The National Consumer Panel home scan is accepting new applications!!  This is available for a limited time, so hurry and apply if you are interested!  As a panel member, you will be provided with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you’ll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases.  Then once a week you send them the purchase information.

In exchange for your time, you earn points which you can redeem for some really great gifts such as toys, gift cards, electronics, and kitchen appliances.  If you have applied before and been denied, you can try to apply again.  It took me several times to finally get a scanner!

Simply go here to apply, and leave a comment if you get accepted!

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28 thoughts on “Hurry! Join Nielsen Home Scan to Earn Cash or Prizes!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I applied after reading this article and received an acceptance e-mail today! So EXCITED, thanks KCL

  2. Heather Meadows says:

    I just received a email saying that I was accepted. But from reading these comments I’m not sure if I should do this or not. Anyone have any advise?

  3. Anonymous says:

    KCL – Can you share your experience with this, particularly as a couponer? We were just accepted though haven’t yet received the scanner. Just wondering if it will be worth it after all with all the negative comments below. Kinda of dreading it now, particularly with the threatening letters if you decide to opt out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had the same issues as everyone else! It was really difficult for no reward. Especially when you shop multiple stores and use multiple coupons. I would dread coming home and then I would be sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by a sea of bags, pouring over my grocery list and receipts. Then after I sent it back then sent tons of threatening letters! I felt mislead.

  5. Stacy Ford says:

    i did this too and sent it back. I read the agreement and it said “we will contact your minor children to ask them questions. We will attempt to get your permission first, but even if we are unable, we will question the children.” Uh NO you won’t.

  6. I had a scanner for a while too. Soooo not worth it. It takes a ton of time to scan each item, enter the price, the quantity, if you had a coupon or discount card, who was shopping with you, where you were shopping…. and the list goes on and on… for what? Dinky little prizes that you have to put in a lot of time for. Not worth it for me.

  7. I’m waiting on my scanner. I too would like to hear results from others. Was it good or bad and why. Thank-you!

  8. Barb Kuck says:

    I did win $500 last February (sweepstakes you are automatically entered into when you can each week) — received a Visa card.

  9. Barb Kuck says:

    There are directions that explain what to do when on vacation — basically you scan a UPC from their instruction booklet — quick and easy to do. I can’t complain — I received a $500 Visa in the mail from them — I was one of the sweepstakes winners for that month — easy $ for me!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to this and the scanning is no problem at all. I also scan at home as I’m putting things away. Piece of cake. But my question is has anyone had any VERY Positive results from this? KCL?

  11. Jonathan Lambert says:

    BOO!! lol Not accepting New particpants in my area :(

  12. Question for those with scanners… What do you do when you go on vacation for more than a week. I was recently accepted and have a scanner on the way.

  13. Amanda says:

    I signed up for this a couple years ago, did not realize how time consuming it was nor how hard it is to earn any decent prizes, it was way too much work for no reward so I returned my scanner with the prepaid label they sent with it only to start recieving phone calls after a month or so telling me I needed to return it, I explained to them several times that it had been returned and even gave them the label info, they sent me a letter from a lawyers office stating that they were working on behalf of nielsen to facilitate the return of their property. I contacted the lawyers office in writing and gave them the date, address and label info for when I returned the scanner, I guess they finally realized they had already had it back for months since they stopped contacting me but never again will I deal with Nielsen, they are very misleading about the actual amount of work and how time consuming it is, and how crappy the rewards are when I particpated the some of the rewards were things like a whisk or spatula for 250-300 points. ( i believe one point = $1 spent) so basically you had to scan $250 worth of groceries to be able to get a spatula.

  14. Ruth Polillo says:

    I just received my scanner and if you scan and enter the info as you bring it into the house it isnt a big deal. I am excited to see how it works out. i’ve even got my husband excited about it.

  15. JolieRenee says:

    I was recently accepted and received a scanner, but I’m pretty sure I’m sending it back. I had no problem with agreeing to scan items I purchased, but they also want you to enter prices, if they are sale items, if you used coupons and where you purchased. And not only grocery type items, but they also want you to keep track of things like gasoline and clothing. This seems like too much work (especially when you figure in purchases at a place like Target that has a variety of products with sale prices and coupon stacking) and you get very little in return. Scanning is one thing, but it’s so much more than that.

  16. Jill Agnew says:

    I just filled out the application and they said I should be receiving an email from them shortly! not sure what that means but i hope its good!!

  17. Lina Morrar says:

    I’m already a Nielsen Home TV ratings..So I can’t do this…So far I havent had any huge complaints about the home ratings..its been going good so far..and every three months I get a check in the mail just by what I watch on t.v….

  18. Glenda says:

    I just applied and it says that I will be contacted through an email…so I guess I have to wait to see what happens!

  19. Deborah Flores says:

    I did this a few years ago. Just a warning, it was very time consuming. I would often get frustrated, having to track down everything in my bags, scan everything, enter the info from my receipts…it never really seemed to pay off. Then after I had been doing it for about 7 months, my sister passed away and of course I didn’t buy anything at any stores for over a week, I was sent this nasty letter that said I needed to return everything within so many days and if I didn’t I would be charged the $350 or so for the equipment. They never even called to find out why I hadn’t sent anything over. After 7 months, I never receive or earned anything. It was a huge task to take on that basically ended up taking a lot of time and never paid off. But this is just my experience, maybe it worked better for someone else.

    • rachiti says:

      wow, thanks for the info. My spending can be somewhat erratic under normal circumstances (after all stockpiling means I Don’t have to shop every single week) so I’m definitely going to stop trying to be accepted. How incredibly crass of them to do that to you.

    • rachiti says:

      wow, thanks for the info. My spending can be somewhat erratic under normal circumstances (after all stockpiling means I Don’t have to shop every single week) so I’m definitely going to stop trying to be accepted. How incredibly crass of them to do that to you.

    • I agree with Deborah — EXTREMELY time consuming with little to no benefit. Standing in the store Isle trying to scan everything I put in my cart, then have to log if it’s a store sale, Coupons Used was completely frustrating. Not to mention, the times that you leave your scanner at home, or go on Vacation – I got the nasty emails as Deborah stated, clear to the point that they threatened to send me to “collections”. Need less to say – I sent it back. My Opinion is – Don’t waste your time – Clip more coupons, or spend the time with Family… The pay off will be far greater.

      • Anonymous says:

        I returned mine as well, not very long after I got it. WAY more complicated than I have patience for. Some people may like this though, I’m just not one of them.

    • Deborah, I had the same issues. It took forever to scan everything and the level of detail they wanted with coupons was just far too much given that we use so many coupons. I just sent my scanner back this week.

    • Any I got that nastygram today about returning their scanner when I just got the mailing label a couple of days ago.

  20. I applied at the end of November and got accepted… I just received my scanner last Thursday…….not too bad so far….

  21. :( Not accepting New particpants in my area :(