$1.50/1 – Mott’s Apple Juice or Applesauce – (facebook.com)
 Thanks, For The Mommas 

My kids love applesauce!  They could eat gallons of the stuff!  So I am excited to see a new coupon for Mott’s Apple Juice and Applesauce.  Right now you can save $1.50 when you head to Mott’s Facebook page, “like” them and share with three friends.  Save this one for a sale, or use it at Walmart for this deal:

Mott’s Applesauce, 46 oz $2.12, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 – Mott’s Apple Juice or Applesauce – (facebook.com)
Final Price:  $0.62

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31 thoughts on “GONE Save $1.50 on Mott’s Apple Juice or Applesauce, Plus Walmart Scenario!”

  1. Share the savings app is currently down. Don’t waste your time. Down for the week.

  2. Motts for Tots Apple Juice at Walmart is $1.88. SO minus $1.50 coupon= .38 cents Apple Juice for the little ones!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s down right now :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gone… “We’ve taken our ‘Share the Savings’ app down temporarily so we can make some adjustments. You should see it back up next week. Keep an eye on our newsfeed for updates!”

  5. this is like a merry go round,,,did everything and still nothing, not worth it!!!:(

  6. Megan Watson says:

    It is not working for me, I get to the screen and choose 3 ppl and it won’t let me share. I hate FB coupons, alot don’t work. Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions? Is the coupon no longer available?

  7. I can’t get it to work. I “like” on FB, select my 3 friends, click on “Send Requests” and nothing happens. Lame!

  8. Abby Craig says:

    Just an FYI: I found this this morning at Target (no sale or anything) for 1.62 for the jar and 1.67 or 1.87 (cant remember now) for the 6 pack of cups, including strawberry. The other nifty flavors were 1.99. HTH! Great coupon, wish I could get a bunch more of these ones!!

  9. Must share to 3 friends first then you’ll receive coupon

  10. Anonymous says:

    I really dont like that i have to give my friends info just to get a coupon….not cool at all…..i will buy another brand …..I would not want my friends to randomly give out my info ….and then they have to “like” the page before i get the coupon? No…not cool at all….

  11. Anonymous says:

    each link is unique, so it doesn’t matter how many computers you open the same link on it will only let you print 2 total

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just share to 3 friends and then if one friend likes it, then you can print your coupon. What I did is, I sent it to my husband and 2 more friends then opened my husband facebook account then accepts and like it… then I went back to my fb account then I was able to print it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    awesome! but then it says i’ve already printed it, but i never ever have.. bummer.

  14. The Motts 46oz is $1.72 in my local walmart.Final price $0.22!

  15. Anonymous says:

    good luck getting a coupon, most people cant get it for some reason even after jumping through all the hoops.
    Might be a scam as they want all your info.
    They are probably only giving coupons to a few people.

  16. Mott’s Apple Sauce 23-24 oz. is $.99 each at Jewel Osco.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have any friends :(

  18. Ashley Black says:

    For some reason it let me get the coupon after only 1 person liked Mott’s. Maybe yours will work too?

  19. Lonnie Man says:

    Can I add all of you as friends so we can all get the coupon easier?? lol…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Way to dissappoint customers MOTTS…. what a crappy way to get a coupon.

  21. Anonymous says:

    my only complaint is waiting for friends to “like” them before getting our coupon! lame!

  22. I am hitting send request and nothing happens….any help out there?

  23. Weam Hamed says:

    This week at Publix they have Mott’s 100% apple juice on sale for 3 for $6 (64oz). If you use 3 $1.50/1 coupons on this deal you only pay $1.50 or $0.50 each!!! I think that’s an amazing deal :D

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Gonna grab mine later today! :

      • Weam Hamed says:

        You’re welcome :D
        Plus, I checked the regular price and it’s $3.15. I did the math and found out that buying 6 would only cost $3.00, which is less than the price of one!!! That’s a Krazy deal!

  24. Toni Stevens says:

    way to much work for this coupon, good grief :(

    • Weam Hamed says:

      Hahahahaha…I agree!
      Especially when you want to print several from different computers and different facebooks…ughhhh!
      But, I finally got me 6 of them :D

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. I really don’t like the new trend of companies making you force other people to like them on FB just to get a coupon.