I love to add a personal touch to all the gifts I give for weddings, baby showers, and birthdays.  I simply head to my stockpile and fill up a laundry basket with items I have extra of.  I usually put a nice bow around the basket to dress it up. Now for the creative part: I attach a cute saying that uses the names of the products inside of the basket!

For example: Give the Bride-to-Be a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous kitchen items. Then attach one of these sayings to it:


  • On (enter date of wedding), (Groom’s Name) and (Bride’s name) will PLEDGE themselves to each other and(Bride’s name) will GAIN a new last name. It’s no SECRET that their life will be full of JOY. We know you think your HONEY is FANTASTIC but your CHARMIN fella might not always be MR. CLEAN. You might have to put in some EXTRA effort and give your counters a SOFT SCRUB. Remember to always SNUGGLE up close at night. At DAWN take on the new day and live your lives in total BLISS.
  • Dear (Bride’s name),  You are entering a new ERA. There will come a THYME in your marriage when you find (Groom’s name) is not always MR. CLEAN, but don’t send out an S.O.S. because he might VANISH. (Groom’s name) will always bring you CHEER and you will find him to be your white DOVE. When you are together you will find JOY, so remember your PLEDGE and give him your ALL.
  • It’s only fair that we let (Bride’s name) in on a little SECRET. (Groom’s name) may be FANTASTIC but wait until (Bride’s name) finds out that he is not MR. CLEAN. He’ll expect her to be a DYNAMO in the kitchen, and he thinks all women should MOP AND GLOW. At night he’ll wake you up at DAWN to SNUGGLE up close. We all AGREE that (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name) will have a very happy LIFE together. Our wish for you is that your home be filled with JOY and you remain as happy as ever in the FUTURE.

These are just a few of the sayings I have used in the past.  You can take from these to create sayings of your own.  The bride loves to read these out loud. Even more , she loves the basket full of supplies.  Note: Most of the time I include other items just to ensure the basket looks full. I forget how expensive these  items are to people who do not coupon.

Keep in mind, this works well for all sorts of occasions.  Just get creative and switch up the saying! I never spend much, but my gifts are always creative….and practical!

This has been a guest post by Marie from Anna, OH
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125 thoughts on “Clever Gift Baskets from your Stockpile”

  1. Heather says:

    Great idea!! Just found it on Pinterest and doing this for my sisters bridal shower. Thanks so much! I’m not one for creative ideas so this one is great!

  2. Shelli says:

    Wow so I found this on Pintrest and thought it a really cute idea even for non couponers (like myself), so I repinned it. Then I come back to reread the letters to get some inspiration for my own. That’s when I saw all these ridiculously negative comments. I still think it’s a great idea &any humble person would never look at it as being unthoughtful. The letter adds just right amount of cuteness/cheekiness. Oh & to the one screaming about it being pointed towards women for cleaning supplies *rolling eyes*, it’s not like you’re saying only the woman can use them. To me that kind of adds to the chekiness of it.

  3. i think the gift idea is great. the presentation could have been better. any gift at all is great. when i invite you to my wedding i want you to share in the moment/celebration, not just bring a gift. that is a bonus. just you coming meant more than any gift you could have given.

  4. I love this idea! I actually put Dreft detergent on my REGISTRY for my baby shower. I love receiving gifts like this, it saves me money. My mom got me a little gift basket with “consumable” items for Christmas one year and i loved it but i ended up taking back all the clothes she bought me. The basket included Dentek flossers, i loved them! I always kept them in the car to floss on the go. When i ran out, i didn’t buy anymore..it didn’t seem like a necessity until i started coupning…now i have enough for the whole neighborhood…and i’m sure they would love receiving them as gifts :)

  5. Love the little sayings! Too cute! Wish I had a stockpile big enough to do this for family members for Christmas, I was planning on doing gift baskets but nothing this big lol.. maybe next year! :)

  6. Rachel Barry says:

    I don’t see why people are getting all bent out of shape about this. Of course this might not be appreciated as a wedding gift by every couple out there, but I would imagine the person giving it knows their friends well enough to know whether or not they would like it. This is certainly a great idea for a housewarming gift!

  7. Dawn Bremke says:

    Catherine, it is my understanding that you invite wedding guests to share a very special day in your life. Not to make sure you receive a gift equal to the $ you spent on each plate of food.

  8. Dawn Bremke says:

    I’d rather get a basket full of cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and toilet paper than a picture frame or a glass bowl any day.

  9. Positive or negative posts or comments reflect your own personality. What you say is exactly who you are. And that’s how you have been living your life.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I say it all depends on the occasion and what items you include from your stockpile. I personally wouldn’t do something like this for a wedding. A baby shower … yes, but put it together in a cute way and maybe include it with an outfit.

    Every Christmas the adults in my family play the White Elephant. This year I put together a “MAN” gift bag. I included 2 dove men+care body wash, men+care deodorant, 2 washcloths, 5 different kinds of razor packs (the good ones (one was the gillette gift pack) chapstick, toothbrush, goldbond lotion and I’ll probably add a few more things. All for around $8 = )

  11. Lea Metz says:

    We give a basket of stuff to our paper person every holiday! He love’s it and it’s the least we can do.

  12. Shelly Rio says:

    I originally thought that this was posted for a bride or groom on your Christmas list which doesn’t mean you have to give it to them on their actual wedding.. I think an idea like this is cute.. I wanted to do something like this, but my hubby said no.. I personally would have rathered this at my bridal shower then all the lingerie I received, especially since I’ve been married for 6 years and I’ve only used half of the lingerie.. We would have gotten more use out of the cleaning products.. I also don’t see a difference in getting pots to cook with or cleaning supplies to clean with, at the end of the day all of those things are needed by any new couple moving in.. I think every person is different and you would know the people who would appreciate this and who would look down upon it if their your friends or family.. Anyone I’ve made a basket for has loved it and used it..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Everyone keeps saying this is not “thoughtful” Really? Seriously? Maybe as couponers, we lack the sight of outsiders, but at ANY point in my life so far, there has never been a time that I would not have appreciated a gift like this and thought that it was incredibly thoughtful! So much effort goes into putting together multiple items, often from mutiple shopping trips and making it look nice. This sure takes more thought than going to Target and scanning the registry and buying the gift bag and tissue paper and generic card all in the same trip. I would rather get this gift any day! GREAT POST by the way. I hope the people in my circle see things the same way, because this one is going in the memory for later!

  14. rachiti says:

    Regarding gift registry comments – how much do people expect you to spend to attend their wedding? When I go to weddings I’ll either give $20 in a card or spend that amount on a gift – yes, from their registry. If I knew the couple well enough…I would do a personalized gift basket and probably end up spending about the same amount of $$ or more on it. I would include a few romantic/fun things like glade candles or the KY intimate his/hers w/ the coupon deal that’s been floating around for awhile (if I knew the couple REALLY well – ie I did it for my sis/future bro-in-law when they got married). Do you all attend those fancy open bar weddings where a $100 gift is expected or something?

  15. rachiti says:

    Although the idea of this is useful – I am aghast at the focus on just the woman as the receiver of cleaning/household supplies. Men would appreciate this gift too!!! (college kids would too, but that’s a different article altogether). The antiquated gender-enrobed slant on this article is really disheartening :(

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think this post is fantastic. I simply cannot believe all the negative comment and how many people that would not love to receive it. Try being a newly-wed and filling a house from scratch. You tend to forget all the basics and how much things add up. I personally would love a gift like this for ANY occasion.

  17. Mallory Moore says:

    Is it really necessary to be tearing each other apart the way half of these comments are? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they are wrong and ungrateful. Just because they think this is a bad idea doesn’t mean they don’t value the thought. This would just not be something you gave them and just because they think it is, doesn’t mean they are tackless. I feel this blog is a community that we all could use to help one another but right now I’m discouraged with the amount of hatefulness in this thread.

    • Anonymous says:

      For the ones who are “horrified” by the thought of this a as a gift to post that on here shows that they ARE tactless. They didn’t have the tact to keep their opinion to themselves but instead had to tear apart the author and in turn anyone who feels this is an acceptable gift. All they had to do was ignore it and allow those who like the idea to use this thread but by stating how “thoughtless” such a gift is they opened themselves up to others opinions. Funny how they can say this GIFT is thoughtless but it’s not thoughtless of them to insult the author and anyone else who has or will give a gift like this, isn’t it? And, saying any type of gift given with love or good intentions is not acceptable is the definition of ungratefulness.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s ironic that you guys keep saying it’s the thought that counts but then you stipulate that it’s only if the thought agrees with what’s on your registry. I would also be willing to bet that those of you who are too good for gifts like cleaning supplies and toilet paper have things on your registry that some may not be able to afford and yet you also keep saying that you don’t have to spend a lot. So, you are saying to only get you gifts from your registry you don’t have to spend a lot but if someone got you something NOT on your registry because they likely couldn’t afford what you wanted then it wouldn’t be good enough for you. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. Any gift given period is a thoughtful gift. The only gift that didn’t take thought is no gift at all. Why is that so hard to understand?

  19. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of an idea a friend of mine did for her friend’s wedding shower. She hosted it and suggested that everyone bring along a cheap, everyday household item in addition to the regular gift. She had borrowed a shopping cart from a local grocery store and everyone came and loaded it up with the unwrapped household items. I thought that was such a cute idea! I don’t think I’d show up with a basket full of the stuff as my only gift. I’m sure there’s bound to be something on the wedding registry that is affordable. If there wasn’t, I would recommend making something. Even though I would love household items normally, they’d be used up and gone so soon. I would want a gift that would stay around for years or for forever that would remind me of the person every time I saw it.

  20. Thats an awesome idea that I would give to a bride before or after the wedding , Im not into buying expensive gifts but I always keep wineglasses, pic frames, silverware ,ect that I find on clearance for under $10 & save those for weddings… I made a basket similar to this for my sis n law her& her hubby loved it almost $100 worth of free items . I also share my stockpile with a college student that I hv adopted, my inlaws , the battered women shelter … Everyone always sooo appreciative of the things I give them even tho my mother in law makes jokes that I hoard Items but since ive been making her baskets she seems to appreciate the things I give her since she doesnt buy any named brand items :)
    I will always shop from my stockpile in some form or fashion , I just did for my sis n law Baby shower I only spent $20 , my hubby is military & we are a single income family Im not gonna break the bank for NO ONE , KCL keep doing what u do I love ur Ideas & may not use all of them but I do use alot of them ;)

  21. You ladies need to settle down and quit bickering! LOL :)

  22. Anonymous says:

    May I recommend a little fiber in your diet?

  23. I think, like most guest posts, it’s all about who you are, and who is in your life. Maybe you’d like this gift, maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d give a gift like this, maybe you wouldn’t. But the point remains that it’s an idea for a gift that you can accomplish by couponing, and that someone may enjoy. If you wouldn’t like it, or make it, that’s fine. Some people like practical gifts, and this definitely would work for those that do. But to criticize those that would seems out of line.

  24. One of the most appreciated gifts I ever saw received by a bride to be was at her wedding shower where someone gave her a bucket (yes a bucket !) no wrapping just a little bow on the handle, filled with things she would need throughout the home at some point in her marriage and it almost brought the woman to tears. Some people find it tacky to gift these things or receive yes but think of the time the person actually spend picking out the items in the basket/container. Even if the people didn’t buy them with you in mind they picked them out with you in mind and that must count a little for how much the person cares for/about you.
    I personally would love those things and I coupon alot I know how hard it is to buy food when you need to buy detergent at the same time and have to pick between the 2, you either get to have clean clothes or have enough milk to last you through the week. I understand people using registries to get what they think they need or want for their special day but I have also seen it kind of abused (Who registers for all of the different kinds of mixers available at Target?) so if someone gives you what they think you need for your home I say good, cleaning products are something that at somepoint you will run out of and need.

  25. When our friends got married a few months ago I gave them a big wicker laundry basket full of laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and stain release. She was DELIGHTED and everyone chatted about how practical the gift was. We also got them a toaster oven from the registry, but she was really excited about the laundry stuff. (I gave her over $80 retail worth of stuff, but you all know I only paid a few dollars with my coupons!)
    It was my first time giving a gift like that so I did get the toaster oven too, but my bride was really grateful & I taught her to coupon after she got home from her honeymoon =)

  26. I agree with Robyn ! I’ll take your homemade stockpile gift basket lol !

  27. mizzy17 says:

    I like giving gifts that people can use and I love it more when people give me gifts than I can use. I hate gifts that just sit there and collect dust. I think everyday items are so practical. Times are rough. I’ll take anything I can get! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some people in my life who I WISH would give me gifts like this! I hate that they waste their money on things that I dislike, won’t ever use, and just end up donating.

      • My able-bodied 13 y/o dghtr got the rubber shower foot cleaner gadget from her gma for her birthday the other day. We laughed! Then, we saw she spent $10.01 in shipping!!

      • I also hate this, but in reverse. My husband and I always think of great ideas for his parents, but they never seem to use them. This year I’m going more practical, because every other gift that we thought was awesome has gone unused.

    • Anonymous says:

      I absolutely agree. I like practical and things that I can use. My mother in law is an avid home shopping network-aholic and is always buying us junk that we don’t need. I would rather get toothpaste and deodorant for xmas than another hideous xmas decoration that will collect dust in the basement.

  28. Robyn Cherise says:

    For all those people that dont want there wonderful gift baskets please feel free to donate them to someone who could use them if you are so upset over someone being thoughtful.

  29. Before I couponed, I would DREAD having to buy another tube of toothpaste or paper towels or toilet paper. So expensive, especially name brand products.

    A hot pink and lime green laundry basket is filled, almost overflowing. Horse grooming supply tote (plastic handled) also stuffed. These are filled with personal care items, cleaning supplies and washclothes, hot cocoa pkts, MW popcorn, candies,……. Is easily $300 worth of stuff.
    This is going to a young 25 y/o single girl who doesn’t make much $$ but she sacrifices so she can do the job she loves – horse training and breaking, lessons (incl. to my dghtr), and trail rides. My dghtr was at her house the other day and said this girl had to run and get a t-shirt to clean up a sudden spill. Maybe I should toss in another pack of washcloths?

    My dad and his wife have EVERYTHING and I can’t afford to get them something to their standards. I bought a really nice basket/tray and, since they travel often, I am filling it with many travel size items. I usually don’t get them anything ($$$$), so I think this will be nice and very personalized.

    All of this with couponing! I think it depends on the relationship between the gifter and receiver! If you personally are uncomfortable giving something like this to someone….THEN DON’T!

  30. Elisa says:

    I bought the .13 gift bags from walgreens a few weeks back and stockpiled .08 trident, free listerine srtips, candy bars, whatever else is small and home-made notepads made from free paint samples and copy paper (google it). Great gifts for co-workers, Secret Santa or the service workers who make your life easier. Personal, yet cheap. Happy Holidays!

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried to google the notepad idea and didn’t get anything. Could you explain it a bit more? It sounds so cute and I have tons of 50 cent copy paper reams left from summer (even after the bunch I donated to my son’s school :) Thanks!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m disappointed in some of the comments I’m reading. What ever happened to the saying “it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”? I love this idea. Even for weddings I think it’s appropriate. Despite this economy, are we so spoiled that we can’t appreciate a useful gift?

    To address some of the concerns: “no thought goes into these purchases” as opposed to all the thought that goes into picking something from a registry?

    “they are consumable items…” I think the best gifts are consumable…you enjoy them and eventually they’re gone. Who really needs another crystal vase.

    “it’s not thoughtful as the the author claims” To be thoughtful is to show consideration for the needs of others. Are you saying others don’t need toilet paper? Seriously, I thinks it’s more thoughtful to give a basket of very useful products than china that will collect dust on the shelf.

    To close my very long post. A wedding should be about getting married, not about getting really cool stuff. Any present should be appreciated.

    • Chelsea says:

      I totally agree with you. My boyfriend and I live together and if/when we get married, it would so awesome to get tons of detergent and tp! Even though I coupon, tp is still kinda pricey! I think the best gifts are the ones that people will actually use, like you said.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s true, “A wedding should be about getting married, not about getting really cool stuff”. I would still prefer no gift and just their presence at the wedding than toilet paper on my gift table! And fine china should not collect dust, it should be used and the gift giver should be thought of every time it’s used. I don’t want to think about whoever gave me toilet paper every time I use it! I love giving care packages to my family but I wouldn’t give this as wedding presents.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your are entitled to your opinion. Please keep in mind not all of us are so picky about what is on the gift table. I have a problem with comments saying cleaning supplies/toilet paper are not appropriate for a wedding. Why not? Other than to say something to the effect of “I would hate it” there is no reasoning to the argument. It would be like saying a George foreman grill is inappropriate because “I would hate it”

        As for thinking about the giver every time you use a gift, that’s great but rarely does one person buy you every piece of china. How do you keep track of who gave you which piece? Many of us have grand plans of using china regularly. That rarely happens. It collects dust.

        If this gift isn’t for you,fine. I don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with the other posts that call this gift inappropriate and selfish. What??? Who are they to judge?

      • I think some of it depends on the couple too. My husband and I both lived at home before marriage. We needed everything. WE would have appreciated the toilet paper and whatever else, but we still needed the practical stuff for the house too. Others who already have two households before marriage, don’t need the household stuff really. So what for you get them? It seems to me that the practical day to day things listed above would be perfect!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm my comment was deleted.. weird. It’s not like I said anything bad.

  33. Robyn Cherise says:

    OMG Why would I ever give up toilet paper! Gasp! I was able to make 50 gift baskets for only $100 including tax!

  34. Anonymous says:

    It definitely depends on the person. I would love a gift like this for any occassion, especially a baby shower. But I could not imagine giving a gift like this to anyone in my family. They are the type that go to the grocery store daily and think its a waste of time to coupon to “save a few cents” (their words, not mine!). However, since I DO need to “save a few cents” I found ways to get inexpensive Christmas gifts this year. $5 sweaters, $10 dress shirt, $25 cologne set (thank you, Target) and stocking stuffers of mostly free or under $1 candy and beauty products. I think when you just don’t have the money, you do what you have to. It should be the thought that counts!

  35. I find it so funny how many people post comments about how horrified they are if they receive these types of gifts. I guess your upbringing are more different than other people. It is not what you expect other people to give you, it should always be the person spent their time and effort in giving you a gift. It might not be what you expect, whatever the gift is, be always thankful what you receive. There are so many people who couldn’t even afford a wedding, my husband and I went to justice of the peace and paid $35 to get married and received no gifts. Always be greatful with what you get, others can only wish. In times like these, be practical and live within your means. If the person is not happy with your gift, they’re not worth to be considered my friend.

    • Not just ‘like,’ but LOVE your comment, Monina!

    • after having my first child 16 years ago, a friend of mine had a brother that worked for a warehouse that filled orders for grocery stores anytime they had a package of diapers that had been labeled wrong ripped open or not the right quantity in the pack went to a certain area and could not be sold , she brought me a huge trash bag full of all sizes of diapers and brands ! I was so greatful for the gift I even shared with my sister that was having a baby just a few months later , I persoanlly love to get gifts that I can use and not have to spend money on it , free’s up the budget for extra’s that don’t normally happen!

  36. emanuella valencia says:

    Hands down the best gift I got was a welcome baby basket. It was left at our door when we brought baby home from hospital from a neighbor. The basket was packed with lotions, little towels, wipes, shampoo for baby and me and so much more. The bottom of the basket was fashioned with ribbons and stacks of packaged diapers. It was such a blessing to not have to worry about diapers for 2 months! All the items came from the neighbors stockpile. Fancy baby clothes are fun to get but the thought that she put into the basket touched my heart. I guess to me it is the thought that counts…plus it saved us money:) I would have loved a basket like this as a wedding gift.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a fabulous idea! Especially for those who don’t know you Coupon and have no clue how cheap you got everything. This would make a great Christmas gift for a large family. I would’ve loved this for a wedding present. I would suggest a few “personal” touches, though (chocolate for the chocolate lover, coffee products for the coffee lover, certain brand names you’ve seen in their home, etc.) I’d also suggest wrapping the whole basket in cellophane with a huge bow. Looks fancier and more expensive that way. I really like the idea of giving it to someone going off to college or a house-warming gift. I also REALLY agreed with the person who said that anyone who doesn’t love this idea obviously has never fell on hard times before. As a recipient of ANY gift, you should appreciate the thought, if not the item/s itself. Be happy they bothered to get you anything at all.

  38. TW says:

    I agree that it depends on the situation and person. The laudry basket pictured would be most appropriate for a “college shower” than for a wedding IMO and would be considered like a care box. One of my pet peeves is when people totally ignore the registry even when there is a range of inexpensive items while they spend more money on something that won’t be used that they picked out. Understandably, this isn’t the case for those with pricey items on registries that may be out of budget for some guests. In that case, a modest giftcard from the place in question would be appropriate in a “doable” amount where the party can put it towards items they want.

    Also, effort in overall packaging and can make a huge difference. Diapers and wipes which are practical gifts for baby showers can be crafted into lovely displays for the actual event and easily taken apart for use later. I know I can rock a $5 dress off the rack in a way that people will think I forked over serious money for a designer item. Presentation is everything.

    What I don’t like however, is when you give such gifts of “common items” (even when practical and appropriate) to people who know you coupon and then they make a remark like “oh, thanks I know all of this probably was free anyway.” Like the actual product value, your time, thought and effort is all automatically nullified -just because the item(s) may very well have been free and most likely purchased with coupons.

  39. My boyfriend and I bought our first house 3 years ago (we were 21!) and my aunt and uncle gave us two huge garbage bags full of toilet paper and one garbage bag full of paper towels for a housewarming gift! My uncle works at a place that builds machines to make paper products- so they do test runs and they employees can take home the free stuff. I knew they didn’t have to pay anything for it, but it was my favorite gift!!! The toilet paper lasted 2 years, and then they gave us another giant bag shortly after we ran out. I’ve paid for toilet paper once in the last 3 years and I just think that was so awesome, when you think about how much i would have spent on tp in these last years, that was a gift that saved us a lot of money and cost them nothing! We got other things for our housewarming gifts… some gift cards and decorations for the house. but the tp is the one i really remember and loved getting.

    I’m not a big shopper, and my boyfriend is very responsible with money. I don’t like to have a lot of “things” and honestly i’d rather put money in my daughters savings account or donate to non-profits that help children and animals than go to the mall. I see a lot of things as a waste of money in my eyes… i, personally, would much rather get a gift that is something i need and will be one less thing i have to buy myself. This would be perfect for me, but i guess some people wouldn’t be happy unless they got ipods and flat screen tvs.

  40. Jojo Savings says:

    I was doing this for my mom lol
    But in it I am putting
    10 Glade sprays, 2 laundry detergents, 5 duck tapes,10 toothpaste,4 shampoo and conditioners and 5 covergirl powders, and more…..

    She will defff love it she is struggling and has little ones still so she will be surprised lol I am adding a huge BOW as the finishing touch!! BUT…




    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t seem that this is an issue that necessitates yelling and calling people names.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think she meant it as yelling. I think she was just showing a change in her conversation to address a different issue and for emphasis.

  41. I wish I would have been given a gift like this when I was first married! In those days we really could have used some extra supplies.

    I give both my brother and sister gifts like this in addition to a gift card. They are both working hard, but money is tight. I get these types of items for free or almost free and collect them for my siblings.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This is cute! I’m not one for the little poems (it’s just not “me”), but I like the gift idea. I would be especially happy with brand-name cleaning products as a gift. (My FMIL, who is a dear, sweet woman … likes to buy cleaning products at the dollar store. They are scary.)

    I’m doing makeup/lotion/nail polish gift baskets for some of my family members this Christmas. I’m definitely not one of those people who can make gifts, so this was a way for me to save money and still do something nice for people.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I made baskets for my 2 brothers and sister inlaw for Christmas out of my stockpile and also gave them each 2 $10 gift cards I had been saving from CVS. I think they will love them!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea! I just got married 6 months ago and even though I already had a house, this would have been great! It was before I couponed, so I wouldn’t have even known how cheap the person got it. This stuff is expensive! For my shower, my mom bought the trash can on my registry and then filled it with bathroom cleaning items. I thought that was really clever.

  45. I use the laundry basket at CHRISTmas for our grown children. fill them with HBA products that will last along time. i also picked up small baskets from dollar tree for the grandchildren with new toothbrushes, berry shampoo, toothpaste, mouthrise for the older ones(8) a small stuffed animal. they all love it!! i also add coffee and flavored creamer to the big baskets

    • Carmen Lopez says:

      oooh i hope i get an Xmas gift like that

      so excited for Xmas

      happy Xmas

    • TW says:

      I would love you forever for gifting me coffee and creamer, anytime, any occassion! LOL I live on the stuff. Seeing as prices of coffee are continuing to go up, I just stockpiled and took advantage of the giftcard deals with Dunkin and Starbucks at Target at CVS this week. Hauled 14 total 11oz bags which would last me the next 5 mos at the most.

  46. i would love to get a gift like this from a friend,,anyone out there who disagrees is obviously a person who has never had to “do without” .
    samples and small extras that friends gave me kept me afloat for a few years because things were so tight.. things are still tight but i coupon hard on what i have to work with.
    and for those other nay sayers..alot of thought does go into something like this, would you have thought it up?

  47. I’m not sure how I’d feel about this as a wedding gift, but perhaps a fun gift for kids when you send them off to college to be on their own for the very first time. You could definently do a play on words to fit that scenario, too.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I have ALWAYS tried to live a CAREFREE life and try to STAYFREE from being silly.

  49. Like other readers, I too am horrified at the idea of this being a wedding gift… there is a registry for a reason, and I bet Mr. Clean isn’t on it.
    I think it’s great for a housewarming or off to college situation though.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great to shop from your stock pile for gifts… I plan on putting together some beauty product baskets for my mom, mother in law, and some girlfriends for xmas.
    I guess what I am trying to say is if you shop from the stock pile, you really need to consider the person and make it appropriate for the situation.

    • I completely agree with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should be grateful for ANY gift you receive. Expect nothing and appreciate everything. That’s what I’ve always lived by. It’s snobby and arrogant to be horrified by a gift. Would you rather have this gift or NOTHING because no one owes you anything at all. I can’t believe how many people in this world are so ungrateful. By the way, I had stuff like this on my registry because it’s what’s necessary for life.

      • … I have always lived by the registry, I think it is selfish and inconsiderate not to do so just to suit your own needs. Many registries these days offer low, medium, and high priced gifts to accommodate guests budgets.

        GMMoss- I think it’s great that you got what you wanted / registered for, but there is no need to insult me for expressing my opinion on an article… I coupon, I think it’s pretty clear I’m not a snob.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, you said you bet Mr. Clean wasn’t on the registry and I was just letting you know that it is on some people’s.
          Where did I insult you for expressing your opinion?

        • Anonymous says:

          And, is it not selfish and inconsiderate of a bride to tell her guests what to get her and that anything NOT from her registry is not an acceptable or good enough gift?

          As for registries having various budget allowances- not all do. And, for those that do- how would someone feel who is only able to get them a $5 item from the registry, say an ice cream scoop or something and goes in carrying just that one small item? But, if they can rather bring a basket full of goodies and practical items that has a value far more than what the registry would allow them to spend why is that not ok?

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey Morgan, here’s a thought for you. What about the time before registries existed? According to you, all those gifts would have been unthoughtful because they weren’t on a list of what the bride demanded she get.

      • This isn’t about snobbiness on the part of the RECIPIENT. It’s about trying to be a considerate GIVER. And I think a lot of this has to do with the economic circumstances of the poster and her circle. If you’re working at McDonald’s and all your friends are, you might have a different view of this than if you live in horse country in a McMansion.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t work at McDonald’s nor do any of my friends, but I also don’t see what that has to do with being a smart shopper. Do you live in horse country in a McMansion? Then what’s your point? But, I still don’t see how you guys equate a practical gift to being an inconsiderate giver. If you keep saying it’s the thought that counts then why does it matter where you got the stuff or how much you spent for it? That is my point. I don’t know how to spell it out any simpler for you.

  50. Jenn says:

    I remember for high school birthdays and graduations, it was the “fad” to give a friend a cardboard story using candies (Babe Ruth, Snickers, etc) similar to this. This is an awesome example using stockpile items.

    • Amber Jackson says:

      I remember that too! Also, I’ve also seen it used as a cute way for the guys to ask a girl to the prom using the candy bar names. :)

  51. Nikki Johnson says:

    I think the suitability of this idea totally DEPENDS on the recipient. And my husband points out that “BOUNCE” is just begging to be used in the little wedding gift narratives. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Seriously, though, while I think this would make a fantastic going-to-college gift, I would not have wanted this as a wedding gift for my new household. Other younger couples who are moving out of Mom and Dad’s house (a reality in this economy) might find it really helpful, but when my husband and I married, we combined two single-person households and already had double of everything when it came to all of this sort of stuff, along with half of the space, since I temporarily squeezed into the 1-bedroom he was already living in after the wedding until we could get a larger place. What we really needed was queen sheets for the larger bed we were given as a wedding gift by my hubby’s parents, other things that neither of us already owned (which is where the registry comes in), and help pulling off the wedding itself (we paid for the majority of it ourselves). So, a laundry basket (of which we had several) filled with household basics (of which we had plenty and no room to store extras) would not have been a big hit.

    I’m not trying to be a sourpuss here, as I know stockpiles represent a lot of work and money is tight for everyone, but I got a couple of very frugal, thoughtful gifts that cost very little and were much appreciated. For instance, one person belatedly gave us a gift that was our wedding program in a pretty little inexpensive frame. Another person gave us a bunch of great photos he had taken at the wedding that supplemented the photos we paid for someone else to take. A creative handmade card was great. Best of all, a lot of people showered us with their time and talents — baking our cake, arranging our flowers, helping me with hair and make-up so I didn’t have to pay salon prices, and cleaning up our mess in the reception hall–just to name a few! Those gifts were priceless.

    So, yeah, this is a case of knowing your recipient, I think. It’s got a lot of potential…!

  52. Amber Jackson says:

    I did this for my son’s soccer Team Mom. I made a little “emergency kit” full of stuff from my stockpile with funny little notes on things. ie:

    Your game is at what time in the morning?! …Caffeine emergency!
    Contains 1 Illy coffee drink (Don’t pull that decaf nonsense on me this early in the morning!)

    First-aid mom to the rescue! …Boo-boo emergency!
    Contains 1 travel first-aid kit (kisses better optional)

    Put that back where you found it! …Sanitizer emergency!
    Contains 1 hand sanitizer (Seriously, how do they always find the most disgusting thing on the ground to pick up?)

    Not in the mood today …Chocolate emergency!
    Contains 2 choclate truffle packs (Because we all know chocolate emergencies occur more often than others!)

    I also made two travel bags for my parents for Christmas (and made funny little tags that say Jet-set Jacquie and Travel-ready Tony). I jammed them full of all the travel items they could possibly need (Tide singles, advil, toothpaste/brush, shampoo/conditioner, etc)

    • Amber Jackson says:

      And just to clarify, my parents LOVE to travel, so they go through getting travel stuff A LOT. (My stepmom went to the Congo just last year, and they went to Indonesia this year. Plus tons of mini trips as well!) I also included some gas cards for their mini-trips, I don’t have much to give them, but at least they are all set for their next adventure!

  53. Well I think it’s great! I give gift baskets to my family every year for Christmas and they love them. It’s full of items that they are sure to use, as opposed to something they will just store away or regift. Especially in this economy, most people are incredibly grateful for the gesture, as most cleaning/household supplies are not cheap to non-couponers. I also throw in a few personalized trinkets, but the overall idea is NOT tacky. *And I’m sure the new bride & groom dont want to spend their honeymoon shopping for laundry detergent their new home! ;)

  54. I do this all the time and for many occassions! I actually usually have brides-to-be and moms-to-be request these types of gifts from me because they are so practical. I for one cannot afford to not give gifts in this way and not once have I had someone offended that I did :)

  55. Anonymous says:

    My 20 year old son just moved out on his own and I am making him a huge box like this as we speak. Also adding his favorite homemade cookies and some gift cards to his favorite food places. He loves getting these care packages from Mom.

  56. love it! awesome idea!

  57. Lindsey Toolson says:

    LOVE IT, was already planning on something like this, but the laundry basket idea makes it!!!

  58. This is taking things too far. Being frugal, watching expenses on consumable items that clearly cycle through sales because they are easily substitutable goods is one thing. Giving someone a “basket” with toilet paper and toothpaste for their Wedding (borderline insulting, I’m sure brides prefer their registry), Birthday (really?) and other events (maybe… ok as a “welcome to a new college roommate”?…maybe?) is not the type of gift people should think of as “thoughtful”. This is not to say that giving someone a gift that has a higher value than was purchased for is at all the issue I am raising, I think that’s great actually. However, these are consumable items, no thought whatsoever goes into these purchases and adding a creative letter does not change that. Moreover, encouraging people to “shop” from their stockpile to give as gifts, truly defeats any semblance of “thoughtfulness” the author attempts to show it has. I appreciate KCL and this website as well as commenters but seriously this is too far… (Kind of like the sleeping in airports to save money post…)

    • Anonymous says:

      I kinda agree. Definitely cute for a housewarming, but that’s about it…

    • LOL i understand your point (and think it could def be used as a sorta side-gift and not the “actual” gift) … i gave a full basket of awesome stuff like this to my cousin for her wedding! she loved it and it encouraged her to coupon as well! now she knows the excitement in it AND gets to save money on all the name brand everyday use goodies!

    • Amanda C. says:

      It would depend on the bride. I’m very practical, and yes, while the bigger spenders will give me sheets, towels, and pretty things, I’m still going to get to my new home and discover I need laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and things to stock my pantry, all of which will REALLY add up (especially without coupons!). I would love a basket like this because it’s less that I have to buy when I return from my honeymoon and go back to normal life.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. At my wedding shower I got 3 sets of everything, I would have preferred to have gotten a bunch of paper towels and toilet paper and laundry soap!

    • I hope they don’t delete your comment the way they did when I said something like this.

    • Anonymous says:

      With this economy and jobs harder and harder to find I have had to ‘shop’ from my stockpile for gifts. We had no income coming in and a friend was having a baby shower. I loaded her up with diapers, wipes, and a bunch of other goodies from my collection. Otherwise she would have gotten nothing and I would have felt like a horrible friend. You do what you can with what you have sometimes.

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree that you do what you have to do. For a baby shower …. are you kidding? The stuff you described that you collected from your stockpile is perfect! You can put it together in a creative way of wrapping or like a gift basket to make it look super cute. Those are items that moms go through so quick and it gets so expensive.

      • I totally agree with you. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids, my husband’s job is our only income. I pull from my stockpile to gift people..sometimes it is what you gotta do. I got a basket like this at my wedding shower and used every bit of it..saved me money! That was more important to me than that 2nd Crock Pot taking up space in my kitchen cabinet! I guess to each his own :)

    • Jacqueline Gonzales says:

      I really think it depends. I am planning to make mani/pedi baskets for Christmas from stuff in my stockpile (thank you Target and Revlon!). I also know people who specifically ask for stuff like this for various events (my sister, for example, wants this stuff for her wedding because she and her fiancee already have a lot of the big stuff). At the same time, I’d never give my sister-in-law a big basket of cleaning stuff if she and her boyfriend ever got married because I know she’d think it was tacky and dumb.

    • Sarah Green says:

      As a bride who received a gift like this, I have to disagree. The basket that I received had been thought about and filled with cleaning products that everyone needs when first starting out. I guess that it may not be the perfect gift for every bride but for a couple who didn’t have much to start out with it was a wonderful gift. I didn’t have to buy cleaning products for about 6 months.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding me?? Wow, so glad I don’t have to shop for you. Clearly nothing would be up to your standards. I got toilet paper as wedding gifts and I didn’t have to buy any for a year. Starting a new life and getting used to a new budget and stuff is hard. This is a GREAT idea!!!! I see nothing insulting about it at all. It’s practical and useful and allows the recipient to save money on this stuff and use their money in other ways. If anyone has a problem with this kind of gift, then the problem is not the gift but your expectations as to what people “owe” you or your “worth”.

      • “Are you kidding me??” No, I am not.
        “Wow, so glad I don’t have to shop for you.” Ok?
        “Clearly nothing would be up to your standards.” The only standard indicated in my post was that I would not give toilet paper and toothpaste as a wedding present. If you disagree with that, I appreciate your differing opinion. However, you state that it is because it is useful and practical, which I won’t dispute. I am clearly stating only that it not “thoughtful” as the author claims.

        Also as an aside about budgets, usually marriages and shared dwellings tend to decrease expenses not increase them.

        • Catherine, anyone getting a gift no matter what it is should be grateful for receiving anything at all. That person could have not given you a second thought what-so-ever. Maybe not even giving you anything, but perhaps you’d rather have nothing and not be thought of than receive such a gift? If it were me, I would appreciate anything. At least they thought of me.

          • The only lack of gratitude in my post is toward anyone making a sexist comment. I have never stated that people should be ungrateful towards someone that didn’t give them a gift. I didn’t even say that people should expect a gift for any occasion.

            I am merely stating that there are OTHER ways to gift and that those OTHER ways in my opinion are better than the suggested method above.

            • Anonymous says:

              “The only lack of gratitude in my post is toward anyone making a sexist comment.”
              and to those who give you a gift you don’t think it good enough.

      • Anyone that finds a “gift” insulting def. doesn’t deserve a gift at all – that to me is a VERY ungrateful person. You are right! I’m glad I don’t have to shop for that person either! Actually, with an attitude like that – I’d probably not buy anything or get them something I hated just to see their face – lol.

    • a small but personal gift can be put into the baskets. would you rather someone buy beyond their means and go without food or something for thier child? sometimes this is the only way to help others.

      • Would I rather someone spend beyond their means, forgo food or forgo alternative spending on their children in order to spend on a gift, as opposed to spending from their stockpile? Why are these the only two options?

        Unless no gift is given, which is an option, there is some “value” conveyed through the gift. Even if the value were $0 there are still options i.e. KCL recently posted about free American Greetings/Hallmark cards at CVS. Depending on the “value” of “basket”, as clearly these items would at some point in time need replenishing for personal use, there are infinite alternatives in which the exact same “value” can be conveyed even at $0. Other commenters have posted other examples…

        To answer your question: I’d pick choice 3, convey the “value” which is within my means in a different manner and per your example, if it included forgoing food I would think the means would be a “value of zero” i.e. the free card from CVS. In your less extreme hypothetical of the extra toy for a child, why not convey the “value of the extra toy” to a “gift”? I’d be hard pressed to believe though that someone would be able to pinpoint where exactly their gift budget intruded on their spending.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am putting a few makeup/nail polish gift baskets together for female relatives. I think it’s a way to still give a “gift” without it being obviously from your stockpile while saving money.

      The people in question are early 20s women and a teenage girl, though.

      • rachiti says:

        Depending on your family (obviously), this could apply to some of the guys/boys as well. In your case perhaps not, but when my niece and nephew get old enough…they’re both getting nail polish if they want it.

    • Anonymous says:

      As someone who got married not long ago, I completely agree with you. I would have disliked a gift like this for my wedding! Wedding gifts should be long-lasting items, such as sheets, china, appliance, etc, to symbolize long-lasting marriage. I understand practical items such as toilet paper would delight some brides, but not in my books. As for friends who are not able to afford a gift, I had a few friends who didn’t have gifts–which I would prefer over toilet paper any day. I would LOVE to put together baskets like this for going away, housewarming or baby shower gifts, though!

    • Jessica Aho says:

      It is meant to be cute and ‘play’ on our ‘roles’ as wife or husband. Just a cute gift idea that I think any non-couponer would think was awesome! love the arcticle.

    • I probably would do this for an actual wedding gift, but this would make a great shower gift! These are the kind of practical things that every person needs! Who wants to run out and shop for all of these things right after the honeymoon?

  59. I am fairly new to couponing so my stock pile isnt fully built yet but I cant wait till it is so I can start making this stuff for my family and friends what a great gift.

  60. Anonymous says:

    that is so awesome and clever…i’ll have to try that out for the stocking I filled with stuff from my stockpile for a couple of my friends