new to this too and I was wondering the same thing about Blah Blah’s comment below. For example there’s an Arm & Hammer coupon that is $1/3 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent. Since that’s 1 coupon for 3 items, can I apply 2 Register Rewards for the other 2 Arm & Hammer detergent or would I have to get 2 filler items in order to use those 2 RR’s?

I think the $1/3 Arm & Hammer coupon will attach itself to all 3 items so you will need fillers.

Give them the RR first, then your manu. Works everytime for me

I will try that next time. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, you should be able to work it that way as well :)

If people are confused about fillers, just wait until they start working up their Black Friday scenarios for Walgreens! I worked on mine until late last night, working free items in as fillers but being cautiously to avoid using RR fillers from the same company that I am going to use to pay with (as RR). So confusing! But, several spreadsheets down and more to go, I will be ready! Thanks KCL for everything you do!

can yoy plz share it to save some of ours time ?

Do you have access to look at the black friday ads? If you do is there a website you can share. If not thanks anyway

What do you mean, by the same company? I’m working on my spreadsheet now, and haven’t taken this into consideration. Can you please explain further?

Ok, for example, if you plan to purchase Crest toothpaste for $2.50 (amoung other products in a transaction) and then get a $2.50 RR, you could not use that RR toward another transaction where you purchase an Oral-B toothbrush or Cover Girl lip gloss if you want the Oral-B or Cover Girl RR to print because Crest, Oral-B, Gillette, Venus, Cover Girl, Tide, etc. are all P&G companies. You can use a Crest RR to pay for a Venus razor for example. However, if the Venus razor has a RR that is supposed to print, it will not if you use another P&G RR to pay for it. Hope this isn’t too confusing, but there are so many P&G products I plan to pick up on Thanksgiving and also lots of Pfizer items so I tried to separate my transactions by company. Good luck!

I’m about to shop could you send me your spreadsheet at I would appreciate it, I’m kinda stuck on the P&G thing. Thanks! -Ann

I went recently and I purchased two items and I used a coupon that said one dollar off two ($1/2) and a RR and they said that I still had to buy another item to use my RR. Is that right?

On many coupons that are $x/2 items, the coupon “attaches” itself to each item and counts as 2 coupons.

This has been my experience as well. For example, last week when I bought the Post cereal deal and used 2 $1/2 coupons. Since I didn’t have a filler when I got to checkout, the Register Reward beeped. The register attached my 2 coupons to all 4 items in the order.