$1.50/3 – Glade Holiday Home Fragrance Items, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Thanks, Saving with Vetta

Well, if you haven’t already run out to get the awesome deal on Glade at Target, you have an opportunity to make the deal even sweeter! This deal is so HOT that even without the Gift Card coupon, you’ll still be able to stock up on Glade Holiday items!

Buy 4 Glade Holiday Candles $2.50, Sale Price through 12/17
Buy 1 Glade Holiday Room Spray $2.50, Sale Price through 12/17
Buy 5 Glade items, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use 2 $1.50/2 – Glade Jar Candles, 4 oz. – (coupons.com)
And use 1 $0.55/1 – Glade Premium Room Spray, 9.7 oz. – (coupons.com)
And Use $1.50/3 – Glade Holiday Home Fragrance Items, Target Coupon – (target.com)
And use Free $5.00 Target Gift Card when you buy 5 SC Johnson items from SS 12/11
Pay $7.45, Receive 2 $5.00 Target Gift Cards
Final Price: $2.55 Moneymaker

Or, if you didn’t get the Regional $5.00 Target Gift Card coupon, you can still get a great deal on Glade:

Buy 4 Glade Holiday Candles $2.50, Sale Price through 12/17
Buy 1 Glade Holiday Room Spray $2.50, Sale Price through 12/17
Buy 5 Glade items, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Use 2 $1.50/2 – Glade Jar Candles, 4 oz. – (coupons.com)
And use 1 $0.55/1 – Glade Premium Room Spray, 9.7 oz. – (coupons.com)
And Use $1.50/3 – Glade Holiday Home Fragrance Items, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Pay $7.45, Receive a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.49 each when you buy 5

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75 thoughts on “Target Glade Deal Even Better: Save another $1.50 Plus Scenario!”

I had to comment, because this exchange has been fun to read. I think that your comments were smart and spot on. Don’t you love the, “coupon police”?

i did this yesterday and had no problem using any of my coupons :)

I got the deal today fine with a smooth transaction. Thanks KCL!

I did it yesterday with my regional 5.00 gift card offer coupon … but had a higher coupon on the 5th glade Item so I made almost 5 dlls when I got the glade items. With the 2 x 5.00 gift cards I bought baby formula (that I had a 1.50 target coupon for) and 3 boxes of cereal (on sale 2.50 each) minus 1.00 in a coupon.

I got

4 Glade 4 oz candles
1 Palmolive Holiday Dish Washing Liquid (That one I had a higher coupon for, but HONESTLY I thought it was SC Johnson and it’s not!! The lady counted it towards the 5 gift card offer.. neither of us noticed :/ .. maybe because it was on the Glade display )

1 Up & Up baby Formula
3 boxes of general mills cereal

Out of Pocket around 12 dlls.. the cost of the formula alone :)

GOtta LOVE the gift card brand deals at Target!!!

I didn’t read the sales ad, I just read the above “Buy 5 Glade items, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card” so I thought it meant any 5 Glade items rather than 5 holiday household items.
So I got the last 2 holiday candles, 2 other Glade candles & 1 one other holiday Glade item (my store was a bit bare). So I didn’t get the 2nd $5 giftcard.
Think if I try to exchange for 2 holiday Glade items (if they get anymore), they’ll give me the 2nd gift card?

I’m getting very frustrated reading some of these comments. The deal is NOT buy 5 get $5 off. The deal IS buy 5 SC Johnson items and present the coupon that entitles you to receive a $5. GiftCard after you have paid for the 5 items. And, yes, you can use manf. and Target coupons to get the cost of those 5 items down.

Hi Kinsey, I’m not seeing anything but the scented oil candles there now… I checked under several zips… so it may be gone :(

I couldn’t find it either.

At my local store (10am, Wed 12/14) there were still a good amount of Glade items on the endcap display. I didn’t venture down the aisle, but I just thought I’d let people know. I purchased 10 items (8 candles and 2 sprays) and used the $5 GC coupon with the $1.50/2 candles, $1.50/3 glade (Target coupon), and .55/1 spray with no problems whatsoever, and got the additional $5 GC.

Someone on here said that they had Target price match the room spray to .99 cents at cvs so if that’s the case couldn’t you get 5 room sprays price matched and use 5 of the .55 cent q and the $1.50 target q?

Please read my changed above post. If you are able to price match the premium spray as I did then yes you can use 5 .55/1 mfc, but in the target policy for price matching target coupons are applied BEFORE the price match, then if the price is still cheaper they will adjust it down. That is why I used one target coupon. It went towards the candle. i hope this helps.

it was also in the sunday newspaper i just forgot which..oops i jux read lower lol

I did this today, but used the five dollar coupon to buy corn and green giant steamers. I missed one one of the coupons but I made a clean sweep. The Delmonte Corn and Green beans are on sale for .49c I bought four and two bags of steamers (with coupon) and still have .54 on my card. Also went to Wal Greens and got the scrubbing bubbles and Salonpas patch. I spent less than sixteen dollars. I thank this website for the help

I got the $5 giftcard coupon, but since I got one right away when my 5th glade item was scanned, it wouldn’t allow me to use my coupon. So, I only got the one $5 giftcard.

I would suggest you buy other stuffs too. I just did this deal at my Target but I was actually buying other things:
Here is what I was buying:

4 glade holiday jar candles 2.50 each
1 glade holiday candle holder 2.50
2 Dr scholls insert for her 6.99 each
2 packs of Yoplait gogurt for 4.00
2 box of lipton tea bag at 1.97 each
1 tub of oreo cookie at 1.00

total 35.42 ( plus tax)


Target coupon for the 5.00 gift card when you buy any 5 SC Johnson items listed
2 mf coupons ( 1.50 on two glade jar candles)
1 mf coupon of 1.00 off glade candle holder
1 target coupon 1.50 on three glade holiday products
2 mf coupons of 2.00 off Dr scholls for her
1 target coupon of 0.75 off 2 pack yogurt
1 mf coupon of 0.75 off 2 pack yogurt
1 target coupon of 1.00 off two lipton tea
1 mf coupon of 1.00 off two lipton tea ( sent to me by unilever )

total: 22.42 ( plus tax )
and I got back:
5.00 gift card for the 5 glade bought
5.00 gift card for the coupon used for the 5 SC johnson items
5.00 gift card for the dr scholls deal

I did gave the Target gift card coupon first and it scanned with no problem at all, no bipping.

I had planned out a trip for last Saturday with the 10 gc off 50, and the 1.50/2 candles coupons. Didn’t work out, because I didn’t get the $5 gc when you buy 5 sc johnson coupons. So I was sad and waiting for a better deal. Well today it came with the 1.50/3 target coupon. I went to Target, who in Lakewood, WA still had plenty of glad products. I bought 10 candles. I used 5 of the 1.50/2 glade products. So my total went from $25 to 17.50. Then I used three of the 1.50/3 target coupon. I paid 13.50 and got 2 $5 gift cards. So 3.50 for 10 candles, or .35 each. Also, while there, I asked about using a gift card coupon with other target coupons, since the debate on here was getting a lot of questions. The front end lead (a sort of supervisor on duty for the cashiers) said they’d had a lot of questions about that and you can use them with other target coupons, but you can only use one of that specific coupon per transaction, and the gift cards you get can’t be used on the current transaction, but you can do the same deal twice in a row and use the gift cards from the first transaction on the second. Hopefully all targets have been told the same thing…probably not, though, since every target seems to have different interpretations of the policy.

random comment, please disregard if it doesn’t apply to you: be careful if have pet birds, these candles make them sick super fast and kill them as do many scented products, especially candles and renuzit, as well as teflon pans. we learned the hard way and my kids were upset. please pass the word if you know any bird owners. <3

I have one parakeet :(

I only bought these to give as White Elephant gifts. It’s too bad they don’t sell unscented holiday decorated candles too =P

Think theres any glade products left? ROFL . . . .

I am hitting up two target stores tomorrow and I have a feeling the shelves will be cleared. Thinking of waiting until Friday when they usually restock (I am assuming) would hate to get stuck with the stinky scents but I am only buying ten. Don’t thinkk I need more than that for 50 cent each!!

My store only had 2 holiday candles left & no sprays. lol
May try another store tomorrow.

I was thinking…buy 6 of the room sprays. Use (2) $1.50 off 3 TQ and use (3) $1.50 off 2 Glade winter collection fragrances…any thoughts?

If your Target allows you to use two LIKE Target coupons in one transaction, this could work! :)


I did this deal today with 6 of the Glade holiday candles:

6 candles @ $2.50

Used the following coupons.
1 Receive $5 GC when you buy 5 items MQ
2 $1.50/3 TQ
3 $1.50/2 MQ (My store will take 2 like Target coupons)

Paid $7.50, Received $10 in GC (2x$5)


I think it’s gone already :-(

Thanks! Turns out I had it from one of the inserts so I still got the deal!



Okay I think we are going Glade Krazy today!!! just can’t help the good deal on items that can be expensive!!

It seems to me you can’t use two store coupons when they are taking an amount off an item; a free gift card coupon is a reward for buying a certain amount of an item. If using the same argument, you can’t use the $10 off item $50 or more on items with store coupons. They’re set up differently.

before i go to target tomorrow I want to make sure I do this correct because i am a new couponer:

Buy 4 Jar Glades Use (2) 1.50/2
Buy 1 Room Spray Use (1) .55/1

Use the Target $1.50/3

Now I know this will get it down to .49 cents each with the Target web coupon but can I buy a total of 10 and use two web target coupons in one transaction and receive two $5GC…I really don’t want to make several transactions at diferent stores??

Some Targets don’t allow you to use more than 1 of the same Target coupon in one transaction, but I have never had a problem doing that at my store. If you can get access to a second computer, and your Target allows multiple like Target coupons, you could actually use 3 Target coupons because you will have 10 items :)

The Target coupon stipulates that you would have to split the transactions, but your cashier may allow you to use them both in one transaction.

Does anyone know what category the coupon is under? I can’t seem to find it…

The Target coupon? I clicked “order by newest” and it was right near the beginning for me.

I found it under Household :)

They had end-caps with these Glade items, but for some reason, instinct told me to check out the items in the air freshener aisle.

At the aisle, they had more varieties!
My Target store for some reason had the non-holiday glade candles and sprays for $2.50 each too! But I got all my candles and sprays as the holiday French Vanilla because in my opinion is the nicest smell out of the bunch.

Will print out two of the $1.50/3 glade Holiday target coupons and bring my two receipts to Target on the way home tomorrow to get my $3 back from Guest Services. Thanks KCL!

Will they do this…I ended up buying 2 sets without this 1.50/3 coupon also.

here is my case. Pease keep in mind i didn’t get the target coupon for the other $5 gift card.

buy 4 glade candles-$10
buy 1 Glade room spray-$0.99 (price matched from cvs ad)
10.99 before coupons

used 2 $1.50/2 glade candles
used 1 .55/1 glade spray
used 1 $1.50/3 glade holiday products (target coupon)

paid $5.94 before tax got 1 $5 tgc

final price .19 each

still a great deal without other gift card

I remember the Glade spray on the CVS ad is the regular spray. Yet the coupon $0.55/1 Glade Spray is for the premium room spray. I always thought they are different but I might be wrong.

yes they are different! it will say on the bottle :)

in my cvs ad all it says is Glade air freshener. I asked a manenger if this would still count for the premium spray that went with the .55 coupon. He said he will allow the price match since the ad didn’t exclude that one. Maybe it was just my store. I am not sure but I will fix my above post. thanks

Already went there. You can not use the gift card on this purchase. It rings up an error code and can’t be used. Suggest buying more than 1 set of 5 items and using the previous gift card. It’s still a good deal evenif you pay 5.00 for the first set Good Luck!

you can use two bc there is more than 2 items ..

Which region has the SS $5 coupon?! I cannot find it in any of my SS’s :'(

The $5 gift card Target coupon is only if you buy five items, so if you are only buying 5 items you shouldn’t be able to use another Target coupon for 3 items unless you are buying 8 items.

I’m in Southern California. I got two from my two papers, and I also got one from the Walmart Mailer, total of three of the $5 TGC.

Hi, which inset was the $5 TGC coupon? What date? I am in So Cal too and I am thinking I may have overlooked it. Thanks!

Dear kcole72555,
I apologize but I do NOT remember which insert it was. I remember there being a $1/1 Centrum, and I thought to myself “Aww man! I got the $1 one..” But then I turn the page, and I see the $7/1 coupon. Then I turn a few more pages and I see the $5 TGC.

Hopefully you can find it!

I live in South Jersey and the Phila. Inquirer and the Atlantic City Press each had the SS 12/11 w/the coupons in them.

While I can’t speak for this deal, I can say that I was able to use two Target coupons this weekend. I used the $10 gift card on $50 purchase and a $5 of $50 purchase without a hitch,

i thought the target coupon spend $50 get a $10 GC was expired on the 10th of dec? so how were you able to get the special on the buy 5 glade get two $5 GC’s with the spend $50 get $10 gift card?

I’m sorry if you misunderstood, I said I couldn’t speak for this deal. I have not gotten this deal. I was speaking to using 2 Target coupons in a transaction.

gotcha, thanks for clarifying, for a min there i hought i threw away my other coupon thinking it expired when it didnt! lol

Do you think we will be able to use 2 target coupons along with the manufactures coupon?

target cpn is good for 1.50/3 items as long as you have 6 glade items you can use both TQ in the same transation with manufactures cpns…hope this makes sense?

Thats what I explained to the manager…I had 6 items..so for me to use the 6th coupon it was ok because I had an extra item..I used the JJ $5 GC q, the $1.50/3 TARGET Q, $.55 Glade Premium Q, $2.00 off Glade Candle and $2.00 off Refill …So technically I only used 5 coupons!I did have the manager question the JJ $5 GC coupon…She was trying to tell me I could not use it…So maybe everyone is wrong…She accepted it but was unsure>>>It did ring in ok though!

Wouldn’t that be using two Target coupons on the same items? The $5 gift card coupon is a Target coupon that applies to all 5 items, so using another Target coupon that is for 3 items seems unethical.

If you find it unethical, don’t do it.

I was questioning whether this should even be posted since it seems unethical to use 2 Target coupons (one for 5 items and one for 3 items) when you are only buying 5 items. Many things are sometimes allowed by cashiers but it doesn’t make it correct. It’s along the lines of decoding coupons. Just because they scan does not mean it’s ok to do it. I think that people who get away with everything they can just because they aren’t stopped’ give couponers a bad name. A site like this strives to be ethical and I was just giving my opinion that this doesn’t seem ethical!

By allowed, I didn’t mean overlooked…
The comparison to coupon decoding is way off base. These are valid coupons being used on the correct items, just a little uncertainty as to whether or not it follows the rules by using them in conjunction with the others.

I like to believe most people aren’t trying to get one over on everyone. Maybe that’s just my optimism. I’ll leave the witch hunt to you.

You are so off base accusing me of trying to be everyones “moral compass” or being on a “witch hunt.” I am just questioning whether using all the coupons listed is ethical. I am open hearing everyone’s opinions on this matter. It is you the “optimist” who is dotting your posts with snarky comments about my character for even asking!

To throw the word unethical out there to begin with was… absurd. Then you seemingly interpret my “allowed by the cashier/store” as “slip by the cashier”, which was inflammatory, along with yet another mention of ethics. Add to it the comparison to coupon decoding … I’m sorry but it sounded like a witch hunt to me. It certainly did not come across as a friendly discussion with a fellow couponer.
Perhaps, “Hey are you sure these can be used together?”, could have sufficed to answer your question. KCL did offer an answer to your debacle and gave supporting facts. Hopefully this puts your mind at ease.
I do wish you very Happy Holidays and I hope you can fill them with the scent of Glade at a great deal without compromising your ethics.

The gift card isn’t technically a coupon, as you cannot use it towards the purchase of the Glade items; it is a reward for buying the Glade items. Nothing unethical about it.

I agree Jessica

same here

I think that they probably want to get rid of these candles anyways. LOL

If not, we’ll find them in the clearance section in a few weeks 😉

gift cards are not a coupon. it’s a currency equal to actual dollars. I used to work at Target and many times you can use multiple gift cards in one transaction.

ohh quit ur nagging

It is kind of double dipping….but is’t that the name of the game with couponing? If you are following the stores policy…then I don’t see a problem. They have the same thing with diapers. You use a Target coupon (Buy 25$ in huggies get a $5 gift card)…a manufacturer coupon…a target coupon…and get a gift (10$) card with 2 boxes….jackpot!

I didn’t get the special J&J coupon, but it doesn’t seem to be in violation because the giftcard coupon doesn’t state a dollar off (from what I have seen here), but seems to be something you just need to have to get the giftcard (which I think is ridiculous for everyone who didn’t get it in their paper). The other Target coupon is an actual dollar off and states how many items you need to buy in order to get that dollar off. It is like getting the $10 giftcard with a $50 purchase they had last week. You could use other target coupons with that coupon, so it should be fine.

You are “spot on”, Darcy! I received 2 coupons. One in the SS 12/11 Phila. Inquirer and 1 from Atlantic City Press. The coupon is what you need to be entitled to receive the $5. GiftCard w/your purchase of 5 SC Johnson items.

Target printable coupons state that you can not use more than one LIKE coupon per transaction. You are allowed to use multiple target coupons in a transaction. The Gift Card coupon is a reward for buying 5 items. The Target printable is a “cents-off” coupon on the products themselves. HTH!

You receive the $5.GiftCard with the purchase of 5 SC Johnson items as long as you have given the cashier the special coupon that entitles you to receive the $5. GiftCard with your purchase. The SC Johnson items listed on the coupon are: Fantastik, Glade, OFF, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout, Raid, Vanish, Windex and Ziploc. The coupon states “Limit one manufacturer and one Target coupon per item.” It also says “Free GiftCard not valid as payment on this purchase.” So you should use whatever coupons you have to purchase the 5 SC Johnson items and hand the cashier the special coupon (SS 12/11) that entitles you to receive the $5. GiftCard. After you have paid she/he will hand you a $5. GiftCard that you can use on another shopping trip.