Love Swagbucks? Well, get on board now with another rewards program called ShopKick! I recently installed the free app on my smartphone and have loved seeing the points, or ‘kicks’ as they’re called, add up. The ShopKick app basically uses your phone’s GPS position to offer you kicks in one of four main ways.

1. Just walk into a store listed on the app and receive points. Recently, I earned points simply by walking into Best Buy and Target. You may earn walk-in points once per store, per day. If you work in a retail area or mall this is a no-brainer for you! I love that even small local shops in my area are listed on ShopKick.

2. Once inside a ShopKick store, the app will give you a list of bonus points you may earn by scanning a product’s barcode. You may scan and earn kicks once per day, per product with a maximum of five scans credited per product in any thirty day period. I recently received an additional bonus for scanning all of the items within a category in Best Buy.

3. Safely link your Visa debit or credit card with ShopKick and score even more points at checkout! ShopKick provides a link to the Visa portal so you know your information is secure. ShopKick does not have any record of your account information. Simply use your linked card to pay, and you will earn kicks automatically in much the same way Upromise works. I have also been offered fabulous discounts while in store using the ShopKick app. I was just offered $10 off a $100 purchase at ToysRUs and 25% off my total purchase at Macy’s which included clearance items!

4. Invite your friends! Use the link within the ShopKick app to invite a friend, and both of you will score 50 bonus kicks. I invited my immediate family and received 400 kicks in one day! My small effort with my family yielded so many points that now every time I run into a friend I invite them to Shopkick right there on the spot so I can explain how it works and help them get started. All of my friends who have come to love the benefits of Swagbucks now love ShopKick too!

Once you’ve earned your kicks you may trade them in for gift cards or donate them to charity. I have been saving kicks for gas cards, but there are lots of choices including Best Buy, Macy’s,, Old Navy,  and Target. The list is long and the kicks are easy.

This is such a simple way to help curb your expenses. If you start now you should have a nice stash of points for shopping or gift giving next year. And coming soon, you can earn kicks by linking your store loyalty cards to your ShopKick account. Hello! Points at Kroger and CVS just by doing my normal KCL shopping? Love that! Join today by downloading the ShopKick app at

This has been a guest post by Beth from Lynchburg, VA
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14 thoughts on “Kick Your Expenses to the Curb with the Shopkick App!”

I tried it and it did not work in the stores it said it would. I was so bummed!!!

I have this issue too when I walk into stores, at Best Buy I have to be in a certain part of the entrance for it too add my kicks or my phone doesn’t have service in the other stores.

I just put this on my phone and couldn’t believe that my local, hick-town grocery store is actually on there! Now I can’t wait to see what stores pop up when I’m in civilization!

I don’t think it works in every store that is listed in the “near by”. I live in a hick town too, and it shows every store, but they dont work for me. When I tried to find out why, it says only if it has a green circle by it, which mine didnt. but it may be different in your area

I also have it and am loving it.if any one wants they can join with my link and receive an extra 50 kicks. I can email you a link. My email is michelle.a.RICE@GMAIL.COM.

Hi Michelle, can you share your link with me. I will send you an e-mail shortly.

hmmm sounds cool! cant wait to try it out!

is this available for a blackberry ?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY SHOPKICK!!! Just by tapping into each store in the area each day, I get points towards the level, and some times there are instant suprises. You can get gift cards for all kinds of stores, earn a tv, gas cards, even a Coach purse or cruise!!! Very simple and actually rather addicting while doing your daily shopping, you can scan items for points :)

LOVE shopkick! I’ve been doing it for about 8 months now and have gotten TONS of Best Buy gift cards and free movie tickets. :)

I have also had my shopkicks for a while now. and I truly love it. Just yesterday I used $10 at target.

This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try it!

Do the rewards ever expire?

I love, love, love Shopkick. I have gotten over $100 in gift cards to use at Target just for using Shopkick. This is an app that I use all day long to get my pts. Even if I’m not at the store I can still get pts just by refeshing the page. This is a must app to have.