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Up & Up Diapers Only $4.99 at Target!

$1.50/1 – Up & Up Diapers Pack – (

Target has some hot new printable coupons available. If you’re looking for a diaper deal that you can stock up with, here is a helpful coupon and great scenario at Target:

Up & Up Diapers, Jumbo Pack $6.49, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 – Up & Up Diapers Pack – (
Final Price: $4.99

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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15 thoughts on “Up & Up Diapers Only $4.99 at Target!”

  1. Kelly Gibbs says:

    It’s a little better deal per diaper to buy the boxes of Up & Up rather than the packages. At my store they were $12.99, and the size 3 had 96 diapers. Use the $1.50 off coupon, pay $10.49, and it’s a little less than 12 cents a diaper.

    • Tina says:

      Even better if you buy their Club Pack. More diapers in them so the cost per diaper is less. For ex. the size 4 has 144 diapers for $19.99 (-$1.50 Target Coupon=18.49) whereas the Jumbo pack has 31. Buying 4 packs at 4.99 each (minus coupon price) will cost you $19.96 and you only get 124 diapers. That’s 20 diapers less and $1.47 more for the jumbo packs. Best to calculate based on per diaper price as diaper quantities vary drastically!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like I’ll buy a package to see how they work for Little NiaLee. Thanks for all the feedback – even yours Pizazz. ;)

  3. Imona Budget says:

    These diapers are great! They are my first choice when I don’t have a Huggies or Pampers coupon and deal!
    I’m going to see if this coupon will work on the training pants…I have a 1 yr old, and I find that the pullups/slipons/easyups/training pants are easier to change than the regular diapers….they open on the sides so you can change them like a “regular” diaper if you need to!

  4. Liz says:

    I feel they hold up really well. As far as generic, they are the best I’ve come across to date

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know how Target diapers stand up? We only stick with Huggies and Pampers because of a bad experience we had with Publix diapers when my son was in diapers. Willling to try these for our daughter if they are reliable….

    • Heather Rae Glynn says:

      I use to be a Pampers only Mom, but I find Target diapers hold up pretty well…I use them in the daytime now!

    • Besides the name brand diapers the Target brand is the only store brand I will use.

    • Nia, I’ve been using them on my youngest for the past 4 months or so and they’ve been great. He’s on the move ALOT. Only problem I have with leaking is when the diaper is REALLY wet but otherwise not bad at all :) I actually had a pretty bad problem with the new Huggies slip-ons but I know every kid is different…..

    • Anonymous says:

      They must stand up well because they are called ‘Up & Up’ :)

    • Anonymous says:

      They work real good and are a good price

    • My son is 21 months old and I have been using nothing but the Target brand UP & UP since he was about 3 months old. I tried Pampers, Huggies, Toys R Us brand, Publix brand, Walmart brand and Kirklands from Costco. I loved the Pampers but they were really expensive so I wanted to try some less expensive brands. I absolutely love the Up & Up’s, there have been very few incidents with leaks, whereas with Huggies which are double the price my son leaked through constantly!!! Definitely work the try!!! Publix diapers are horrible!!!

    • Desiree Lees says:

      Our daughter is a crawler in size 4 and we’ve never had a problem with these or rite aid brand. They’re not the cushiest and the absorbant pad isn’t the BEST so we stick her in premium diapers for overnights. We’ve never had a leak, but just in case :)