AMC is thanking all its Facebook fans by giving them a free small popcorn.  Go here to get your coupon!  I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn last night and actually enjoyed it!   Wish this coupon had been valid last night!

Coupon is valid 12/2 – 12/4.

Thanks, Saving Cents with Sense

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7 thoughts on “Free Small Popcorn at AMC Theaters!”

  1. Rachel Zuber says:

    Our local AMC does free popcorn every tuesday and if you sign up for stub club (normally $12 promo for $6) you get free drink and popcorn upgrades! Also, for every 100 you spend you get 10. They also have a deal going that if you buy $30 worth of gift cards, you get $5 concession card. My point in sharing all of this info– If you sign up for stub club you get the membership price credited to your card so you have a $6 credit, then you buy the $30 gift card (now you are at $36) and you get a $5 concession card, and then you redeem the gift card to buy your tickets and the money you spend from the gift card is credited to your AMC stub club card. That means you would have $66 toward your $100 needed to get a free $10 gift card. Hope that makes sense!

    • Armenia Ward says:

      Let me tell you something about AMC’s new ticket stub program.I haven’t been to a movie in several months,so I go to see a movie.When I get to the ticket counter (this was 2 months ago),I hand them my Moviewatcher card (which was a free program).The ticket counter girl tells me that my card is no longer good,but that I can sign up for a new program called AMC Stubs.Only problem is that their “new” program is $12/year or $0.50/month.So,AMC managed to take something that was completely free,coupons for concessions,free movies,etc,& turn it into a somewhat moneymaking scheme.Now,I know that the theatres have to make money.but this is shameful.One customer service person even tried to tell me that I could get a discount for being Moviewatcher,from $12 to $6.I was so insulted,I just said no thank you, & went to see my movie.Its not even the same as Moviewatcher,since its harder to earn rewards with Stubs.You’re pretty much paying for an online scrapbook of all your movie stubs,& that is it.Well,I can keep my own stubs,take a picture,& post it somewhere for free.Sorry,but AMC is taking advantage of people,because something that used to be free is now no longer free.

  2. Pixie says:

    I miss the Drive-In

  3. Anonymous says:

    In high school I had a PT job in a movie theater. Those concession prices are so high because the theater makes pennies per ticket — a $ 5.50 ticket netted about 30 cents, with the rest going back to the movie studio. Didn’t make it any less pricey, but at least I could understand why my (literally) pint-sized bag of popcorn cost 4-5 times what it would have at the grocery store!

    • Kevin says:

      Remember when a movie night was affordable? A family of 4 can easily spend $80+ dollars at a movie theater. I remember back when I was in high school. You could buy a movie ticket and see that movie as many times as you wanted. After the movie ended, if you wanted to see it again, you just stayed and it’d play again. Now, you can only see a movie once and that’s after watching 30+ minutes of commercials (not just movie previews; actual commercials). Soon, they’ll start charging extra for the 3D glasses that most people return after the movie. I still don’t see the difference between a digital movie and an IMAX movie except for a larger screen. I’m not paying $5 extra dollars for a larger screen.

      … I’m done being that old guy now. :-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    A size SMALL popcorn?
    Are you kidding me!? Between the cost of admission, drinks & candy, not only can they offer a more generous size popcorn; they should have one of the ushers feeding me the popcorn while fanning me with a giant palm leaf!!!