It’s always so exciting when coupons double!  And right now you can print a coupon for Kmart that will double your grocery and drugstore coupons up to $1.00!  Wow!  Just go here to get yours today.

Thanks, Hip2Save

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23 thoughts on “Double Coupons up to $1.00 at Kmart!”

So can you print 5 of those coupons sense it says limit 5 and double it??? how much would you save???

In my circular it doesn’t say anything about needing the coupon to double, it just says you need to be a rewards member. So do you need the coupon or not?

If I have a coupon that says $1/2 and I go on a Sat or Wed. does that mean it will double to $2, or, because it says up to, does that mean it won’t double because it is already $1?

It should double to $2.00.

I tried using this coupon. I had all sorts of issues at kmart. The man cashier was older and I don’t think he had a clue. Then I read on the coupon only good Wed and Sat. Maybe that is why it wouldn’t scan. I have no idea why it wouldn’t scan other than there is no real bar code on it. Did anyone else have problems with this? I am hanging on to them as they are good for a while. I rarely shop at Kmart but they had a great sale on paper towels and TP. Still was good without the doubler.

Mjcouponer, the cashier needs to scan you Shop your way reward card first, then the machine will automatically double the first 5 coupon.

Kmart double coupons only on Weds and Saturdays.

Yep he did that too. I think he was new. The store was an absolute zoo and I was not in the mood to wait more that I already had for a manger. I will try again after the new year when things are a lot calmer. LOL

I had the same problem at my Kmart. The coupons would not double. I went in on Saturday, so that wasn’t the problem. No toilet paper and no paper towels left on shelves. The cashier couldn’t get the coupons to work. I followed everything just right. The cashier scanned all my merchandise over $150 most from grocery and drugstore. I gave the cashier the Kmart coupon to double the next 5. All 5 coupons were $1.00, so no problem there. The merchandise was all over $2.00, so that wasn’t the problem. The cashier was nice, but just keep scan my remaining coupons. Now, coupons are mixed up in till with all the till’s coupons. I so frustrated I just walked away from the register and left. So, not only did I lose all the time to clip and organize the coupons and shop in the store, I left behind all my coupons. No wonder they are closing 120 stores. Needless to say I won’t be going back anytime soon.

And you can use 2 of these double coupons as long as you do it in 2 seperate transactions.

Hi katieshafer, can you please share your scenario…did you do 2 transaction without any problems?

Thank you.

No prob…
What I did was ring in my items to total the $25 first, which included my items to which my $1.00 would double to $2.00. Then they rang in my coupons for double (5) and then any other coupons I had for additional items I grabbed to get to $25….I used the $3.00 off Olay regenerist….which was $6.99. So i picked up 5 bags of Crispie cat treats for free with a $1.00 peel coupon I found and they were also on sale for $1.50 each…

Then I repeted the same for my second transaction….you again need to ring up to $25 in order to use the double 5 coupons Kmart coupon. This time I picked up some Bakers chocolates for I think 50 cents each, a roll of papertowels, and one additonal cat treat. I used my Bic Soiel razor coupons that were on sale for $4.99 and used a $2.00 coupon on top of that. Again, that did not double, but helped me get to the $25 minimum faster and used up some soon expiring coupons ontop of Kmart sales.

Oh….I also snagged a great deal on Heidi Klum’s perfume that was half price $5.49 and used a $5.00 coupon…there was only one left, but a great after Christmas deal.

I hope this helps, I’m fairly new to all of this, but so far I think I’m doing ok.

WOW! you did really great! thank you for sharing your shopping scenario.

I’ll be heading to Kmart this Saturday and will try their coupon deals.

Thanks again.

Note to all of you couponers….apart of the $25 can be your double coupon items….or any other items that you have addition coupons for that you don’t intend to double.

It’s not a super great deal, but I got 10 items completely free because of this coupon and i scored on some part of the $25 items on coupons that were about to expire on 12/31.

I think you can call your Walmart and ask if they will match Kmarts double couponing. I will be doing this tomorrow at my local Walmart and see if they will. :) Hope this helps!

what does limit 5 means. since the print limit is 2.. does that mean im able to use 5 doubler coupons. or 1 doubler coupon for 5 manufacture coupons? sorry ive never use a doubler coupon before

You can only double 5 coupons.

i really dont find the doubler coupon much exciting, they have many rules attached to it.. u have to use only 5 manufacture coupon n you have to make 25$ bill.. meeting that criteria i end up buying something which are at reg price.. i would really like to know how to shop rite when doubler coupons are available.. any input anybody.. Thanks inadavance

It doesn’t say you can only use 5 manufacturer coupons. It says that they will only DOUBLE 5 manufacturer coupons. Hand over what you want doubled first (i.e., the high-value ones up to $1) and then all your other coupons. The ones after the first 5 won’t double but will still get your total down. Don’t forget that in their ads, they often put out a “get X free with $25 purchase” coupons.

Still, looking at their ad this week, it doesn’t look that great to me.

I have a question, if I purchase 25+ in health/beauty items and use Kmart 5.00 coupon they gave me when I made a purchase last week, can I also use other coupons I have towards the items am purchasing?


Sorry I’m a bit slow this morning. Does that mean if you have a coupon for $1.00 it makes it $2.00 or if its .50 it makes it $1.00?

That’s right Ashley !

Maybe I should have worded that differently. I just wanted to know if it doubled 1.00 to 2.00. But thanks :)