Wow!  It’s another Target gift card offer!  This one isn’t quite as good as last weekend’s, but if you have shopping to do at Target anyway, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Go to Target’s Facebook page and like them to see the details.
  • Offer good Friday, 12/16, starting at 5 PM thru Saturday, 12/17, at noon.
  • Offer valid only in-store.
  • No coupon required.

Thanks, For The Mommas 

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48 thoughts on “Spend $75 at Target this Weekend, Receive a $10 Gift Card!”

I went to target with a friend and she went right before me at the register and only had about $73 worth of stuff and she added some gum and some mountain dew to get to $75 BEFORE coupons. Then she used the $10 if you spend $75 deal and then used her coupons. The deal worked out fine and she even did the glade deal with it to get the other gift cards. I went right after her and had about $94 worth of stuff and used the $10 if you spend $75 deal. Then used my coupons and it went down to about $51 and it took the gift card back! I went to guest services with my friend and they refused to give me my gift card and the manager kept pointing out that my subtotal was only $51 and i kept pointing out that it was after the coupons. I also pointed out my friend who received the gift card after coupons and the said there is no way they can give me a gift card because the computer didn’t allow it. I don’t know what to do about this! Is there something i can do to complain about this because this is very unfair!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the $10 gift card for $75 promotion is after coupons. I just got back from making a $84.44 purches before coupons and now $10 gift card. After coupons $29.91 and still no $10 gift card. So i asked the maneger and he said it was on the total after coupons. that sucks. good thing us couponers know not to trust the register so i put together a deal that gave me $25 in gift cards plus i paid with gift cards from other deals. So only paid $4.91 oop. And they thought they could get over on us HA HA HA

lol same here before coupons my total was 125.29…i paid 71.55 opp but got back 45 dollars in gift cards

Yep I had a problem with it too :( I had to fight with management to get my 10.00 gc. The computer prompted the gift card and then after coupons it said this purchases in no longer valid for 10.00 gc. :(

I spent $90 and the cashier gave me my $10 gc then when I applied all my coupons and got below $75 he took it back (I completely forgot to use it first before my other coupons)! When I spoke to the store manager to explain he told me coupons were considered discounts, etc, etc?! It was late so I just left, but I plan to school this guy tomorrow and teach him how coupons work. So frustrating plus I feel like a total B when I have to start explaining stuff to 4 employees that gather around the register and there are people waiting in line behind me! Goosfraba, my rant is over, :)

I was just at target and my total was 73$ so I told the lady to hold on and I was going to add some items and she told me it wouldn’t work since coupons were going to lower the total. She didn’t even let me try. I did see that for the customer before me her gift card didn’t trigger until she was about to pay. So I hope that I didn’t just get shafted. But I am going to try my regular target. Cross my fingers…

Unfortunately there are a lot of cashiers that aren’t taught or explained the policy or promotions correctly. At the end of my transaction the cashier told me my total and I asked him, “Don’t I get a $10 gc today for spending over $75?” and he was like, “Do you?”. Yeah man, I DO, haha.

Me too I had the same thing happen except after the register took it back I went to guest services to fight for it and they got tired of arguing with me and just gave it to me.

It shouldn’t have to be this difficult, knowing your going to have to argue it out makes you not want to go in the first place. But when you’re right, you’re right!

At my target it was after coupons :(…it was all a big mess but in the end wasnt to bad

I just got back from target…I got the Nano and basically paid $76.00!. It all worked. It was $129.00 and as soon as the cashier scanned it he handed me a $15 and $10.00 gift card. Then i gave him the 10% off apple coupon and gave him my $5 off $50 catalina and then I used my $10 gift card from last week. And it all worked! The cashier was even impressed!

I just got back from Target – My purchase was over $100 before coupons and no gift card was triggered. I also watched a lady before me checkout and her order was over $160 and no gift card was triggered. I made my purchase around 7pm… kind of bummed I didn’t get it.

I think it starts tomorrow, and not today.

It was supposed to be from 5 pm Friday night to noon on Saturday.

sigh, duh, it’s Thursday today. it’s been a long week.

You should go back first thing in the morning, I read that it wasnt coming up everytime and I also heard lots of people having trouble with it. ALL the cashiers had a sheet that said if it dose not come up OR IF CUSTOMER FEELS THEY ARE OWED MORE THEN ONE BECAUSE THEY SPENT 150.00 OR MORE BEFORE TAX SCAN THIS TO GIVE THE CUSTOMER AN ADDITIONAL G/C. Go back and get your girl

I was wondering if I do the glade deal plus I have a coupon for free $15 GC if I spend $150 would the $10 gc for $75 work? meaning I get 3 GCs?

You should be able to get all three gift cards. Let us know how it works for you!

I got a gc with a ipod deal and the gc for the over $75 and i used a target coupon and a target catalina, so it sounds like it should work for you.

Gotta go back to Target Friday to see if any of the toys I bought tonight will go on sale.

@Nmcnei01 you’re also gonna need to call/check to make sure the Target you’re shopping at is fully stocked if you’re buying a large amount btw.

and you’re gonna need to make sure they are stocked up if you’re buying a large amount btw


Im thinking this one will be after coupons, maybe that’s why they increased the amount and the fact that it isn’t a printable coupon this time too. Will be interested to find out after someone tries on Friday

I’m thinking their not printed b/c then you can only use ONE PER TRANSACTION.. where as the printable ones.. I had $100 worth of stuff… and two coupons would scan to give me $20 in gcs…. this way you have to annoyingly seperate every $75 if you want the most for your money

Anyone got any good ways to do this and the cheapest? Like what to buy, coupons to use after I ge tto $75.00 and so on??? :)

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm is at 2.99 (reg. price) so buy at least 20 of those and you’ve already got $60 knocked off. You’re gonna need to get the Maybelline lip coupons for $1 off any 1 and the Target Q’s for $2 off 1 making this FREE. Also things in the travel section help nick off the price as well. Clothes on clearance and pretty much anything that makes for FREE items for you in the end price. Scan the “Target” section on KCL so you can see a detailed shopping list to help you know what to buy and what coupons to use. I like to use a rule that nothing over $6 retail is in my cart (unless its on a super duper deal or I can get it down to under $2) because its easy to knock out $6 when couponing. I don’t really like to buy anything that doesn’t get under $2 AFTER my coupons lol cheap and free is best! Hope this helps!

Also if an item already has a promotion going, like buy an ipod get a $15 gift card, do you still get the $10 gift card as well?

Yes… no matter how many promotions your’e taking advantage of, they do not cancel out another… when tehy scan the ipod you automatically get the $15GC… but that has nothing to do with your total being $75… where then you will get the $10 gc

Thanks! I have been wanting to get the nano for a gift, and if I can get a $15 and $10 gc and use my 10% ipod coupon I can get one for $87.50. And I got a $10 gc last week so it will be like getting the ipod for $77.50!!!! Super excited

Is this considered a coupon? I have the catalina for $5 off a $50 purchase, do you think I can use that with this promotion?

You can.. I’ve done that in the past… just get your $10 gc for spending $75.. then have them scan the “coupon” Catalina and it will take $5 off your total

Shoot… I was planning on getting a $109 gift for my husband tonight. Now I need to figure out how to sneak out to Target Friday evening & hide it in my car until Saturday (only time I’ll be able to bring it inside without him seeing!) lol

Coupons are not discounts, but are a form of payment, so I think you can probably use them as well.

Has anyone else read the fine print?? Its says “after all applicable discounts”. Doesnt this mean the $75 has to be after coupons???

If it’s like all the other gift card deals that they do, the GC will trigger as soon as you get to $75. And once the GC is given they aren’t going to take it back. As another commenter said, coupons aren’t discounts. I would think if it was $75 after coupons it would say so. I have a local grocery store that has promos all the time for spending $X.XX and their ads always say in the fine print it has to be after MQs.

yes just came back used coupons and it voided the card when it went below 75.

Could you buy a target gift card for 75 dollars and still get the 10 dollar gift card?

no, it says in the very fine print at the bottom of the FB page

Great I just spent $200.00 bucks yesterday on a Ipod. I may just take it back.

Target has a 10% off all iPods. It’s on their coupon site. I used it to buy the 8gb touch and it took $20 off plus got $25 giftcard last week. Exp 12/24

I bought an ipod last week too and got the $25 gift card but didn’t know about the 10% coupon, bummer!

I am sure you can take the coupon back and say you forgot to give it to them. Mine dose that for me all the time.

Target is one of those stores that it is easy to spend 75.00 in, I have to get 1 present for at east 50$ so that is only 25$ ill be needing to spend!! :) I am all game for this Target!! :)

It is probably pretty easy to spend $75 with all the offers they have going right now… doesn’t seem like it, but when I started writing it down it was way easier than I thought… then again it’s very easy to spend lots of money on stuff you want and can save money on :) I assume the $75 is before coupons, hopefully?

Hopefully it triggers as soon as your pre-tax amount gets to $75. Just make sure you get the GC before you hand in your coupons.

i was in target last night to get the curel deal and a few other things. i paid with prior gift cards from previous promotions including the $10 off $50 and received a catalina for $5 off $50 purchase exp. 12/20/11. just FYI :o) they are going to get us to keep coming in there aren’t they!

I love that 5.00 off 50.00 and the 8.00 off 80.00 I wonder what you need to buy in order for it to print out. I thought it was clothes so I bought a sweater last night in hopes that one would print out because I am doing 3 large transactions tonight with the 10.00 gift card deal, but nothing :(