Extreme Couponing Tip: Which Stores Accept Another Location’s Catalina?

It depends on the store. Target and Albertsons will not take coupons that display another store’s logo, even if it is a manufacturer coupon. Stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer and Safeway (click on the store name for the Coupon Policy) will accept manufacturer Catalina coupons that may display another store’s logo as long as it matches up exactly with an item they carry that you are buying. This does not include drugstore reward printouts, as they are store, not manufacturer, coupons. Also Catalina coupons may be refused if they state they are ONLY redeemable at a certain store. 

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9 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Which Stores Accept Another Location’s Catalina?”

Our Walmart won’t accept Kroger catalina coupons. They told me that even though it states manufacturer coupon, because it’s from Kroger (i.e. printed on their paper).

So does this mean that I could use my $5 off $50 catalina from Target at Safeway?

Target will indeed take ANY manufacturer’s coupons, trust me, I’ve talked to corporate!

I’ve been told I couldn’t use a coupon at Target that had another store’s logo on it. I tried to explain to the cashier that it was still a manufacturer coupon and it said redeemable at not redeemable only at but they still wouldn’t take it. I think it is a YMMV situation.

My target also takes catalina MFR coupons from other stores. Every time I go to Fred Meyer I put my coupons in the coupon exchange, and there are always cats for money off of enfamil. Yesterday I scored two $8/1 enfamil coupons. Today I plan to go to Target and use them on top of the buy 2 enfamil refill boxes, get $10 gift card deal they have running (it’s been going for about a month, and ends 12/24).

I used my $5 off of Hershey (I think it was Hershey) CAT that I received at Walgreens last week at Target and had no problem. It probably said Walgreens on it but it for sure said manufacturer coupon.

Their policy (which is linked in the above post) does say, “We can’t accept coupons from other retailers.” A Catalina prints out what store it’s from. If your current Target location does accept other location’s Catalinas, then that is up to their discretion. The corporate policy does not allow it.

Publix will also accept these, as long as the cat in question comes from a competitor.

For all you Military wives out there, the commissary is required to take your RR from Walgreens as long as it says “Manufacturer Coupon” on the top. If you have any issues with this contact the store manager, and just keep going. Or you can just contact corporate, and print out the email from them like I did. I usually get a hard time for this, but it’s really worth it. It’s a great was to use your RR whenever money is thin between paychecks.