Eye Masters is having a Designer Clearance Sale that includes hundreds of frames.  You can get 2 pairs of glasses for only $99.00, including no-line bifocals.  This would be a great way to use up any money you might have left in your Health Savings Account.  Simply print the coupon found here, and take it with you to EyeMasters (soon to be VisionWorks).


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3 thoughts on “2 Pairs of Glasses, only $99.00!!”

Does anyone know if you can just walk in and buy glasses without having had an eye exam there? I recently had my annual exam at a private eye doctors office and used up my ins allowance on contacts. I am hoping I can walk in with my prescription and just buy glasses.


oct2002 yes you can. But I MUST warn you, it’s not 99.99 when you get there. At least for me it wasn’t in Cleveland, ohio. I bought 2 pair of simple no line bifocals, no tinting or anything extra on them and it cost me 214.99 including tax. I asked the clerk why so much and she told me that they started at $99 for two pair. I just didnt even want to argue so I went ahead and got them.


is Visionworks the same as Eye Masters