The holidays are a great time to have extra batteries on hand.  All those new toys will need them!  Check out this awesome deal at Staples.  Right now, through 12/17,  you can score FREE AA or AAA Duracell batteries!

Duracell AA or AAA Batteries, 16 pk $12.99, Regular Price
Receive $12.99 back in Staples Rewards, Limit 2
Final Price: Free

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures 

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24 thoughts on “FREE Duracell Batteries at Staples!”

Update, I hadn’t recieved my rewards so I called to check in. The nice guy on the phone said they were no longer mailing rewards out so you have to log in to your Staples account online and print them off.

I just created an account and printed $27.40 in coupons!! The whole process took less then 2 minutes.

Sooooo glad to see these are available again this week, didn’t make it to Staples last week. We use a ton of batteries and our local Ronald McDonald House can always use them.

Nice score! Thanks!

i have my own preschool and am a certified k-8 teacher, is it better saving to sign up as a teacher or for a personal account?

I have done this deal twice in the past couple months, and have yet to receive my rewards for them. I am hesitant to buy more this week. Anyone ever had this problem? I have done this before and always got my rewards. Thanks!

Are you sure you have a valid email address on your rewards account? I bought some on Black Friday when they were free and just received my reward via email this morning. 2 months seems like too long.

Do you know if this is a regional deal? I don’t see it in my weekly ad

why am I not seeing the rebate form for this? When I click the link, it brings me to my login screen and when I log in, it just shows me my monthly rewards. I don’t see anything that says there’s a rebate for anything. I know I’ve done this before and there’s a form you print out and bring it into the store and give them your rewards card and then wait for the reward to be issued. Am I missing something??

I had the same problem, too. My husband bought the batteries, but he knows to look for the rebate form at the end of the receipt. when one didn’t print, he asked two different people at the store and they both said that it would automatically be mailed to us. Hoping that’s true

This is not a rebate…if you pay 12.99 for a pack of batteries, sometime in January, you will be issued a 12.99 in rewards…they will send you an email when it’s available and you can print the reward out and use it to purchase whatever you like. You don’t need to fill out any rebate, it’ll be automatic…HTH

I went and bought batteries today. There is a free-standing display with them that has 100% Staples Reward or something like that. Talk with several people at the store to verify. If you have over $10 during a month, or reward cycle, you just print out a coupon (or online code) and buy something else.

Yes, it cost me about $28 with tax, but I also use the printer cartridge recycle rewards to buy new cartridges, etc.. So, about $26 is available in addition now for me to buy my new ink, paper, etc.

Always look out for double rewards points on turned in empties. Instead of 2%, you get 4% credits.

Can we use a coupon on it, and still get the full 12.99 amount back?

You can use coupons but you will only get what you actually paid for the batteries. If you buy one pack and use one $1/1 coupon (from Dec P&G), you will get back $11.99 in rewards but it will still end up being free. You can also buy two packs and use the $3/2 (from Thanksgiving/Black Friday circular) and get $22.98 in rewards.

Will this work if I order the batteries online?

is this crdit card reward program???

It’s not a credit card. It’s a rewards card – you don’t pay with it. Hope that helps!

So how, can I get the batteries?

Sign up for the rewards program to take advantage of some of these great Staples deals : )

yes please KCL tell us how does the staples rewards work. Thanks

You have to sign up, then you can get 10% back on qualifying purchases. The rewards are issued every month when your balance has reached at least $10. They do roll month to month, but expire after a quarter if they haven’t reached the $10 mark. You can redeem your rewards to purchase stuff online or in-store.

Can I use my rewards to buy this and still get rewards for this?

No. I did that last time…. I used my rewards to buy the battery, didn’t get the full amount back. Do not use your rewards to purchase something that offers another rewards or you won’t get your $$$ back.

How does this work?

You will need to sign up for the rewards program, pay the full amt, and a few weeks later, you’ll get your rewards.