Since I have become a Krazy couponer, I’ve found that there are some things that are harder to save on than others. If you’ve been couponing for any length of time, you probably know by now that toothbrushes, toothpaste, and gum are almost always free. With toilet paper, however, you have to work a little harder to find a killer deal.

Then there are other things that you almost never get a discount on. When you CAN find an amazing deal on something that is seldom on sale, or even worse, has no available coupons, there is nothing more exciting! This is especially true if the item in question is something that you HAVE to buy anyway.

I know one of my family’s biggest expenses is gas. I had given up thinking that there was a way to save any real money on this necessity. Then I paid $1.79 per gallon for gas! I am happy to report that if you live in an area with a Winn-Dixie, this can happen for you, too!

Winn-Dixie has a fabulous new program that allows you to get cheap or free gas simply by doing what you normally do: grocery shop. The way it works is so simple.


  • Winn-Dixie has a new customer loyalty card out called Fuel Perks. If you have been shopping at Winn-Dixie and have their old reward card, you have to sign up for the new one with the magnetic strip and the fuel perks logo.
  • After you sign up for your card, simply swipe it at the register like you would your old card.
  • For every $50 you spend in groceries, you earn 5 cents off a gallon of gas. This $50 threshold does not have to be in one shopping trip or even one transaction. Each time you shop your dollar amount rolls to earn more rewards.
  • Even more exciting, each week Winn-Dixie offers select items that give you extra fuel perks. If you buy the specified item, you get additional savings off each gallon of gas. This is a great benefit because you don’t have to reach a specific dollar amount to get the fuel perks, and coupon savings do not affect your gas savings!
  • Your earned Fuel Perks rewards expire at the end of the month after you acquire them. This means if you received 40 cents off a gallon of gas on November 5th, this discount won’t expire until December 31st. This is another wonderful feature of the program because you can keep rolling your savings until you are as close as possible to getting completely free gas! That’s right; if you earn enough rewards that they total more than the price of a gallon of gas you receive 20 free gallons of gas! If you have any rewards left over, they remain in your account towards your next fill-up.
  • As with most loyalty programs these days, Fuel Perks also allows you to shop online through Winn-Dixie to earn additional savings. Rewards amounts differ from merchant to merchant and are added to your card by registering your card number at the website. After making a purchase, your rewards are posted to your card, usually within 3 to 7 days.

Redeeming your Fuel Perks is also a piece of cake.

  • Go here for a list of participating Shell gas stations in your area.
  • Once you arrive at the pump, swipe your Winn-Dixie loyalty card first. This will automatically reduce the price of your gas by the amount of rewards you have.
  • Next, fill-up the same as always. That’s it!
  • After you have used your points to fill-up, you start over earning points with your card for the next fill-up. You can get up to 20 gallons of gas each time you redeem your rewards.

So why not sign up and see how far your cheap or free gas can take you?

This has been a guest post by Joy from Columbus, GA
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16 thoughts on “Save On Gas: The Ins & Outs of Winn-Dixie Fuel Perks”

I wonder if Bi-Lo will be doing this program since they just bought Winn Dixie? Does anyone know if that is their intention or will they do away with it when all the stores are converted?

Bi-Lo has been doing this FOREVER! From everything I’ve read (there was a BIG article in our local paper today), nothing will change with the rewards programs. Fuel Perks will still be offered.

I would love to see a Winn Dixie section on KCL!! I agree Publix usually more than outdoes them on the great deals but its still a nice option to have. Preety please KCL, put Winn Dixie on :)

i find it funny to finally see this as a posting under KCL. This is the only store never mentioned for weekly adds and specials.
I have 2 Winn Dixie’s in my area, one not so nice (closer) and then one a little farther (very) and its much nicer.
My husband and I go there just for the beer sales. He drinks the Miller Lite and the case is usually about 17.99 and they will honor the 4.00 peely without buying the companion item (ham, chips, soda, whatever) so it brings the items down to 13.99 for a case of beer. Usually we can only get an 18 pack for that price. (6 free beers)
I agree they are higher priced compared to the average, but every now and then they have BOGO’s when no one else does, or they are the same as my Publix, so i go get the beer and few other things here and there to gain the fuel perks. I saved .50 a gallon last time and i can fill the 20 gallon in the SUV so it works.
Does this mean that KCL will begin a Winn Dixie section?????

The Winn-Dixies in our area have such bad reputations that even after the ‘remodel’ it was still gross. I tried to shop there but the stores are not close by, in bad areas of town & they have an armed security guard in the parking lot. I’m sorry but I won’t shop anywhere that you have to hire an armed guard to walk the parking lot. Our Super-Walmart & Food Lion are similar. All in bad sides of town.

Save your discounts & shop at Publix where you can be safe.

I love this, except my hubby is super picky about what kind of gas we use…so instead of letting my Safeway fuel discount go to waste I just let my dad know when I have a good discount and he goes and uses it to fill up the huge tank on his truck. :)

Coordinating with another car-driving family member or friend so you can get the full 20 gallons would add to the benefit I would imagine – since it sounds like it’s a one-time-use thing (until rewards are built up again). As long as you didn’t replace the filling nozzle in it’s holder on the pump, you could just stop filling one car and fill the other – just park on both sides of one pump. Unfortunately I live in a state without any of those perk programs :/

I paid 1.53 per gallon the last time I used my fuel perks card. Right now I am up to 1.70 off per gallon. I have to the end of December so trying to get it up a little more before I use it.

I just want to make something clear on what you wrote tho, You put “You can get up to 20 gallons of gas each time you redeem your rewards” This is a once a month deal. I work at Winn Dixie and some customers were under the impression that they could use the card each time they accumulated any amount. Also if you do not use the whole 20 gallons, you can not go back at another time that month and get the rest of the 20. If you have a small gas tank bring a gas can that is what I do.

I shop at Giant Eagle which has an awesome Fuel Perks plan….for every $50 I get 20 cents toward gas. I buy gift cards for restaurants and stores we frequent and get even more points toward gas. There have been times when I’ve been able to fill up the car without having to spend a dime. When I buy gas at their stations (Get Go) I also get a percentage (Food Perks) off groceries, even on the gas that I get free.

The Winn Dixie by my house is so vastly overpriced ($8 for a small bag of sugar!) that the fuelperks program just isn’t even worth it. :(

Our Kroger does something similar. I don’t save a lot with it, bc it doesn’t make sense to me to pay twice as much for my groceries (Kroger’s non-sale prices are twice Walmarts) to save a couple cents on gas.

I paid $.76 a gallon on November 30th using Winn Dixie Fuel Perks! Loving it!!!

I love fuel rewards, especially since switching from a car to an SUV!! We have Smith’s here in Albuquerque, and my points accumulate. If you use them right away it’s 10 cents off, but if I don’t use them for a while they have built up to 30 cents off per gallon, which is definitely a noticeable difference!

Kroger has a similar program. So does Home Depot, if you’re a frequent Home Depot shopper and live in an area where Home Depot has gas (it was great when my husband was working in home remodeling).

Pizzazezz One-Liners about Fuel-

I have my car towed to work because it’s cheaper than buying gas.

All in favor of conserving gasoline, please raise your right foot.

I saw a guy on the street corner, holding up a sign that said, “Wife and 2 Cars to Feed.”

For our vacation this summer, we’re thinking it will be cheaper to just mail the car.

Safeway has a similar program. It’s awesome I got $.20/per gallon last time I filled up. My car takes premium so it’s a double ouch at the pump.