Nobody likes to clean toilets, especially me!  One product that helps reduce the time you have to spend doing the horrible task is Scrubbing Bubbles One Step product.  I bought these a few months ago and love them.  You just step on a pedal everytime you use the toilet and it sprays the toilet and keeps them cleaner and smelling fresher.  Now if I could just get my family to remember to step on the pedal too!  Here’s a great deal at Walgreens if you want to try this product out yourself:

Buy 1 Scrubbing Bubbles  One Step Starter Kit $9.99
Buy 1  Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Refill $3.99
Buy 1 Starter Kit, Get Free Refill, On Sale thru 12/17
Use  $3.00/1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kit  – (
And use $1.00/1 – Scrubbing Bubbles Refill – (
Final Price:  $5.99 for both products

Thanks, Passion For Savings

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15 thoughts on “Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit & Refill Only $5.99 at Walgreens!”

  1. Jane says:

    My Walgreens wouldn’t take the $1 off Q for the refill :( Bummer! It was still a good deal though, so no big deal :)

  2. edaisie says:

    If you haven’t tried the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Cleaning system, you won’t be disappionted! It works great…lasts just like they said it would and keeps that toilet bowl clean!! I hope to find this deal and grab another one! Thanks KCL!

  3. Anonymous says:

    For some odd-ball reason, the kit was ringing up at $2.49 sale price at my Walgreens (Oregon), so the whole deal was free for me. I luckily had 4 coupons. If you’re in the area, ask a cashier to scan it for you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I printed one set then tried to print a second and the starter kit was “gone.” Oh well… I’ll try one at a time.

  5. Lisa Wood says:

    Gah this is my last one for the night i swear!! I keep refreshing the home screen waiting like a new coupon will pop up any moment.. im way to tired lol.

  6. bambi buczkowski says:

    Week before last, Lowes had the Refill’s on sale for $3.98 with a bonus Starter kit in the same box! You were able to use the refill coupon from inside the box and get the entire starter kit with refill for $.98! I stocked up and hit 3 different Lowes! I keep hoping I will see more bonus packs, but no luck so far.

    • Chi says:

      Do you often shop at Lowes with coupons? My step dad is manager and he says they don’t accept coupons. Any 411? Thanks.

  7. Maria Lopez says:

    can you actually use the $3 MQ for the kit and the B1G1 free for the refill? I just bought four kits plus 1 refill for $5.99 each and just looked inside to see another coupon for the B1G1 free coupon. The great thing is that the coupon expires 12-31-12. So we have a nice year to find the deals cheaper :))

  8. Chi says:

    Ugh, I am hoping Wal-mart will have their deal for Scrubbing Bubbles. They were doing the promotion right when I started to coupon and sadly missed this deal. Waaaa :`[

    • Anonymous says:

      Chi, Please don’t cry!
      We all feel your pain, frustration & disappointment.

      If KCL were here, she would tell you that the great thing about couponing is that the great deals always come around again.

      In the meantime, just be a little patient, don’t be too overly-concerned about the matter, and find exquisite delight in the joys of couponing!

      Of course, since Pizzaz is the only one here at the moment, I would tell you…..Waaaa, Waaaa, Waaaa. :)

  9. You just grab a second refill. $3 is for the kit, $1 is for the first refill, B1G1 is for the second refill. Basically $5.99 for all three.

  10. Look inside before you buy it. Mine came with a buy one get one free refill.

  11. Lore Laboy says:

    If you also have a B1G1F manufacture coupon for the refill, how would you use that for this deal along with the other coupons