Woo Hoo!!! Who doesn’t love CVS coupons? Well, make sure to look through your CVS ad that is inserted in your local paper to see if you receive this awesome coupon for $5.00 off a $20.00 or more purchase. The coupon expires on 12/3, so check your newspaper right away to take advantage of the coupon.  We all know this coupon definitely comes in handy with all of their Extra Care Bucks deals and Gift Card Deals.

Confirmed newspapers include:

  • Florida Times Union
  • Kansas City Star
  • Long Island Newsday
  • The Record of Bergen County
  • The Star Ledger

Did you receive this KRAZY coupon?

Thanks, I Heart CVS

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19 thoughts on “Possible $5.00 off a $20.00 or more purchase at CVS in Various 12/1 Newspaper!”

I have a question. If I have a $4 off $20 already loaded on my card, can I still use the $5 off 20 from the paper? I don’t see anything in the details of the online coupon that would prohibit it…


Print what Livnat? The page?

Wow big THANK YOU on this heads up KCL. I get a daily paper, but sometimes I get so busy that I end up not even reading or looking through some of them, and they get tossed. By looking through it today I not only was able to find the CVS coupon (Reno Gazette Journal, Reno, NV) I also scored a great 50% off coupon to my favorite restaurant where I want to go for my birthday in a few weeks. Awesome!

BTW in mine it was not in a flyer or separate ad, but printed on one of the pages inside the newspaper itself.

Thanks for sharing 😉

You are very welcome 😉

my cvs ad doesnt come in my paper…


Do you mean last Sunday’s paper,or this Sunday?My friend gets the Florida Times-Union,so I would like to know.


Today’s paper. I beleive it was a flyer although I am not in that region to receive one so I have not physically seen it.

Chicago Tribune, page 23!

Is this from today’s paper? Or sunday?


It’s in the “Cleveland Plain Dealer” also.

Confirmed in the Detroit News!

Today’s thursday paper?

Yes, page A10.

Right…well, yesterday’s paper.