Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Use Walgreens Register Rewards

Rolling rewards/Catalinas: This refers to the practice of separating your purchase into multiple transactions in order to use register Catalina/reward coupons from your first transaction to pay for your second transaction. Another Catalina prints from the second transaction that pays for the third transaction and so on.

This does not work at Walgreens. A Register Reward (RR) gained from the purchase of item “X” cannot be used to purchase another item “X” if the customer wants another RR to print. You can get around this one of two ways:

1. Alternate between different products. Find 2 different products that trigger a similar value Register Reward and alternate buying those items in separate transactions. Do note that many Walgreens stores have enacted a limit of transactions per household per day or week. If this is the case, you’ll want to look into Option #2.

2. Roll week-to-week.  Use the Register Rewards you earned in one week to pay for the next week’s Register Reward items. This costs more initially but is easier to manage in the long run.

Keep in mind that if you have a Register Reward from company “A” in a certain dollar amount, you cannot use that RR to purchase a different product that happens to be by the same company that triggers that same dollar amount (if you want the second RR to print). Example: You earn a $3 Register Reward from buying a Revlon nail polish during the first week. If the next week has a $3 Register Reward from Revlon for eyelash curlers, you cannot use the $3 nail polish RR to pay for the eyelash curler and still get a second RR to print.

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So last week I had a $10 RR on 3D crest & this week they are having 3 for $9 crest toothpaste & $3 RR will print out if I buy 3. So I cannot use the $10RR for this right? ( if I want another the $3RR to print out) Even though I have filler items to make it over $10? Because it is from the same brand?

I’m so disappointed….I was using RR’s for well over a year at my grocery store (Pick N Save) and now they no longer accept them because they are “Walgreens Coupons”. I tried explaining they were manufacturers coupons and they said they stopped taking them. The store manager said they were not getting paid back for accepting them. :( Bummer……

Anyone else having this issue; Yesterday I purchased 9 items, used coupons on 8 of them so I could use my $10RR from the kids DHA. My total before tax and after coupons was $10.68 enough to use the $10RR. The $10 RR scanned 1st, then the $2.50 Biotene scanned, the $3 Tylenol precise scanned but the 4 $1 purell and my Reach $1 coupon wouldn’t scan due to more items than coupons. It was really really weird, never had this happen before. The manager saw everything was correct and manually entered the 5 coupons but I felt bad holding up the line.
Anyone else have this happen recently?

Don’t like how you have to use the RR on something more expensive. I prefer CVS where you can use them on anything!

For all of you out there who shop at the commissary, Wags RR are accepted there, so long as it says redeemable at and NOT redeemable only at Walgreens. Great way to spend the RR’s if don’t like to the whole filler/items per coupon thing.

One thing to keep in mind with your RRs – if you might return something, make sure you don’t pay for that part of the transaction with Register Rewards. Since the RR show up as a “manufacture” coupons when you use them to pay – you would only get a refund for the amount of cash/credit on the receipt. For example if I bought a $5 stuffed animal and used $4 in RR and $1 cash – all I could get back would be $1.

I learned this the hard way when I bought a gift for my sister that didn’t work out. They wouldn’t do the return because I’d used RR to pay for it so I was out the $15. Now if I can’t find anything to roll my RR with before they expire, I stick to non-returnable items like bottled water and batteries.

I was limited today. I was only allowed to do two transactions and roll RR’s once… first time I’ve ever run into that!

Sometimes my Wags will limit me on my transactions, but I have never been told I could not roll over my RR’s. Ususally it depends on the week (ie: if it’s a holiday or busy shopping week, or there is a really hot item in the ad), but they usually limit people to only 1 item per customer, per day. We only have 1 Walgreens in the area, and I guess there are a lot of shelf clearers, so my store has to be particularly careful about that.

At our Walgreens we have found a great “filler” item for thoes time you have more Coups than items… (at mine atleast) behind the counter is a $0.10 Laffy Taffy… comes in handy when you have 2 high dollar coups and one item :)

Thanks for the tip!

Mine too. I have 3 in town and only 1 carries the laffy taffys. The clerk said that even if they don’t have them out front (since they change the display a lot) that if you ask for them, they keep some behind the counter all the time.

RR are a wonderful, my only thing is I always find myself searching for fillers. I would say 90% of my transactions have a filler. And my waistline is noticing it with all the x-mas candy on clearance, that made nice .20-.23 fillers this week. 😉 Good thing all this diet stuff is going on crazy sales now!

As far as using the RR at other stores, I know Wal-Mart should not, as RR (at least all of mine) say redeemable ONLY at Walgreens and they are off of your total purchase. Wal-Mart will however accept a Manufacturer Coupon that prints at Walgreens for a specific item with a specific dollar amount off. For example last week with the LifeStyles, it was triggering a $5 off any K-Y product purchase Manufacturer Coupon that did say redeemable at Walgreens but not ONLY at Walgreens. Wal-Mart redeemed that coupon no problem per their policy. (Which made it over a $2 MM!!)

I have no idea if Publix or Fred Meyer will accept a Manufacturer Coupon off your total basket purchase that states “reedemable ONLY at Walgreens” as I don’t live near any of those stores, but I wouldn’t think so.

What happens if I buy 4 items with possible RRs? Do I get all those RRs totalled at the end of that transaction? (Ex: I buy items A, B and C. Each item has a $1RR, totalling $3 of RRs. Do I get a $3 RR printed out at the end of that transaction?????

Thank you!

Yes – as long as they are not the same item or part of the same offer. In your example, it would print out (3) different $1 RR. It doesn’t lump them into one coupon so to speak.

I thought that if the wording was “saving $x on your next “IN STORE Purchase” meant Walgreens store…but if it doesn’t say that, it’s ok to use somewhere else..

Because it says MANUFACTURER coupon on the top, PUBLIX will take this coupon. I haven’t tried with other stores.

I’m really not crazy about wag’s RRs. It is such a pain to figure out how many coupons and items you have since you can’t have more coupons than items, and they include the RRs as coupons. Also, RRs expire in 2 weeks, whereas Rite Aids UP rewards & CVS’s ECBs are good for a month. I find myself going to Walgreen’s less and less….

Does your Wags have the laffy taffy’s by the register? Mine does so I know – in a pinch – what I can grab as a cheap filler if I’m one or two short. I agree about the 2 week time-frame though. It’s fine when there’s something I want every week…but remembering to use them that second week before they expire is a challenge.

Lol, I agree about it being more of a pan than RIte-Aid, but I must say, I don’t think I have ever “forgotten” to use a RR. It’s like free cash! :) I actually have a seperate compartment in my wallet (my coupon binder is too full) that I keep my RR’s and +up rewards in. I go through it each week when I am going through the ads and making my shopping lists, and pull out the ones that I need to use that week (before they expire). It’s always nice to have a few extra bucks to spend in the store I wasn’t really planning on before.

I sooo agree, I had a big hastle today but when it was over I walked out with 2 boxes of advil and some candy that I paid.79 for and got a $5 RR so I guess it was worth it.

I had a manufacturers coupon that had rite aide printed on it too, and walgreens would not take it even though it was a manufacturers coupon. I just let it go, but should I have questioned it?

Mine’s the same way. They believe that they are not going to get paid back for them if they have another store’s name on them. No matter how many times you tell them otherwise. :(

When another store’s logo is displayed on a coupon, it usually varies by store who will take it and who will not. Target and Albertsons will not take coupons that display another store’s logo (even if it is a manufacturer coupon). However, stores like Safeway will accept manufacturer coupons that may display another store’s logo as long as it matches up exactly with an item they carry that you are buying.

read carefully at one end it says redeemable at walgreens

redeemable just means that it’s able to be redeemed at store x, it doesn’t mean ONLY redeemable at store x…..

I’m new to this… The RRs are just like cash at your next purchase, correct? It doesn’t have to be for the same items that your purchased to get the RR?

Actually at Walgreen is CAN’T be used for the same items. So yes, it is just like cash… but then you get into all the coupon to item ratios, so if you haven’t yet, check out some tutorials on how to shop Walgreens! :)

It’s like cash in some ways but not all ways. If you purchase something and use RR to pay for it, they consider it a coupon. So, if you tried to return items that you bought with RR they won’t allow it. I was told it would be dishonest and I was made to feel like a thief when I tried to return one item my sister decided she didn’t want. So, I learned the hard way that even though it’s treated like cash – you can’t do returns if your purchase was paid for in RR.

I had to return Flinstones vitamins because i didnt know they contained aspartame. anyway when i bought them i got a $5 RR. when I returned them I got a full refund. and still kept the $5 RR

My friend and I recently went to Wags for this weeks shopping trip and she is my shopping partner and best friend so we always go for our trips together. We go to the same store almost every week and there is one nasty manager (young lady) who honestly does not welcome us there. She would make a face or kind of laugh with the cosmetic counter girl and make fun of us as soon as she sees us around at the store. They would whisper something to each other looking at us and laugh, prob-ly a nickname they have for us. LOL…. So long story short we wanted to buy the SAMe this week and could not locate it. So I asked the same manager where the SAMe was located since it was not where it was supposed to be and she said they have some left on front desk. I was heading there and she reached there before me. So she grabbed one and gave it to me, I said I needed one more for my friend and she said you are braking the rules, I said what rules? I said i know there will be only one RR printer per transaction since it’s with RR deal but I am doing my transction and my friend her’s. She said still it’s oner per household. I said why are you saying that if you don’t even know that the person with my is from my household or my neighbour or my friend who doesn’t live with me. I was so mad at her at her. If that person comes with me everytime for shopping that doesn’t mean she is my sister or my daughter or someone from the same household. My friend heard our conversation and pulled out her Wags coupon policy and showed it to the manager that there is no such thing as RR per household. It says one RR per offer, per customer, per transaction. We both had a heating argument with the manager and she knew she was wrong so she kind of flew the sciene making an excuse. We never even do more than 1 transaction, still not experienced at that so we don’t take a risk. But coming home I wrote a complaint about her to the headquarter and to corporate. So waiting for the response. For all of my fellow couponers I suggest to always carry coupon policy from that store with you and correct the employee right there and there. I was happy we won the battle that day. LOL….

In Minnesota there is a grocery store chain that will accept RR that are expired up to 3 month old. I never have one go to waste.

I live in Minnesota, please which grocery chain? Thanks

I live in Illinois and Dominicks takes 2 of these at a time, Meijer don’t take them anymore, Jewel takes them, Walmart takes them, CVS don’t.

I use my RR at Fred Meyer all the time. If an individual RR is over $5 they will beep and the cashier will have to enter it in manually. Most cashiers just do it without question. I had one that tell me that they wouldn’t take it because it was for Walgreens. I politely pointed out that she had just excepted several $2 RR without any problem and asked if she could double check the store policy with a manager. She made a phone call and accepted the RR’s. The best part was that she was really nice about it.

Wow– I hadn’t noticed that but you’re right . I have Two RR for $5 each right now, that I am tempted to try and use at Publix. They say redeemable only at Walgreens, but Manu Coupon too. Wonder if they’ll have an issue with that? I am tempted to try.

I figured this out for myself this week after a little bit of investigation and trial and error. Luckily the cashier was a really nice girl who said her mom was a couponer too and she wanted to help!

Since Walgreens (at least mine doesn’t) use reward cards, how can they track how many RR you get? They aren’t allowed to keep your credit card information for such purposes. When I break up transactions, I seem to always get the RR, even if there is a limit. As for the use of the coupons at other stores, Walmart policy (unless it changed at the new year) states that they will honor other store coupons as long as there is a value on it.

The limit listed for RR for Walgreens is per transaction, not per household. That’s why it really works to your advantage to split up your transactions!

Walgreens discontinued using the card at the end of December. I know because I too was in the “test market” in the Kansas City area. It’s awesome now that we can get the same thing everyone else gets.

It depends on whether you shop the same Walgreens store and time of day. I do my shopping at the 24 hour store during 3rd shift so they all know me. One of the managers has limited my purchases before verbally – It was black Friday and he wouldn’t let me get 3 of anything. If I wanted to get around it I could shop at a different Walgreens in my town each time during the week.

I was wondering the same thing!

Strange thing…when I purchased the Lichi on Christmas Day I turned around and bought another Lichi with the RR that printed for the 1st Lichi. I knew I wasn’t going to get a RR (didn’t want to be left with $10 having to spend) but low and behold one printed!! This happened to both me and my mom. I’m sure it was just a one time occurrence so I won’t be trying it over and over. Makes me too nervous. Just thought I would share…

Sometimes you get lucky and the RR will “roll” and you can use it over and over again on the same product, and continue to receive the RR’s. This usually does NOT happen, but once in a while it does :)

I have heard that because Walgreens’ RR print as catalinas that say manufacturer’s coupons across the top, they can be redeemed at other stores like Kroger or Walmart. Do you know if this is true?

I noticed that too about three months ago. I happened to have to go to Fred Meyer the day after a Wags trip and, having read that Fred takes some catalinas from other stores, figured I’d ask the cashier. She pointed out the “manufacturer’s coupon” language, and it worked! That became very helpful to me because my closest Walgreens is kind of a haul, so going back to use up RRs is a pain. However, just before Christmas, a different cashier at my Fred Meyer told me they stopped taking them due to “coupon abuse.” (I shrugged it off and have not bothered to verify whether Fred has actually changed the policy.) I sort of think it was the cashier, because she told me a long story about a woman she encountered who was “teaching classes on how to abuse coupons.”

Fred Meyer is a bit tricky when it comes to RRs. Their policy states they accept Catalinas printed at another retailer, but the main thing is that RRs are NOT real Catalinas (they aren’t from the Catalina company), so it is up to your store’s discretion on whether or not to accept Walgreens’ Register Rewards. http://www.fredmeyer.com/help/Pages/coupon_policy.aspx

They work anywhere. You may have to point out to the cashier where it says manufacturer’s coupon on it, but I get them from WG and Kroger all the time and they go in with my regular coupons.

No, according to Walmart’s policy, they will not accept Walgreen’s Register Rewards when they are for a dollar amount off a total purchase. Their policy states that Checkout Coupons/ Catalinas must be “Printed at our competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item”. Since 99%+ of RRs are NOT for a specific item, they are not usable at Walmart as per their policy. http://walmartstores.com/7655.aspx