When it’s flu season, I make sure to take my vitamins. Any extra nutrients seem to help me stay healthier!  This week there are two coupons you can stack to purchase an extreme deal on ProNutrients Omega-3 at Walgreens.  Here’s how:
ProNutrients Omega-3, 50 count $12.99, Regular Price
And use $4.00/1 ProNutrients Supplements, Walgreens Coupon from RP 1/8 (exp 1/28)
Final Price: $3.99

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40 thoughts on “ProNutrients Omega-3 Only $3.99 at Walgreens!”

This didn’t work for me exactly like I planned. I’ll have to go back and have my receipt adjusted. They were marked B1G1-1/2, but only took off 4.50 and 4.00. And the regular prices were 12.99 and 11.99 and should have taken off 6.50 and 6.00. They owe me $4!

I did these tonight as well and the same thing happened to me. What I figured out was that it took the Walgreens $4 coupon off before the 50%. So the $12.99 ends up being $8.99. So you pay $8.99 for one and $4.50 for the other. Then the 11.99 ends up being $7.99. So you pay $7.99 for one and $4.00 for the other. So your total should be $25.48. Then you subtract your $5 MQ ($20 total), and you pay $5.48 for 4 or $1.37 each. I handed the MQs to the cashier first and it still came out this way. It’s still an awesome price considering what we should have paid retail.

Found them in the clearance aisle of my local walmart for $5. OOP= FREE!

walgreens is also doing buy one centrum vitamin get one half off so the total for 2 would be $3.99

u can use a in store coupon w/mfc

actually, right now it’s buy one get one half off so it’s much less than that

Where is this coupon?? I looked in the RP from Jan 8th. It was not in there. Does anyone know where to get it? I would love to try the product!

it was in the RP from this past Sunday, jan 8th. in mine it was the very first page.

i cant find the $4 one either… its not in anything walgreens have – maybe it is a regional kind of thing? i’m east coast and giving up on this one :-(

My Walgreens has them for B1B1/2 off… I bought two, used 2 $5 off coupong and the Walgreens coupon rang up at $8. Did this come up free?? Not sure how to do the math. They were $12.99

I did this deal too, but at my Walgreens, the $4 Wags coupon comes off the price first, then the B1G50% and then the manufacturer coupons. They were $12.99 each, reduced to $8.99; then it took half off one $8.99 charge, making the total $12.50 for two. After subtracting the two $5 coupons, I paid $2.50 for two bottles of the Fruits & Veggies. My coupons didn’t ring up either, but the manager told the clerk to key them in manually after verifying that I had bought the products.

i’m going crazy… where are the walgreens $4 coupons? i’ve checked the january booklet, the vitamin brochure, everything in the store i can find but i don’t see these HELP!!!

Mine were in the paper

Here in Colorado these are BOGO1/2. $12.99 + $6.50 – (2) $5 manufacturer coupons – (2) $4 Walgreens coupons = $1.50 for 2. So I scored them for $.75 a bottle!

For whatever it’s worth to the readers, I bought these when CVS had the krazy moneymaking deal a few weeks ago, and was surprised to see that they look just like the fish oils I purchased from another brand. I like the fruit and veggie but I am not convinced that the omegas are any different than other brands of omega’s/fish oils.

Is anyone else having trouble with the $5 ones not scanning I went to do this today & they would not scan .. ?

My Walgreens had these buy one get one half off. I used two $5.00mc and the Walgreens coupon took $4.00 off each. My total for two $1.49.

just a side note if you go to nutritionpossible dot com you can build a plan and have a $10coupon I believe it is sent to you takes 2-3wks

Where are you getting the $4.00 Walgreens coupon? I dont see it in the red plum insert, if that is what RP stands for. I cannot find it in the Walgreens January 2012 coupon booklet. Help!

walgreens coupons are in the book at the front of the store next to the flyer

I found it in today’s coupon inserts. Cant remember which one.

Does anyone have a couple of the Walgreens Q’s they are willing to send me? My RP did not have them, and I would really love to get some of these. :)

I did this deal yesterday with the BOGO 50% off. They took my coupons (2 $5.00 off manufacturers and then 2 of the $4.00 off Walgreens). My total ended up being .98!!

Did the sale end yesterday?

I think so. I’m not sure. I don’t even remember it being listed in last week’s advert. Maybe it’s still going on because of all of the vitamin sales.

I did the deal today and my store still had the BOGO 50% off. Great deal!

Can’t you only apply the walgreens coupon once and not mutliple times for the same item?

Can’t you only apply the walgreens coupon towards one time and not the same coupon towards several items in the transaction?

know coupon in my paper for that ….

Can someone tell me what this item is for, i keep seeing coupons for it but have yet to try it.

It’s a great new line of vitamins from Centrum. I got the Omega-3 and the fruit & veggie ones a few weeks ago, when the $7 coupon was out, and I’ve seen a noticeable positive change in my health since taking them. Highly recommended!

I tired to do this at my wags because it was buy one get one 50% off. But my cashier had problems with my coupons and couldn’t get them to go through. I just left empty handed

I found out today if you have them run the manufactured coupon first and then the Walgreens coupon it will work…. but if they ring theirs up first it want…. also if you are still having problems they said grab a candy bar or something and it will take it.

How can you use 2 different manufacture coupons on the same item?

The five dollar is a manufacture coupon and the four dollar is a Walgreens coupon. You are limited to 1 store and 1 manufacture coupon per item. Hope this helps

If you read the fine print you will see the $4 coupon is manufacture coupon also but only good at Wagreens only. That’s why you cannot use them both on the same item. Hope my answer is correct.

But if you look at the $4 coupon it only has the 4 numbers like all the walgreens coupons in the weekly ad or in the ivc so its a walgreens coupon and you can use them both together.

One coupon is a manufacturer coupon and the other is a Walgreens coupon.

So if there is a coupon that says good at walmart, does that just act like a walmart coupon and can be used with a regular manufacturer coupon? If so, that is awesome! All we have here is Walmart…

I was told they were both Manu. coupons today when I tried to use them