We go through lots of diapers around our house!  There is a great deal going on at Target right now! It involves the gift card promotions already going as well as the new spend $50 and get a $10 gift card coupon as well.  I would recommend handing over the $10 gift card when you spend $50 coupon first.   Check it out:

Buy 2 Huggies Big Packs $19.97, On Sale thru 12/3
Buy 1 Pampers Big Pack $19.97, On Sale thru 12/3
Buy 3 Huggies and/or Pampers, Receive $10.00 Target Gift Card
Use $2.00/1 Huggies Target Coupon from RP 10/30
And use 2 $2.00/1 Huggies Coupon from SS 11/20
And use $1.50/1 Pampers Diapers, 40 ct or larger, Target Coupon from RP 10/30 (exp 12/23)
And use $10.00 Target Gift Card when you spend $50
Pay $52.41, Receive 2 $10 Target Gift Cards
Final Price: $10.80 per box when you buy 3

Thanks, Frugal Living NW

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87 thoughts on “Krazy Pampers & Huggies Diaper Deal at Target!”

So I will receive 2 $10 gift cards after buying 3 boxes??? I thought it was one?

My brain is hurting! but I’m so excited to get some diapers tomorrow :)

kcl, i think the oop total is supposed to be even lower, at $51.87? the ad shows the sale price as $19.79, but your deal was calculated with $19.97. please ignore me if i am wrong! :)

I did this deal..Here’s what mine looked like. I was very proud of myself.

2 huggies pull up diapers
1 huggies limited edition christmas diapers
1 pampers wipes

-used 10 gift card wyb 50$ worth of stuff
-used a 5$ off 50 purchase catalina
-used 5$ gift card wyb 25$ kimberly clark products
-used 3 2/1 target coupons for any huggies diapers
-used 2 3/1 manufacturer coupon for huggies
-used 1 2/1 manufacturer coupon for huggies
-used .50/1 manufacturer coupon for pampers wipes
-used 1/1 target coupon for pampers wipes

I paid 43.12 out of pocket, and got back 25$ in giftcards. I saved 45.70. So I saved more than I spend, which is always my goal.

I wish our Target store will do this. I will try another store.

I just came back from Target, didn’t get the awesome deal above. Target folks said that they had meeting yesterday about people using/abusing too many coupons. So they have decided they will accept only 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturing coupon in one transaction. So i could use either the $10.0 gift card when i spend $50 or use the $5.00 Target Gift Card when you buy $25.00 in Kimberly Clark Products AND also i could use only 1 Huggies coupon not 3 for 3 boxes AND cannot use the $2.0 Target Huggies coupon…So not very happy with Target now…

awwww man, was looking forward to redoing this deal one more time, what the heck ill give it another go, where do u live

I live in High Point, North Carolina. Since i couldn’t buy the diapers i bought 2 Enfamil Formula’s and used the $10.0 gift card if you spend $50 and $5/2 enfamil coupons, got 2 $10.0 gift cards. This way i used 1 target coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per their new policy.

Can’t entirely blame Target. They have to recover their losses somehow. If we all just followed policy, then everyone could take part in great deals, but unfortunately when people abuse policy and use more coupons than allowed, a lot of retailers get really strict and use the “manager’s discretion” policy to override their store coupon policy where it’s not so black and white.

The store manager read the fine print on the Huggies coupon, it says “Limit on coupon per purchase”, which means it doesn’t matter how many diaper packs you buy you can only use only one coupon for the entire purchase.

That’s where the Target manager was not correct. You could use three of the Huggies Manufac. coupon and one of the Target Huggies coupon and one of the Kimberly Clark coupon. Per purchase means per item, per transaction means one no matter how many you buy in that one shopping transaction.

I went to other Target today and got this deal , yayy very happy :)

I would completely email them and let them know that I would not be shopping there any longer. If you are not abusing the coupon policy, then there is no reason that you should not be able to participate in all the great target deals. This store will suffer if they aren’t “coupon friendly”

I went to Target and I was told that only two of the same coupon per household (Manufacturer & Target Coupons whichever). I had things for my kids and was unable to purchase everything all at once. The worse thing is that I used more than one coupon when I did the diaper deal the night before. This is not the Target I normally go to, but if the policy changed it’s going to be tough to get everything you want in one trip! Has anyone Target Policy coupon changed? And should this be posted on their website?

I see people talking about 2 free $5 gc wyb $25 in KC. I only saw the mail in rebate in my inserts. Is that a regional c? Thanks for any help!!

Is anybody please able to help me to get these coupons? I could find $2.00 Huggies Target coupon but not pampers ?? And where can I find ” use 2 $2.00/1 Huggies Coupon from SS 11/20″ coupon??? I want try so bad..please help me.

There are no Target Pampers coupons only Huggies online. The Huggies manufac. coupon was in a past Sunday insert.

Does anyone know if the slip on diapers are included?

yes they are

so your saying i can get 2 $10 gift cards off of one purchase…..i buy 3 huggies and get my $10 off that then i can get another $10….but didnt i already get a GC for what i spent? i didnt use my $10gc coupon because i didnt think it was allowed but i didnt see any restriction on receiving girft cards. i am very confused

Yes, you can get 2. The first is for the diapers, the second is for any $50 purchase, so $50 in diapers qualifies.

Does anyone know if the $50 purchase that is required for this coupon is before or after additional coupons? I only ask because I have three $10 off Pampers coupons (that I received for emailing them). If I use these coupons the total will obviously not be $50 AFTER coupons, but it would be before. Would this count? Thanks!

Before coupons

As long as you hand the cashier the $10 GC coupon first, you’ll be fine. Then hand them any other coupons. You’re lucky to have gotten $10 coupons from Pampers! I emailed them and only got a generic response telling me to register on their website, which I did about 3 years ago. I rarely get coupons from them, it’s disappointing.

Does anyone know how many diapers are in a Pampers Big Pack? I base my diaper purchases off cost per diaper. I’m currently paying 18 cents per diaper using the Amazon Subscribe & Save + Amazon Mom programs. I save 30% off their already low price plus they ship to my door for free. If I can spend less than 18 cents per diaper it’s worth it to me to run to the store. I can’t find these big packs online so I have no idea how many diapers they contain. Thanks for your help.

April, it depends on the size. I had a box of size 5 and it only had 76, I believe (so not that many, really).

Where are people getting this Facebook coupon from? what page? kimberly clark, huggies or pampers? I looked under all and didn’t find anything. PLease help!

It’s the target coupon for spend $50 and get $10 gift card back.

KCL You are so awesome for getting on here and replying to hundreds of questions daily. Thank you for all you do.

For everyone asking:
1st gift card is stated in the ad…when you buy 3 packs of diapers you get a $10 gc
2nd gift card is a coupon….when you spend $50 you get a $10 gc

Those are the 2 gift cards as stated in her post….but apparently some people are using other coupons to get more gc.

Where is this coupon for getting a $10 coupon if you spend $50…is that the kimberly clark coupon?

up at the top of the page where it says “And use $10 Target GC wys $50”.. Click on that and follow the link and print :)

I’m sorry, I must be missing something. How do you receive (2) $10 giftcards if the subtotal isn’t $100??

You receive one gc for buying 3 pkg of diapers. Then you will receive another gc for spending $50 (it was a coupon). So there is a deal and a coupon combined here but both of them work together

For all you doing the CARS 2 Rebate…. don’t forget to save your receipts for the kimberly-clark rebate!!

I also don’t understand how you can use the target gc from the first transaction in the next transaction. I tried doing that and they said that I couldn’t because it took 24 hours for the gc to be activated.

That’s not true. I have done other GC deals before, and the GCs are activated immediately.

No it’s activated right away. You could always put your diapers in the car and then return, shouldn’t have any problems.

I’ve had the same issue. Our Target is an hour, though. The register beeped and they would not override. Maybe each Target is different is why some are making this work.

Hi, I’m trying to understand how you get the two gift cards? Are the diapers Kimberly Clark products? So you get one gift card for the diapers and then one for the fact that these are kimberly clark products.

You receive one gc for buying 3 pkg of diapers. Then you will receive another gc for spending $50 (it was a coupon). So there is a deal and a coupon combined here but both of them work together to give you two (2) gift cards

If you bought cheerios a while back there was also a coupon in those for 1.50 off pampers

In the Babies R Us ad that starts today, buy 2 Big Boxes Pampers (49.98 each) and a Pampers Wipe (384 or more-384 for 12.49) and get a $25 gift card for Babies R Us. You can use 2 of the $2 off coupons or use one of the coupons that required diapers and wipes from 11/27 P&G. Makes the total about $83 but waaayyy more diapers. I buy Size 6 Baby Dry, and it was 280 diapers in the 2 boxes.

I can’t find this Babies R Us ad. Where is it posted?

Don’t forget the “FREE Target $5 Gift Card wyb $25 worth of Kimberly Clark Products, exp. 12/23/11 (RP 10/30/11 R)” :-)

Darn. That’s not in my Red Plum (Indy)

I found mine in the SmartSource

how many wipes in a box?

You could also you the spend 25.00 in Kimberly Clark get a 5.00 gift card TWICE. So you caouls actually get 30.00 in gift cards. Thats what I did, no problem what so ever. I made sure to use the fb coupon first then the 2 K.C. no beeping. KCL Another great deal is Huggies large box of wipes 12.49 b2g1 5.00 gift card. I bought 4 49.96, got 2 5.00 g/c, used fb spend 50.00 (used a filler) get 10.00 and 2 K/C 5.00 g/c. paid 50.00 got 30.00 in g/c. Oh and I used the .75 off wipes coupons.

how many wipes in a box?

whats the fb coupon for??????????????????????????

$10 off of $50

No you can’t. Read the coupon-1 per transaction. Flagging your post now…

not sure why??? maybe someone can tell me why u would do 2 huggies & 1 pampers, why not just do 3 huggies???

You can do any combination. This is just one scenario if you have those coupons.

Also, what is wys & oop?

OOP is out of pocket and I think wys is when you spend… hope that helps!

I did this in 2 separate transactions the other day. I actually had 2 of the $10 gift card coupons so I used that plus I had two $5 off $50 Target coupons and our local Walmart ads had $3 off big packs + my $2 off Target coupons. I paid less than $40 for my diapers and got 2 $10 gift cards which I used on my next $50 transaction. After gift cards and coupons I paid $4.19 + got a $10 gift card. So a little over $40 OOP plus a gift card for my next visit!!! I was stoked!

I am new at this and totally lost what you peopel are commenting. Can you tell me how you got the 2 GC in one transaction again?

You will get one for buying two boxes. Then you use a coupon (linked above if you spend $50 you get $10 gift card back). Also there is a spend $25 on Kimberly Clark products get $5.00 gift card back coupon in the 10/30 SS that people are finding is working as well!

KCL, it would be great if you could clear up the misunderstanding about the $5 Target GC when you spend over $25 in Kimberly Clark products. Just because the diapers are over $50 total doesn’t mean you can use (2) $5 GC coupons. It clearly states it on the coupon but more recent couponers leaving comments are saying how they used 2 and it worked great, no beeps, etc. Some clarity would be nice.

Yes and also clarify that now you’re supposed to only use ONE Target coupon per transaction if it’s stated on the coupon. I would hate to lose out on the great giftcard deals altogether due to abusers. :(

@Malorie…can you please tell me which order you used the coupons in? I’m assuming after she rings the 3 boxes that the $10 gift card prompts, then use the 2 $5 gift cards with Kimberly Clark purchase, then the $10 gc w $50 purchase and then the manu coupons and then the target coupons? thanks.

I did this deal today. First the register prompts for the $10 gc. Then I gave q for $10 gc w $50, then two q’s for $5 gc for KC, then target q’s, then mfg q’s. Works out to $5.79 each!

great, thanks!

also, how many diapers are in the big pack (size 5 if you know) :) thanks!

You can only use 1 of the Kimberly Clark $5 GC when you spend $25 coupons. Just because it doesn’t beep (and fellow couponer Nancy above did it) doesn’t mean it’s legit. I wish people would READ the coupons before using them incorrectly.

Target also has a $2/1 printable coupon on there website :)

Thanks- I could not find the Huggies target qs in my inserts!

So can you use 3 $2/1 Target Coupon and 3 $2/1 maf coupon, taking $12 off and then the $10 GC with $50 purchase and still get the 2 $10 GC?

No, you’ll get 1 additional $10 GC for buying the 3 packs of diapers. If you have the coupon from weeks back that stated $5 Target GC when you spend over $25 in Kimberly Clark product, then you could get another $5 GC. The above posters have been misusing the $5 GC when you spend $25 by redeeming (2)$5 GC for a total of $10 since the Huggies purchase is over $50.

im not sure im understanding this…ok, so you use the gift card you’re getting from the exact transaction? & you still get 2 AFTER the fact?

You can’t use the ones that you get in the tx on that tx but on the next one you can.

Could you also use this coupon when they posted this deal Sunday they said to use this coupon but I think that was before $10.00 Target Gift Card when you spend $50 coupon.

2 FREE $5.00 Target Gift Card when you buy $25.00 in Kimberly Clark Products from SS 10/30 (exp 12/31)

I did this deal today, I got 3 boxes of huggies & $30 in GCs using 2 $5 GC coupons. I didn’t have any issues at all!

Thank you!

I didn’t think you could use 2 of this coupon in 1 tx because the coupon states when you purchase $25 OR MORE in Kimberly Clark products???

I was not sure but if you buy 3 huggies it should be just over $50 in kimberly clark?

Yes you can, I have done it several times in the last week. No issues at all. I even went on Ebay to buy more k/c coupons.

Yes, you’re only supposed to use ONE coupon per TRANSACTION as stated on the Kimberly Clark coupon. Some Target coupons like the one for the Huggies diapers state ONE coupon per TRANSACTION so you’re only supposed to use one not three. Even though the coupon is beeping it’s really shouldn’t be accepted. I see it as being no different than the lady on Extreme Couponing who used the coupons for another item on her sale just because the barcodes were the same and it was beeping. I’ve noticed at my Target they used to be more laid back about coupons, but with all the abusers, they’ve really cracked down. They’ve put limits to trial sizes when using coupons which they never did before and they have a supervisor walking around the cash registers double checking people’s transactions that have coupons. I can see using more than one Target coupon in one transaction if a giftcard deal wasn’t attached to it because the end total in savings would be the same, but when there is a giftcard attached to the deal, you can see why they say ONE coupon per TRANSACTION because the store doesn’t make as much money. I think we should respect their policy because when they don’t stick to their policy we get upset so the same respect should be given back to them if we want them to honor our couponing when we’re doing it right.

Thank you! You answered my question. All of these people are saying “Use 2, it works; I did it a zillion times already, etc.” but I can read and I saw that right away. Just wanted to be clear that I am understanding correctly.

it says right on those only one per transaction I know my store would only do one of the Kimberly Clark $5 gift cards

Thanks! I don’t actually have any of those coupon left I gave them away because I don’t have a need for diapers I was just trying to help others out. Sorry for any confusion caused.

If you do some other target deals (like the baby lips, nyc polish) and a few other near freebies, you can easily make a $50 total before coupons, use the $10 wys $50 before the rest of your coupons, then use that gift card towards the diapers. I did it yesterday. I paid about $10 oop for my first transaction, got the $10 gc, then bought 3 packs of huggies slips ons, used 3 mfg q’s and 3 target q’s and my $10 gc, paid $35 oop and got 2 $10 gc back. So $45 oop for over $100 worth of stuff, of which inclusdes 3 big packs of diapers.

Can you tell me what all the almost freebies you used and what coupons to do so? Thanks!

I think Pampers wipes are 2.39 at Target. If I do this deal I’ll add on a box of wipes and use the 2 off diapers & wipes mfg coupon for 39 cents more.

Didn’t that coupon expire 11/30?