Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250 currently has a killer deal on their gift certificates.  You can score a $25.00 Gift Certificate for only $1.00.  Simply use code JOY at checkout!!  This deal definitely makes me JOYFUL!

Start by heading to

  • Enter your zip code to find participating restaurants in your area.
  • Pay only $1 for a $25 Gift Certificate (normally $10) with discount code: JOY
  • Print the certificate immediately and use it as soon as today!
  • In most cases, certificates do NOT expire.
  • Limit one certificate per table, excludes alcohol.

This is a LEGITIMATE offer!  The ONLY catch is that there is a minimum purchase required to use the gift certificate.  Usually the minimum purchase is $35 and is clearly shown on the site.   So make sure your bill is just over $35, present your gift certificate to your server as payment, and you’ll only owe $10, plus tax & gratuity.

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38 thoughts on “HOT!! $25 Gift Certificates, only $1.00!!!”

  1. Just bought $720 worth of restaurant certificates for… $$$38 Glad I saw this post at the last minute!!!!

  2. S. M. says:

    Like others have said, make sure that the restaurant you wish to use your certificate is taking them. I took my certificate to a restaurant and the server said that they did not officially sign up for this. The restaurant did say that they would honor certificates until the end of this month (even though it says it doesn’t expire). Use caution.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do it unless you already eat out a lot.

  4. Jodi Fendrick says:

    Also use a cashback site like ebates for 30%, fatwallet for 24%, mrrebates for 30%

  5. does anyone know if these can be used towards alcohol?, they have sportsbars in my area and it isnt clear whether it can only be used on food or if it can include alcohol. I would only buy it if it could be cause I dont really want to go to a sports bar just for food.

  6. does anyone know what the rule about alcohol is on these. They have some for some of the sports bars in my area but can you only buy food or does it also apply to alcohol? the wording on it was not clear on this

  7. Lauren McMaster says:

    Does anyone know when this promo code expires?

  8. This was an absolute bust for me!!!!!!! Maybe I shouldve looked into it more but I purchased one of the $100 GC for $4 but to use it u hv to spend atleast $200 , wth,lol I just lost $4 cause we dont spend that much ever & my huuby would be mad if he knew , im not telling cause he’s definetly say didnt u know that was too good to be true… :(

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, i got a $50 one for free and would have to spend about $100 to use it…good thing it was free. People are so confused on this deal. the $1000 for $40 is the same deal at the 25 for $1 (only times 25). You’d have to spend probably over $1000 so use the $1000. So, for $1,040, you can get 2,000 worth of restaurant food.

  9. Anonymous says:

    so i just called them, its a better deal to NOT buy the $500 for $30 and just buy the $100GC for $4. and really, you can get a TON of deals with the promo code for well under $100 so you really only need 1 $100 GC if ya ask me, unless you wanted to stock up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the only catch with this site is the minimum purchase ammount, which as stated in most cases is $35 with a $25 gift card + the 18% gratuity. other than that, theres really no catch.

    i bought the $500 for $30 deal, but now im thinking its not as a good of a deal as this: but the $100 gift card with the promo code and its only $4. use the $100 gift certificate to purchase other deals (and maybe other gift certificates?” has anyone tried this?

  11. bebe says:

    What’s the catch to the $500 gift card??

  12. Deana Dixon says:

    Anyone bought these as a gift card? I tried and it says the “JOY” promo doesn’t work for gift cards. =(

  13. Deana Dixon says:

    You guys keep mentioning that $500 for $30 is a better deal. Trisha said she got $1000 for $40. I don’t think $500 for $30 can beat that.

    • Some ppl like me think the $500 deal is better than the $25 deal and this is why….
      To get the $25 deal you pay $1…so to get to $500 you pay $20 but if you read some of the requirements to use it you can only use one GC per table, so if I want to use two for a family of four my two kiddos will have to eat at another table (not possible they are age 2 and 4). So if my bill comes to $75 out of pocket is $50.

      With the one for $500…I can order the GC in demionations of $10, $25, $50, $75, $100. So if I have a GC for $75 and my bill comes out to $75….then I have nothing coming out of pocket.

      It all depends on the stipulations of the Restaurant. So the one from the Today Show would work for MDuke887 and not the one from KCL

      • Anonymous says:

        are you sure about that? (regarding the $75 comment). the minimum im seeing on all the $75 certificates is a $150 purchase

        also, are you saying you that the $100 gift cards for $4 can only be applied towards the $25 ammounts?

      • I don’t think that is correct. If you use the $500 gift car to purchase a $75 voucher, there will be different stipulations. Like MDuke887 pointed out, when you buy a $75 voucher, you min purchase is typically $150.

    • Anonymous says:

      the $1000 for $40 is the same deal as doing the $25 for $1 (25 times). The certificates when redeemed are redeemed at value…so you can buy a $25 gift card (with stipulations) for $1. Or you can buy a cert. for $1000, and 40 $25 gift card (with stipulations) for $40 ($1 a piece) It’s the same deal…only if you want to get other gift card amounts would you want to buy more??? NOTE: the $10, $25, $50, $75 gift cards will most likely have different stipulations at the same restaurant. So, Christina (see comment) : the example you gave might not work if the stipulation for the $75 is higher (that is what MDuke887 is saying….
      So buy one, or buy 25, it’s the same deal…just read the fine print for each amount (i.e a $25 gift card at Joe’s requires $40 order and 18% tip, and a $50 gift card at Joe’s requires $100 order and 18% tip).

    • Trisha Heffner says:

      Nope the $1000 for $40 is a better deal. It’s 10 $100 GC’s so I can choose to use them myself or give $100 GC’s out as gifts (considering i paid $4.00 for each I think this is awesome)

  14. Anonymous says:

    ya, the $500 gift card for $30 is an amazing combo deal for this deal.

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is heaven. and they have the melting pot on here, with only 18% gratuity as the stipulation.

  16. Are these valid anywhere? Have you had any issues? Are they giftcards or an email print out?

    • You print them out from the website. It will tell you all of the stipulations for the voucher you purchased (e.g. must spend $35 prior to taxes and 18% will be automatically added) and then you take the print out to the restaurant and give it to them like any other coupon.

  17. There is a better one on the today show, you pay $30 for a $500 GC….much much better

    • Can you share the info on that Christina?

      • Go to the Today show website click on Jill’s Steals and Deals and it will show all the deals for they day, scroll down to the Restaurants and click on the link, You can also see the restaurants before you buy it to see if you want to get it, put the promo code in then scroll down and you will see at number 2 a link, click on it and a another screen will pop up, then on the bottom right side it as you to fView Participating Restaurants click on that and put your zip code in and it will come up with a bunch of them, there were over 300 restaurants in my area…..i hope this helps

  18. Trisha Heffner says:

    I was able to get on.. I placed my order at 6:30am (PST) and it took me until 8:45 for it to actually get me to the enter credit card info page.. it took another 15 minutes to process, but finally it processed, I got $1000 (10 $100 GC) for $40. I called Customer Service and they said to give it 24 hours and I’ll be able to view my GC’s in the My Account section… it will work you just have to watch for an opening or simply wait until a less busier day… maybe try late at night when not so many people are on the net :) good luck!!!

  19. Coupon Queen says:

    Might want to wait a little later before trying to get this deal. Their website is slammed. I’ve been trying off and on since this morning and still haven’t gotten it.

  20. Weam Hamed says:

    “Hello, and thanks for visiting! Because our deal is so popular today, we are experiencing very high traffic volume. Please do not worry! The sale lasts all week, running through Saturday December 24. So there’s plenty of time to place your order for a great restaurant certificate or e-gift card.

    Thank you for your patience, and please try again later!”

    I keep getting this message…soOo annoying!!!