Extreme Couponing Tip: Count Your Manufacturer Coupons at Walgreens

Walgreens has many rules and quirks, one of them being that the number of manufacturer coupons may not exceed the number of items in the transaction (i.e. to use 10 manufacturer coupons, you must be buying at least 10 items). Manufacturer coupons include Register Rewards but not store coupons. Store coupons include in-ad, monthly booklet, or W coupons from Sunday inserts.

Do a quick count of manufacturer coupons before you go to the register. If you’re off, add fillers — inexpensive items to up your item count. Great fillers include clearance items, individually wrapped caramels, pencils, gum packets, postcards, a Sunday newspaper, and milk or eggs.

To check out more about Walgreens, visit our Walgreens 101 post and print out the Walgreens Coupon Acceptance Policy.

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30 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Count Your Manufacturer Coupons at Walgreens”

I’ve been struggling with WAG lately too. My coupons don’t want to scan. Items aren’t in stock. They are fussy about writing rain checks. I won’t stop going completely but it’s getting difficult to do this on my lunch hour so I am liable to stop going weekly. Also, they dropped Anthem so I’ll be going to CVS for my scripts now anyway.

My Walgreens counts all coupons, including in ad and booklet coupons, not just manufacturers coupons. I stopped shopping at walgreens because I always ended up spending far more than I should have because of the needless fillers.

I REALLY wish this website would do something for those of us who don’t GET Register Rewards. In fact, as of January 1st, they discontinued the pilot points program, and are planning to discontinue RR in favor of some new (but as of yet not disclosed) program. I get so tired of getting excited about some sale I see on here, only to find that we have to have RR.

After making a purchase at Walgreens last week, a manufacture coupon printed out for $2.50 off of any 3 Johnson Baby products. How does the cash register count these types of coupons? Does it count as 1 coupon or 3 coupons? The reason I ask is because this evening I used the above coupon and a $2.00 Register Reward coupon. So, I purchased 3 Johnson baby shampoos and a filler item to cover for the register reward. I checked out with no problems. However, after looking at my receipt, I noticed the cashier scanned the $2.00 register reward twice. The cash register never beeped. I’m confused. I thought I had 4 items and 4 coupons, but because the cashier scanned the register reward twice, I now had 4 items and 5 coupons? Are manufacture coupons that print out of a catalina counted differently than newspaper manufacture coupons?

I forgot about this a few days ago. Helpful clerk at cosmetic counter told me to get the fall candy corn which was marked down to 14 cents and no sales tax on it because it is a food item.

Walgreens is a little more difficult to shop, finding fillers can be a pain and sometimes they are out of stock but when things click you can score some really good deals. I’m fortunate to have a Wags less than 5 min away & 3 more w/in 5 min away, so there’s always one on my way to somewhere.
WhiIe they are not the easiest place to shop and I agree CVS, Target are easier but I would encourage you to keep at it, be patient because you can get some good deals to add to your stockpile nonetheless.

hhmm when I was a cashier at walgreens. the bogo offers were the way to go because each counted as an item like you could use a bogo manufacture coupon then a dollar off the second like item manufacture coupon. so you not only got the second item for free but a dollar off the one you paid for. and if you did a bogo manufacture coupon you could still use a RR if the before tax price was greater than the RR. I’ve run in to other place making up their own rule too our wal-mart does that and I just snag a manager and show them the company policy ( printed from website) and they usually let me do want I want using that policy.

Ok. I am tired. I have been planning my grocery trip since Sunday. I figured it would take me all week anyway to maximize my savings. But at this point in time my brain is mush-even with the breaks inbetween. So can someone help me figure this one out.

I have 1) 1.50/1 ;1) BOBO- both are for the Axe Shower Gel or Detailer.
I also have 3) 1.35/2 and 1) 1.00/1 for the 4.oz or larger Axe body spray/deoderant.

Now Walgreens have a Buy 1 get 1/2 off the second Shower Gel or Detailer(could be all the products on the shelf for axe-I have found that they make mistakes when they shelve sometimes). Can someone help me figure out how I want to do this inorder to get the most for less. I want the Shower Gels and Deoderant.

I would recommend using the Shower Gel coupons at CVS this week. You can get $4 extra bucks when you buy 3 @ $4.49, and the bonus is the BOGO coupon actually takes off 5.99 instead of 4.49 so you can get 3 bottles for 5.98 OOP (with 1 BOGO and 1 1/50/1 Q) and receive $4 back ($1.98 net!). I had 2 BOGO coupons so I got 4 bottles for $1.98 net. Not sure how the BOGO works on the Walgreens sale.

I just read the CVS coupon policy and at the bottom it states that I can only use one third party coupon for a single item.

I’ve had it with Walgreens. 3 of my last 4 trips there, the RR reward machine was down, which they did not let the customers know until they’d done all their shopping and were waiting to check out. Total waste of time and travel, as Wags isn’t near my home.

I just had this happen today, thanks for telling me why :-)

I get really frustrated with Walgreens. The last time I shopped there (about a month ago) I was told that if you use coupons and RR, you can no longer receive a RR. I told her the policy said differently, and showed her, but she insisted that I was wrong. I returned the things and left. Has anyone else had this problem? I know that you can’t redeem RR towards the same item, but the items were different (completely different companies as well). I haven’t gone back out of frustration, but I live in a small town and Walgreen’s is the only drugstore here. Suggestions?

The only thing I know about not receiving RR is if you use a RR that you got from a specific product then you will not receive another RR from that product. For instance if you get a $4 RR on a venus razor and try to purchase another venus razor to receive another $4 RR you will not get it. I learned this the hard way and had to reorganize my transactions so I could get all my RR.

My suggestion is always to call corporate and complain. Once I even emailed them a link to these types of complaints about Walgreens from KCL’s site. They scrambled all over themselves to make things right and even sent me a $25 gift card for my trouble.

I have had this same experience. I had a register reward that was about to expire from cottonelle I think, and I used it in a transaction that should have given me register rewards for either crest or oral b. Nothing printed and the cashier insisted that no register rewards of any kind could be earned if you were using ANY register rewards towards the purchase, it didn’t matter what the reward came from. I stood my ground until he gave in and called a manager. Though he still insisted he was correct up until the manager took me to another register to help me.

I gave up on Walgreens. Everytime I get up to the counter, the register beeps and I have to add filler after filler until all my coupons go through. I would count every coupon I had – store and manufacturer – and would have the same number of items. I found out the hard way that $1 / 2 attaches to both items. I am so careful, but I could never figure out how many items I needed to cover my coupons. I finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle when both Rite Aid and CVS are more convient and have straight forward coupon policies.

Did I mention that Walgreens shelves are always cleared as well – even at 10am on Sunday morning?! It was impossible for me to plan my trips as 75% of the items I planned on purchasing would be out of stock.

I totally get what you’re saying. I am thisclose to being done with Walgreens too. CVS has never let me down, and they always have the items I want in stock. We don’t have Rite Aid here in AZ unfortunately. :(

the ladies at my wags know to have those stupid, addicting caramels handy by the register when i come by. i just shove them straight in my purse and eat them as a “victory snack” on my way home.

So glad u posted this. I was in my local Walgreens in Sikeston, Missouri last night and was told by the cashier that they are NO LONGER taking more than 2 like computer printed coupons per person per visit and that they are now going to LIMIT us to TWO TRANSACTIONS per person per visit!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know about this yet??

I stopped at a walgreens in Draper, Utah…This is not my normal Walgreens. They had a sign up for limit one register reward per household per day. So looks like some walgreens are making their own rules. There are 4 other walgreens by me and NONE have this rule..atleast not yet.

Yes, some stores are starting to limit how many transactions or printable coupons are allowed per person. This may be because your area has a hard time keeping items in stock or there has been some fraudulent coupon use. Walgreens does reserve the right to limit transactions or like coupons as they see fit at the different locations, but hopefully you can work around that or be able to find another location that is more lenient if the rules are impeding to you.

Also note that if the manufacturer coupon states it is off two ($1 off 2), you can not count those items as 2, only as 1. I bought the head and shoulders last week and tried to use a register reward with it and was told no becasue the 1st coupon was off two therefore the 2 bottles counted as one item.

Last time I went to walgreens I had 2 coupons and 2 items, 1 manufacturer and one register reward… They told me that my manufacturer coupon counted as 2 because the coupon was for $1 off of 2 items, and would not allow me to use my register reward.

thats odd I had exactly the opposite experience. But thats the great thing about fillers. I even once found penny candy and my whole trans was just that 1 cent.

I run into this alot too. If it is off two items my walgreen’s system counts it as two. I just make sure I have an extra small thing. I also run into this when there is B1G1 free items. The “free” item doesn’t count toward my total items.

The Walgreens in my area does this too. If a coupon is off 2 items, it counts as 2 coupons. They also did not let me buy a newspaper as a filler. I refuse to eat a candy and get fat every time I shop there! Those gelatin boxes make good fillers when they’re on sale for 20 cents…

Yes, sometimes the best fillers are the inexpensive in-ad coupon items (like Royal gelatin, mandarin oranges, etc).

Yep. If I need an inexpensive fillter, I often pick up a box of Royal gelatin or a package to Top Ramen noodles.