Looking for a quick weekend meal?  Check out this great deal at Burger King.  They are offering buy one, get one FREE whoppers, 12/9 through 12/11!   I may have to snag this one tomorrow while I do some last-minute shopping :).

Thanks, Coupon Katarina

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12 thoughts on “Buy One Get One FREE Whopper at Burger King!”

Our Burger King has 2/$3 deals every day. You can get 2 Whoppers for $3 on Sunday and, I think, Wednesday. That’s a better deal than B1G1.

I heard an advertisement for this deal last night on the TV but I guess I didn’t hear the dates correctly because I thought they said through 12/13.

Near St louis we get these coupons on a regular basis. The total is $3.61 after taxes, $3.29 before. There is an additional charge for cheese; I think 30 cents.

No coupon needed. However you think they’d let me get a cheese burger? lol nothing on their FB pages says anything about cheese.

Usually with promos like this, they’ll let you get the sandwiches, you’d just be paying for the extra cheese.

Is there supposed to be a coupon? not seeing it

i don’t normally get these…how much are they usually?

It’s around $3.65 for just the sandwich and $6.00 for the combo.

How do you actually get this coupon. I went to FB and liked them, and joined the event, but I don’t see a coupon.

Worst pick-up line ever- ” You be the Dairy Queen and I’ll be your Burger King”.

You crack me up every single time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks dd, I work hard at it!! :)