$1.00/1 – Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – (redplum.com)

If you missed it last time, you’ve got another chance to grab Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm at Target for FREE!  There is a $1.00 off coupon on redplum.com and the $2.00 off Target coupon is still available!  Make sure you are picking up all of these freebies. They will be great to throw in teacher gifts or stockings!:)

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm $2.99, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – (redplum.com)
And Use $2.00/1 – Maybelline Lip Color, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free

Thanks, Totally Target

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47 thoughts on “New $1.00 Maybelline Baby Lips Coupon, Free at Target!”

I tried to use the target coupon at walmart and they wouldnt allow it, even though i had their coupon policy with me at the time and made sure it fit their policy. They said that since it was a target in-store coupon that it couldnt be used at walmart. Poop on them.

its because walmart unfortunately doesn’t accept target web coupons (meaning ones that printed)

Nevermind on this! I just read KCL’s Beginner’s tip on this very thing. :) Bit of a newbie here.

I can’t find the $1/1 Maybelline Baby Lips coupon anywhere and my Target has sold out of the product.

Hi, can anyone please tell me what zip code the redplum coupon is under?
Thank you

It’s gone.

is the red plum coupon gone for the lip balm? i don’t see it anymore.

I don’t see it either… Do you guys know where else we might be able to find a Maybelline coup that we can stack with the Target one, or another way to find this coupon. RedPlum took it down. Boo. :'(

Has any one who was seeing the “There is a system configuration issue or issue with the server. You cannot print at this time.” figured out a way to get the coupons to print yet? *UGH*

Is the target coup gone?

buy 1 get 1 50% off*
Maybelline Cosmetics at wallgreens

Just did this deal. No issues!

I had issues when trying to print through Firefox, however with Internet Explorer it was no issue at all.

As for the “long bar code”, many places can read the GS1, including Walgreens, Rite Aid and Target… at least the ones in my area. Also most cashiers will generally make sure its applicable and then push it through.

mine printed with just one long barcode and not the small one on bottom left hand side so the register couldn’t read it… anyone else having this problem when printing the coupon?

I can not get it to print on red plum it says printing and does nothing.

Target wouldn’t let me stack the coupons – the cashier lady said that since it was $2.99, and the coupon total adds up to $3.
Is there something I should say next time?

hand them the manufacturer coupon first and the target coupon will automatically “do the math” and make the target coupon the remaining balance ($1.98 instead the the face value of $2).

I’ve been able to stock up on these since they first came out. The only one I’ve tried so far is the grape one which I love! I’ve read some of the reviews about the cherry one so I’m glad I didn’t get that color. These will be going in the goodie bags for the tween and teen girls this Christmas. I’m sure they will love them. I’m just sooooo excited that they were all FREE!!!

The Redplum site just hangs when I try to print anything. It doesn’t matter which browser I’m using either.

Also, KCL — your links today are not opening new windows. I’d like to stay on your page so I don’t have to come back and find where I left off :)

i have tried printing from redplum about 10 times the past 3 days and nothing! i have java! dont have any other problems with other coupon sites! so whats the problem? and there isnt a place to ask for coupon by mail at least i dont see
anyone resolve the issue yet?

Keeps saying problem with the server..what does that mean?

i got me all 4 for free :D!!!

Me too,& I will be getting more so that I can realy take advantage of this deal.Last week,I was only able to get 2 at the price of $0.99.Now,I can get so much more than that,with enough coupon adjustments.


I printed the Red Plum coupons without any troubles about an hour ago.

Red Plum Red Plum…….I am not able to print any of the current coupons on the site no matter what zip code I use.

I have already installed the lastest verison of JAVA and rechecked to make sure it was the lastest verison of Java on the Java website.

Any advice is welcomed thank you all.

as i tried to print this coupon, a pop up came up and when i clicked ok, it said preparing to print but nothing is happening. anyone else has this problem?

Does this deal require a coupon adjustment,since I don’t believe Target gives overage?


I think the update is a virus on redplum. It was acting like one, and I scanned, and found the virus. Anyone else having this issue?

i downloaded and so far so good here!

I have never had a coupon print that doesnt have 2 bar codes? There is not a small one just the long one? Has anyone had a problem using coupons without the small bar code?

i don’t know if it’ll scan other places, but walmart can’t scan the big one. did that to me when i printed the bic ones before :(

redplum won’t print mine :(

same here…I get an error that says “The page at (website) says:
You need the latest Java(TM) Runtime Environment. Would you like to update now?” and when I click OK it says preparing to print and nothing ever happens after that…it just stays on that screen.

bummer…and it’s weird because i’ve printed redplum coupons before…and i’ve been waiting for these $1 q’s to stack with my target q’s…i hope they’ll still hve it tomorrow when i print it from my friend’s computer ^.^

Use Internet Explorer and update your Java I was having the same problem then I fixed it.

I tried that too and it just kept saying I need to update and next second it was updated and around in a circle like a virus or something.

there was the same coupon in the redplum insert yesterday too

Can I use the coupon in todays insert?

I was wondering the same thing. I believe you can since it’s a New york lip color product. It’s pretty much the same coupon as the printable one.

Yes, you can. It’s the same as the printable.

Thanks:) Another question! I have 4 cvs cards! my Dad and grandmother my sister and MY self all have cards their and I get to do the deals! my cvs is totally fine with it, I feel like my cvs thinks more like “PER card” not per HOUSHOLD! any thoughts?

Your CVS may be fine with it, but please consider refraining from this. Many stores are overwhelmed with this behavior and normal coupon users get hassled and cut off because they don’t trust anyone. We have to find a balance between what we can do and what we should do in order to curb the out of control behavior of others. You asked for thoughts and my sincere thoughts are that if you feel compelled to use four cards for one deal, you should consider what you are getting out of this emotionally and if it is healthy…and consider why one is not enough for you.

RELIEVE! :) So I have been wondering for weeks that if having 4 cvs and rite aid cards is ok! MY sister in law, Father, and Grandmother all let me use their cards to grab some extra deals:) It says “LIMIT one per household” but I called CVS corpate and RITE aid corpate and they said they were totally fine with the cards! :) And my local rite aid and cvs I HAVE a great relationship with and they are ALL fine with it! WHAT a relieve:) Not sure why other blogs say no! Maybe its in certain states? Just thought you all should know!

My thoughts,I wish that I had more friends with CVS cards!


is it the coupon that says “save $1 on COLORSENSATIONAL, SHINESENSATIONAL or any MAYBELLINE NEW YORK LIPCOLOR products”? because i tried a few zip codes and that’s the only one that showed up. thanks!

The Maybelline coupon I see doesn’t say baby lips. Is there a certain zip code?

Yes, print the Maybelline coupon that includes New York Lip Color (the Baby Lips *is* a New York Lip Color product)