Look for these little single packs near registers at Walmart. With no size restrictions on this coupon, you can grab some of these for a really low price!

Nabisco Teddy Grahams Go-Paks $1.00, Regular Price
Use $2.00/3 Nabisco Honey Maid, Newtons, Ritz Crackerfuls, Teddy Grahams, SnackWell’s, Wheat Thins, 100 Cal and Triscuit from SS 1/8 (exp 1/27)
Final Price: $0.33 each when you buy 3

Thanks, Sea of Savings!

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64 thoughts on “Teddy Graham Go-Paks only $0.33 at Walmart!”

can you only use this on Teddy Grams togo pack or any Nabisco togo packs?

Try CVS, the .99 Grab Bags worked for me. I used 4 coupons, got 12 bags and 4 bottles of Panteen (with 2 coupons) for $8.99.

does anyone have any spare coupons?

can you use this coupon to get the oreo to go packs?

Live in PA sadly no coupons for them. Was really looking forward to it to stuck up for sisters twins.

I also got the $3 off 3 in our paper and got 18 for totally free!

Hi alicia just wondering where did you get your cookies for free. I tried walmart but manger didnt accept the coupons, then tried target and manager only allowed one coupon, Bummer!!!!

My new years resolution was to start couponing but everything is going wrong!!!! I just went today to walmart to get the teddy grahams cookies with the $2/3 coupon but it wouldnt work. The manager even came over to help but I think she has no clue about coupons since she said “the picture on the coupon doesnt match with the teddy grahms go-packs.” I told her that the pictures on the coupons do not have to match with the product right!??? Also, the register kept on printing a little paper that looked like the fortune cookie paper that said product doesnt match. What can I do should I go to a different walmart???

A friend of mine told me the paper guy dumped papers in her dumpster so she pulled them for me and lucky me they have the $3 on 3 and I got about 50 inserts :) My kids love them Hope I don’t have any trouble using them

i have the $3/3 coupon, but i didnt get clip it and now I don’t remember which insert it was in, can anyone tell me which insert it was in (SS or RP) and was it this week?

It’s in the SS 1/8.

I have the $3 on 3 coupon here in Chicago too! Chicago Tribune paper!

try at cvs..i did this deal there without any problem.

Jewel-Osco in Chicago has them on sale for $1.00 got 9 of them this morning no trouble at all :)

I recieved a $3.00/3 and got them free… Love it. 39 of them! I was able to stock up and give some to the daycare.

If anyone that has the $3/3 coupon that they won’t be using willing to trade for a different coupon?

Mine were $3/3 and I used them at Walmart today with no issue. Cashier swiped it and had no problems. I got 9. :) My total order actually came out to be -$3.06 and they handed over the cash without batting an eye lash. I did profile, though, lol, the old biddies always seem to think it is their job to police the coupons, so I try to avoid them.

If you have an overage, and they give you a hard time. Get the overage put on a Walmart gift card, they seem to always be willing to do that. :) Glad you got the overage!

i just got back from walmart and i had 7 coupons , i got 21 togo paks and they didnt say anything i paid a dollar out of pocket thats it

what state do you live in? Im in so cal and they dont let u use more than one of the same coupon -_-


I can’t get this coupon. Any Ideas?

I went to Walmart this morning and the cashier said that the coupon was not valid for the Go Pak cups because it was not was pictured on the coupon. The coupon shows boxes. The cashier tried to scan the coupon and it would not accept but she said she would override it anyway this one time. Anyone else having this problem at Walmart?

I went this morning and they had to override it…she said “we will go ahead and do it this time”…after she said it usually has to be what is pictured on the coupon…i took the rest of my coupons and used them at Kroger with no problems.

I think some Walmart associates try to act like the police. Just read the coupon – geesh! :)

When they try to pull the “The item is not pictured” My response to them would be that the Manufacturer makes many products and it would be impossible for them to picture every item. That usually works. My coupon scanned with no problems.. I had the $2/3 MQ from the paper. HTH

That seems to be a common misperception, but the manufacturers cannot put a picture of every item that is eligible, that’s why they use words 😉

I get two different papers delivered to me – Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times. I got ONE $3/3 out of the seattle times… and hopped online and bought some more! Fantastic coupon with no size limits. None in my TNT.

Denise, where did you buy extra coupons at? Here in GA (middle Ga) we didn’t get neither coupon ($2/3 or $3/3) I’d LOVE to get my hands on either one! I’ve looked on ebay to buy them, but not paying $11 – $15 for the coupon, that’s insane! lol Help please! :)

wait a little while and the prices on ebay usually go down. it is the “big” coupon right now and the initial “oh my goodness, i have to get that q” will die down.

Only thing about that is, from the ones I’ve seen they expire Jan. 27th so can’t wait too much expecially b/c seems like every time I do order coupons it takes about a week for me to get them. And w/my son about to have sugery the 24th I’ll be outta town for 3 days atleast so won’t get them in time if I wait last minute to order them… Thanks though! I’ll keep checking :)

bobbie ill mail u some……

That would be awesome Mark!!! Trade?

Hey, Denise! I’m new to the Puyallup area and also got the TNT and Seattle Times, but was disappointed to see that I didn’t get any of the Target Coupons. Is there another newspaper that may carry them? I just came from Oklahoma and got them all the time, however, the closest Target was an hour and a half away! Go figure! Thanks!

My paper had a $3.00/3, CVS has them for $1.00 reg price and the coupon worked on all of them. Oreo, chips ahoy, nutterbutter, teddy grahams, and ritz. The manager told me to try it so I did and YA!!!!! it worked. Kids are happy to have all those snacks.

I thought about trying it on the other brands but I didn’t want to be declined. Bummer. I love nutterbutter. I think I have one more coupon so at least I can go back and get three of them.

Definately always try it, I was just gonna get teddy grahams and the manager said i bet that would work on all the nabisco and I said ok let’s try. I was surprised but glad he offered to try. I am lucky though cause I have a great staff at my CVS. They are all so friendly and always willing to try the coupons. Good Luck and I hope you score some free nutterbutters:)

I found these by the registers at my Walmart

mine is the $2/3…i would rather have free but $.33 is still a good stock up price when you have 3 kids!

I agree!! :)

so i can use this coupon on any nabisco product?

I couldn’t find the coupon in my local SS flyer.

Just got 6 of these at Target for $2. Although when the cashier and her manager acted as though I were asking them for their first born child (if they would have had a microscope at the register, believe me they would have busted it out), makes me wonder if it’s worth it…! YEP! Totally worth it!

This coupon works with no beeps on lots of Nabisco products. I bought the wheat thins, Nilla wafers, chips ahoy, oreos, nutter butter, teddy grahams, individual snackwells cookies, All on sale at Rite Aid for $1!!!!

is this coupon regional??

i just checked both smart source and i dont see the coupon

Perfect to stock up for all our summer road trips! Thanks :)

Sweet, thanks for posting this :)

You have no idea how hungry you have made me by just posting the picture of Teddy Grahams. They are so good and I have not had them in forever. Thanks so much for the deal. I am checking my SmartSource right now.


There was a $3/3 Nabisco coupon in my Michigan paper. With two little ones under two, I am thrilled to get these for free!!!

Mine is $3/3 too in Western NY! Love this deal:)

Same on the Central Oregon Coast, $3/3.

Great! Free for you :)

Nichole where do you live on the central oregon coast? I live in Florence. Small world.

I am up in Lincoln City.

What NY paper do you get? We are in northern NY and our papers only ever has redplum!

I get the Buffalo News. I know some papers from smaller cities (like Ithaca where my parents live) only get one insert.

which michigan paper please?

which michigan paper please? :)

Lapeer County Press

my paper had $3/3 as well…..with 6 kids this will make a good snack item!! WOOHOO

That’s great!

That’s the one I have in MI too…and 2 little ones here too! Yay!