We’ve matched the best of this Sunday’s coupons with Walmart’s already low prices! Here are some of the deals happening this week at Walmart with the Sunday, 11/27 coupon inserts.

This week, look for a Proctor & Gamble (PG 11/27) Insert :)

Pricing will vary from store to store.

Bounty Napkins, 200 ct $2.97, Regular Price
Use $0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.72

Bounty Towels, 1 ct $2.12, Regular Price
Use $0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.87

Charmin Basic Double Roll Bathroom Tissue, 12 pack $6.34, Regular Price
Use $0.25/1 Charmin from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $6.09

Clairol Hair Color Root Touch Up $5.88, Regular Price
Use $2.00/1 Clairol Hair Color Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $3.88

Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner, 13 oz $2.96, Regular Price
Use $1.00/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.46 each when you buy 2

Cover Girl Eyeshadow $3.14, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 CoverGirl from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.14 each when you buy 2

Cover Girl Makeup Applicators $2.94, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 CoverGirl from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.94 each when you buy 2

Crest Cavity Toothpaste, 6.4 oz $1.96, Regular Price
Use $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel 4 oz or larger from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.21

Crest Kids Toothpaste, 4.6 oz $1.97, Regular Price
Use $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel 4 oz or larger from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.22

Crest Kids’ Fluoride Cavity Toothpaste, 2.7 oz. $1.00, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Oral-B or Crest Kids Toothpaste from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $0.50

Crest Complete Toothpaste, 6.2 oz $2.47
Use $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel 4 oz or larger from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.72

Dawn Original Dishwashing Detergent, 14 oz. $1.77, Regular Price
Use $0.25/1 Dawn Dish Detergent from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.52

Downy Unstopables, 13.2 oz $6.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 Downy Unstopables from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $5.97

Duracell Coppertop AA/AAA, 4 pk $3.47, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Duracell Coppertop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty Batteries from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.97

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries, 4 ct $10.96, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 Duracell Rechargeable Batteries or Charge or 6 pk Hearing Aid Batteries from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $9.46

Gillette Body Wash, 16 oz. $3.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 Gillette Body Wash from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.97

Gillette Deodorant, 4 oz. $3.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 Gillette Deodorant from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.97

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Skin Care Face Wash, 5 oz $3.97
Use $2.00/1 Gillette Fusion Skin Care Product or Fusion Shave Prep from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.97

Metamucil Fiber Supplement, 30 doses $4.98, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 Metamucil Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $3.98

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Regeneration Cream Cleanser 5 oz. $5.97, Regular Price
Olay Body Wash, 23.6 oz $5.97, Regular Price
Use B1G1 Free Buy Olay Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects Facial Moisturizer or Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal and Get Olay Body Wash Free from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $2.99 each when you buy both

Old Spice Body Wash, 16 oz $3.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/2 Old Spice Product 1.7 oz or larger from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $3.47 each when you buy 2

Oral B Floss Essentials, 55 yd. $0.97, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Oral-B Floss or Floss Picks from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $0.47

Pantene Pro-V Shampoo or Contitioner, 12.6 oz. $3.78, Regular Price
Use $3.00/2 Pantene Products from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: 2.28 each when you buy 2

Pepto Bismol Chewable Tablets, 12 ct. $1.92, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Pepto Bismol Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.42

Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant, 2.6 oz. $2.34, Regular Price
Use $1.00/2 Secret Products from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $1.84 each when you buy 2

Tide Laundry Detergent, Travel size $0.97, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Tide or Downy Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $0.47

Tide Laundry Detergent, 40 oz/25 loads $5.97, Regular Price
Use $0.50/1 Tide or Downy Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $5.47

Downy Ultra Dispenser Ball, 1 ct. $2.26, Regular Price
Tide Laundry Detergent, Travel Size $0.97, Regular Price
Use $1.50/2 Tide AND Downy Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $0.87 each when you buy both

Simply Venus Disposable Razors, 4 ct. $5.87, Rollback Price
Use $2.00/1 Venus Disposable Razor from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $3.87

Venus Spa Breeze 2-in-1 shave gel Razor, 1 ct. $8.97, Regular Price
Use $5.00/1 Venus ProSkin, Embrace, Breeze or Bikini Razor or Refill from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $3.97

Vick’s Nature Fusion Cough Relief, 8 oz. $6.97, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 Vicks Nature Fusion Product from PG 11/27 (exp 12/31)
Final Price: $5.47

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49 thoughts on “Walmart Coupon Deals: Week of 11/27”

Also Fixodent denture cleaner is only $0.47 when you use the $3 coupon in the 11/27 insert!

Someone asked it before, but with no response, so I’ll repost the question – on the Olay B1G1 coupon – even the wording in its listing says MOISTURIZER – are we supposed to read it as ANY Regenerist, ANY Pro X (except refills as it states later on) OR a Total Effects MOISTURIZER? Or is it supposed to be Regenerist moisturizer, Pro X moisturizer, and Total Effects Moisturizer? My WM scrutinizes every coupon so closely I’m willing to go to Target and pay a little more for the deal – Especially since I still also have the B1G1 with the Free Cover Girl Lipstick that expires tomorrow – but don’t want to be fradulently using the coupon.

here’s the wording so you don’t have to scroll up and down: “Buy ONE Olay Smooth FinishFacial hair Removal Duo or a Pro X, Regenerist or Total Effect Facial Moisturizer (excludes Pro X cleansing device and refills and trial sizes)and get a Free…”

FREE BABY WIPES….Use $2 pampers coupon found in the P&G this week on the $1.97 64 count wipes and they are free plus $0.03 cent overage :-)

Scratch that…I totally looked at the coupon wrong. It says AND. But I did get mine free but I guess I won’t suppose to

Ahem .47 for the fixodent after 3.00 off q in 11/27 PLUS 1.00 off q inside packs on FOOD SEAL ONLY reg price 3.28 so that makes the food seal 2.28.
3 fixodent .47 each
3 fixdent food seal 2.28

I need to vent about walmart. 2 weeks ago I went in and brought my 34 $2.00/1 any tide coupon and purchased my 34 trial size tide and was a happy camper. Today, after 2 weeks of collected 40 more of these awesome coupons, I was brought to a halt by this half wit of a cashier who told me, “you can only use 1 coupon per transaction and only 4 transactions in a shopping day.” I thought to myself, WTH, She must be crazy, or is it me. I was expecting to walk in and do my 4 coupons per transaction and do 10 transaction. She wasnt getting it. Instead she rang up 1 tide and 1 coupon at a time and only allowed me to do this 4 times. She said I would need to leave the store, and then walk back in to do another transaction… WHAT?!?!?!?!? So I left. Am I crazy with my thoughts of limit 4 per transaction, and just being able to do 10 transactions? Any advice will help greatly, because my killer coupons are expiring on Wednesday. HELP!!!

you are right, the cashier was wrong.

Those coupons DO say limit 4 per transaction. She must have gotten the message mixed up from the higher ups. However, stores do have discretion to limit the total number of items you can get in a shopping trip. This is sticky because on the one hand it’s understandable that they want to ensure stock for everyone, on the other… would they limit you if you were paying with cash? I don’t think so…

What do you do when a store says “Oh, we can’t take these coupons anymore because we’ve gotten in trouble”?

I tried using the Tide coupon on the trial size at WalMart (just like I did a few weeks ago), and the manager came over and said they can no longer take them for the trial size. Is there anything I can do about it? I just said “nevermind” and decided not to make a big deal out of it.

Hi Jen, honestly I think that’s all you can do. If you have a manager who doesn’t want to bother, then I’d take my business (and my reimbursable coupons) elsewhere :)

The tide coupons do not say that they exclude trial sizes, so when I went and purchased them at Walmart, the cashier didn’t want to accept them until I pointed out that there was no size exclusion. She called over her manager and the manager agreed with me. I was able to get the tide with the $1.01 overage. I had no trouble with that horrible beeping that designates the wrong coupon. :) You could always try again. It would only be fraudulant if you used a coupon for the wrong item and these ones do not specify a specific size.

im trying to figure out the venus razor coupon for this week. My $5 coupon is off the razor AND and refill. Is this coupon regional? I thought all P&Gs were the same. Or am i looking at this wrong?

The database says “OR” but I’ll double-check my physical copy. Thanks Jessica!

Sorry about so many posts ,I don’t know why is does that on my phone lol ! Well that’s great to know ,I just wish the register didn’t beep . Any idea why my tide coupons don’t work kcl ?

They certainly are “beepage-prone” but we’re not sure why. It is likely that the travel size beeps at Walmart because it is distributed by another company, but that doesn’t explain why it doesn’t beep at Target for some. I have had cashiers tell me that it’s beeping at Walmart because it is over the value of the item, but that doesn’t explain why others that are, don’t beep…..

Yes! The way we do Walmart deals is by letting the coupons be our guide, so to speak. Walmart rarely has “sales” so we simply take the latest weekly coupons (inserts on Sundays, printables on Wednesdays), and match them up with Walmart’s “already low prices.” 😉 Thanks for asking!

We’ve actually corrected ourselves on this one Marilyn :) Tide posted on their own facebook page that stores WILL be reimbursed for use of this coupon on travel sizes :)

I saw something on one of these about WalMart ad-matching on the price after RR and/or +UPR so I called my local store to inquire. I was told that, no, they will only match the price before any RR, because these are like rewards you earn with that retailer…to which I replied, “You mean just like I do with my rewards cards from Albertsons and Safeway? You match their prices after my rewards card discount, and I can redeem my rewards from them for cents off on my gasoline purchase.” So I called corporate customer service today to get some clarity. I spoke with Brian, who whole-heartedly agreed with my reasoning, even before I explained it. He apologized for the inconvenience and said he was sending it over to my local Walmart to make sure it was clarified and that they honored the policy, and that I will receive a call from the manager within the next 3 business days. I wanted to share this for any of you who run into the same problem.
Also, I was told by a cashier that competitor’s store coupons are entered into the register as an ad-match, and my cashier’s always hand them back to me. So I’ve stopped handing them over as clipped coupons, and started just handing them the ad in its entirety as an ad-match. This means that I have been able to use them in conjunction with Manufacturer’s coupons without a problem.

so walmart has to honor walgreens ads after the reguster rewards price just as they do if it were krogers ot any other store(shopping card). just getting my facts straight for the next time i am i walmart .also did you know they will not price match for family dollar or doller general which i think is dumb. if you have the ad and they sell the same item they should price match. thamks elisha

This is a bit “iffy.” While the reasoning makes total sense, it could start Walmart down a slippery slope… at which point do they NOT allow it? For example, just think of all the FREE items they would have had to give away on Thanksgiving and Black Friday because of the “free after reward” deals at Wags and CVS! Whoa! 😉

Yes, that’s a very good point. It would have to be used with discretion. I will wait to hear from the manager and see what she has to say on it. I would think the “free after reward” deals would fall into the same category as Walmart’s policy of not accepting free coupons with no purchase requirements. I wouldn’t personally attempt it, but I’m certain there are some who would.

Why does everyone get pissed off every time when there is only 1 insert ? >_> I mean, buy less papers that week, or wait till there are 2-4 inserts again. It’s a cycle… and I’m happy with any inserts. Better then 0.

I don’t believe that anyone was getting “mad” about the lack of inserts. I am new to this and had a question on whether or not it was going to be a new standard or if it was cyclical. The point of these blogs is to ask questions and get answers, right? I apologize if I upset anyone with my question and appreciate those of you that were kind enough to respond. :)

I too am new to couponing and am very excited about all of the savings I have been able to achieve. Unfortunately, in the past two weeks I have become discouraged as my local paper has only had one insert in it instead of the typical two or three. Last week it was the Smart Source and this morning it is the P&G. Does anyone know if this is something that happens every year at this time or are the inserts slowly going away? I am finally starting to save money so that I can provide better for my family and this makes me sad. :(
Thanks for the help!

Just like everything it goes in a cycle. Since it was a holiday weekend we weren’t supposed to have any coupons but P&G sent theirs out. It’s just the way the sales work be patient, and you’ll see it’ll all come around again!

I too am a newbie to couponing and am loving it! I’ve started my stockpile and have enough toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and dish and laundry detergent to last at least a year. :) When I first started (October 2nd), I was able to stock up on sports drinks and cereal, too.
I do have a question about the inserts… starting last week, my local paper only had one insert instead of the two or three. Last week was Smart Source and this week is P&G. Is this going to continue or is it something that happens every year at this time? I so look forward to getting my Sunday papers and pulling out the exciting inserts, but now I’m really bummed! Does anyone know? Thanks for the help!

Just like everything it goes in a cycle. Since it was a holiday weekend we weren’t supposed to have any coupons but P&G sent theirs out. It’s just the way the sales work be patient, and you’ll see it’ll all come around again!

It really does vary. Each week is different. And this is a holiday weekend, which normally gives us ZERO inserts :) So, the one P&G is a nice surprise 😉 Be sure to watch our site, as we post a Sunday coupon preview each week!

Thank you! There are so many reasons why I love this site and this is one of them!

Walmart is starting to suck worse than it did before, still none of the 1.97 razors, no Tide and most of the Travel section is wiped out.

I completely agree, I was able to get 18 packs of the razors after a dozen or so visits there and looking ( only got 3 or 4 at a time because thats all they had out, I was even at another walmart when I was in a nearby area, they didn’t have any either. Bin was there just empty. Now that the $2 coupon has expired there are tons of them on display. My store just got the travel tides and I took 20 of them before they became another product that goes away.

Don’t blame Walmart. Blame the extreme couponers that wipe out the shelves. I went into Kroger once looking for Ban deodorant for $1 the day the ad came out. The shelf was empty so I asked the mgr if they would be getting some in. She said the shelf was full that morning but a customer came in & cleared it. She said she has asked the customer not to do this & to let her know what she wants so she can order it especially for her but she won’t do it. She just likes to clear the shelves. The stores cannot keep up with couponers like that.

I’ve noticed that a lot of coupons or store policies state that there is a 4 similar item limit per transaction. I am not above having two or three transactions, but clearing out a shelf, just to spite others is just wrong! It reminds me of the one Extreme Couponing episode where the woman made it her mission to clear shelves. I was disgusted with that behavior!

I went and looked at my local Walmart every few days. the bin was always empty and I was so looking forward to getting some free razors. I have myself and two teenage girls (= a lot of razors!!!). Hope that a similar coupon comes along again soon and that the store has them in stock next time!

There will be another deal :) That’s the great thing about couponing…. deals come and go and we win some and lose some… kinda exciting that way 😉

On the Olay coupon deal, is the coupon for moisturizer only? With the wording of the coupon I don’t know how you can use it on the cleanser. If you can use the B1G1 olay coupon on the cleanser, can you use the 3$ off Olay pro x or regenerist moisturizer or cleanser and then use the B1G1 for the body wash?

Allison ,you can find the personal items at a drugstore ,learn 1 drugstore mine is walgreens and follow the blog ,everyweek get the free items or really cheap items your needing , the deals come around every 3 months if toilet paper is on sale this month you won’t see it again for 3 months ,be patient and match your coupons with the sales cycle ,even if your store don’t double you can get free and very cheap items ,I hope this helps ,if you have anymoe questions just ask !

for those of you who still have any of the $2 tide coupons from PG Nov they will work on the .97 travel sizes. My Walmart has never had them until today, lucky for me I had my binder with me as well, cashed in 20 $2 coupons…. good day at walmart…

Thanks for the news. I hope my Walmart has the travel size now. I used most of mine at Target on a 2.99 6 load one. It was awesome. But then I came upon a few more and tried to use them yesterday at Target and they said I couldn’t use it on a trial size, so I had the guy get the manager, she said no it won’t scan you have to get a big size. I told her just 4 or 5 days earlier I had gotten several at that Target so why won’t it work now. Crazy! Target needs to realize that we use those coupons on their great travel size items and buy OTHER ITEMS as well. They draw people to their stores. And the coupons company offer the coupons so people can buy the items to try. They will lose alot of shoppers if they keep this policy! Very disatisifed Target customer!
So Walmart may just get all of my business from now on!

I am a baby krazy coupon lady, but I’m trying to get started. I have my binder with card holders and current coupons. I live in an area where the only store that doubles coupons is Albertson’s (doubles .50 and triples .30). But their items are significantly higher priced than the other stores (Target, Walmart, HEB). Can I be a krazy coupon lady? How does one get body wash, deoderant, paper towels, etc for free when the coupons allow me to save .25? I’m just not sure if I can save what others save. Also, my 11/30 coupons are about to expire, and I have not used one of them yet! I’m very new to the game, and I’m still learning the rules. I have read all of the sources on this site, and I believe that this method works, but I am not sure how to get great deals when I’m still paying 2.72 on napkins. Does anyone have advice as to how they got started? I’m very eager to learn.

Well I am no expert, still in the newbie stage myself 5 mos here. The main thing I have learned so far is ” multiple coupons” is the key. Always match sales with coupons, Read the blogs and great sites like this one KCL to help you find the deals, Always have your binder with you..Best deals are usually the non advertised ones or close outs, and don’t loose any sleep about coupons expiring, there will always be more to come. don’t forget to donate your expired coupons to military families. Stop Watching Extreme Couponing. Trust me the 1st great deal you get will be the bug that bit you, mine was 20 tubes of toothpaste for .10 a tube…. I was hooked and kicked myself for not doing this sooner in life…..

Well said “Joe”!! Let those expireds go… there will always be another deal! (Don’t forget to donate them to our military!)

Hi KCL! Just wanted to let you know that I mailed all my High-Value expired coupons to the address given on your site for military families and they were returned undeliverable? According to the post office they were not able to forward? I double checked the address and it is the same on your site?

I am on the same boat, Alison. It is possible but it takes longer to stock up. More often than not I don’t even go to Albertsons as I would only have two of those doublers and it’s not worth the gas but I have gotten most of the items you mentioned either for free or for fifty cents. KCL will show you the way. Just keep reading her posts and you’ll be a savvy couponer in no time. Have fun!

I get most of my best deals at the drug stores actually! CVS is my favorite.

Allison, I get all my great deals at CVS & Walgreens. I usually use 3 or 4 transactions. I use the register rewards I got from my last shopping trip on the first transaction. Then I use the RR from that transaction on transaction #2, the RRs from transaction #2 on #3, etc. Then the RR I received from my last transaction will be used for transaction #1 on my next trip. Thursday I spent $8 on 6 transactions totaling $65 worth of mdse at CVS. Then I got $25 ECB from transaction #6 to use on my next shopping trip. It was during Black Friday sales so most everything was free, just had to pay the sales tax.

Hi Alison! Welcome to the world of Krazy Couponing! I think one of the misconceptions about couponing is that you will be able to save a lot instantly. My experience was that I really had to be patient in the beginning. While still having to pay full price (gasp!) for some necessities, I would just very, very slowly start to build my stockpile. I would try to use coupons whenever I could on items I absolutely needed, even if they weren’t at their lowest price, because SOME savings was better than NONE. Even now, I find myself having run out of something and having to pay the price (literally!)

I would just recommend grabbing a few deals here and there per week. If you want to dive in to the drugstores, I would pick only ONE to get used to and learn well. The drugstores are where you will get a ton of savings because of the extra rewards in addition to coupons. As you rack up ECBs at CVS, and RRs at Walgreens, you will find yourself paying less and less OOP (out of pocket), but you should expect to pay a little bit initially and in the beginning weeks. As I built my stockpile slowly, I just trusted the process. After about 3 solid months of couponing like this, I suddenly realized that I could LIVE off my stockpile! I spent the next several months buying very little and even giving stuff away.

Be patient with yourself, allow & forgive yourself for errors (we ALL have them), and really focus on the best deals on things you will need (even if you don’t need them NOW) :)

Good luck on your journey and let us know if you need any more help! :)

Thank you for these updates, takes alot of the craziness of figuring out where to go, and get the bargains.