I love my Sonicare toothbrush!  It really does make a difference in how healthy my mouth is.  If you’ve been wanting one, now may be the time!  Some Targets have the Sonicare Essence toothbrush (with a red ribbon in the corner) on clearance for only $19.98.  Add in a coupon to score one for just $9.98!  Of course, clearance can vary from store to store, but if you’re there check it out and let us know what you find!

Philips Sonicare Essence Toothbrush $19.98, On Clearance
Use  $10.00/1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush from SS 1/8/12
Or use $10.00/1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush from SS 11/20/11
Final Price: $9.98

Thanks, Totally Target 

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28 thoughts on “Sonicare Essence Toothbrush at Target, as low as $9.98!”

Bummer, I went to 3 targets and there were none in the clearance sections. Same thing with the ultra mini one touch which I have a $10 target and $10 manufacturers coupon for (they were sold out).

My target also has the sonicare toothbrushes on sale for $39 or so but I was so stuck on trying to find the ones in clearance. Oh well.

I had looked at 3 different Targets this week for this deal and couldn’t find them so I thought they just didn’t exist in my area. Tonight my son and I went to a different Target to check out the toy clearance and I decided not to bring my purse or coupons or anything in the store since we were just looking at toys. Lo and behold, on our way to the toy section, what did I see?! The Sonicare boxes with the red ribbons! There were about 5 of them! The sticker on the box said $31.99 but they scanned at $19.99.

Thank goodness my coupons were in the car! I ran out and grabbed 2 coupons and scored 2 boxes for $18.98 (I used my Target redcard to get another 5% off) This is awesome because my hubby and I have been wanting to replace ours for a while now and I was just waiting for a good deal. It doesn’t get too much better than this! Thanks KCL!!

I just read the comments on the Totally Target website. A couponer said she received a letter from Philips stating that her $10 rebate was denied due to use of the $10.00 coupon. I guess it states, “cannot be combined with any other offer.”

Yes, that’s why I didn’t list the rebate with the deal because coupons often mess up rebate offers. If you can find it at your store, a Sonicare for under $10 is still an awesome deal!

I picked up one this weekend also. Thanks about the rebate info. Hope I can locate or purchase a rebate form. What an awesome deal that would be. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks for the help!

My local Target store has these Sonicare toothbrushes for $39.98 not $9.98. I looked in the clearance section but no toothbrushes. Am I missing something?


what you’re missing is that target SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ha ha lol

the prices listed at kcl are NEVER at my target they’re ALWAYS higher, i mean much much higher. also, clearance items don’t even think about trying to get them. wasted gas, wasted time, ignorant checkers who don’t know the coupon policy at all and treat you like you’re doing something wrong… welcome to tar jay. i just take every target post here with a grain of salt cuz you prob will never get a deal listed here. just sayin.

My target is selling the same sonicare for $39.98

That is stupid cheap.

sucks, i just left target and did not find any =[
so sad…

New coupon lesson learned. Don’t throw away rebate coupons! lol I did find two though in my old back dated pile. Is it valid to send in the rebate even though it says it can’t be combined with other offers? I just don’t want to send it in and then get nothing back. (I’m chicken).

I’m doing it and don’t be chicken, the only thing to lose if it doesn’t work is the envelop and stamp…..or the $10. Worth the chance.

I don’t see the coupon, am I missing it on SS?

This coupon isn’t online. It came in the Sunday paper inserts on 1/8 or 11/20.

I think it was 11/20 also. I was going thru old ads to send to the troops when I ran across it

The rebate was among the last round of sonicare coupons (11/20, I think). I tried looking for one on Sonicare’s website for those that don’t have it, but I couldn’t find anything :-( I scored two on the clearance shelves! I only had one $10 off cpn, but I will maill of the rebate, making each $10 :-)

Thanks. I will start a file folder for all my inserts. I would just cut and put in my binder. Lesson learned!

I got three of these but there all on one recipt and the rebate says one per address. Can you get more than one rebate back? If so How? That would be awsome to get that much money back.

What I did was purchase them on separete transactions and will send them in all separately, one to my address and one to my mother’s address. She simply gives me the rebate cash value since the check will be in her name.
You can “return” and then purchase again from target in order to get them on separate receipts since they have to be on different transactions in order to get the rebate.

Ok Thank you I will try that.

where did u get the rebate from?

It was with the coupons..I totally overlooked it until I bought a sonicare!

Where? I just cut the coupon out but see no rebate. Please help? Thanks!

I picked up 2 of these yesterday….and plan on using two $10 mail in rebate making them both free….holla!

which town was this in?

This was in Marshfield, Wisconsin. But there has been rebates with most of the Sonicare product coupons before.

I also live in Wisconsin and new to learning all about couponing. I do not think that I get all the coupons. Is there anywhere I could pick these coupons up? I could use a few of these myself.

They came in this week’s Sunday paper, but I think the rebate came a few weeks ago. Maybe check online to see if you can “purchase” them from ebay or some other clipping service. Either way, it’s an amazing deal.