$10.00/1 – Enfamil, 22 oz or larger – (coupons.com)

UPDATE: The coupon is no longer available to print.  

Hurry and print out this Sizzling Hot $10 off coupon for Enfamil!  Save it for a sale, or take it to Target for the following deal:

Enfamil Premium Newborn Formula Powder, 23.4 oz $23.49, Regular Price
Use $10.00/1 – Enfamil, 22 oz or larger – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $13.97

Have you printed your coupon yet?  What are you waiting for?  Go!!! :)

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28 thoughts on “GONE! $10.00 Enfamil Coupon, Plus Target Scenario!”

These are up again!! Yay! Just printed my 2.

I have cans i am trying to get rid of for cheap whitmpow@yahoo.com, im in la, california…..hey its a way to save so y not let others know about it on my fav coupon site!

I believe this just means to distinguish it from toddler formula. The bigger print says “any Enfamil large tub,” and since the only difference between the “Newborn” and “Infant” is the amount of iron, I think it is intended to be used on any version of Enfamil (as opposed to Enfagrow).

What zip code did you find coupon? I can’t find it. Thanks

save it for walgreens sale starting 1/22. 23.5 ounce tub 22.49. buy 2 and get 5 RR and then use 2 10/1 coupons and the final price is 10.49 for each :)

You can’t print a coupon more than twice on coupons.com. My husband has tried wiping the computer and everything trying to allow me to print again, it doesn’t work. The only alternative is to get another computer.

I got to print it twice and you can always make copies of it. I have before and never had a problem with them taking them. This came in handy because I needed to go today to get formula. THANK you ladies

Oh no no no! Thats a big no no in this community. When you make photocopies of coupons it means that some store out there will not get reimbursed by the manufacturer,even if the coupon scans. Not only that but it is illegal and can face some serious fines. Believe it or not if a store where to get on it and try to find who’s coupon it was they could trace it to your IP address and lead to you. Not trying to be mean just trying to shine some light in this situation because if more and more people continue to photocopy coupons then stores are going to start cracking the whip and are going to no longer allow internet printables, which would suck for the rest of us. Hope this clears it up, and when in doubt remember its ILLEGAL :)

Yes please noone make copies of coupons. That is so out of the question! Maybe you didn’t know, but now you do :)
Couponing is already becoming harder and harder because of the extreme couponing show and now the kardashian show, which means more people trying to start couponing, which means more people that might copy coupons which is ILLEGAL, and more peole that are not paying full price for things, which means more stores and/or manufactures losing money, which scares me because i’m so afraid they are going to stop making coupons. I’m a worry wart! :) lol can’t help it. But bottom line, play by the rule. Using this site in general saves people thousands of dollars, there is no need to make copies of coupons!

Copying coupons is ILLEGAL. And, when you print coupons, your IP address is stored in the barcode. So, they can tie that coupon back to your computer. The stores will not get reimbursed for coupons that are copied (as each coupon should have it’s on unique # code), so you may as well be stealing from your local store.

Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

By wiping my computer I just mean clearing cookies and stuff like that, and it didn’t work. I have heard there are ways to do it, but I wouldn’t go beyond that because it is cheating the system and that isn’t fair.

Does anyone know if I can use this coupon paired with a $5 check that Enfamil sent me when they sent a free sample. It is not a coupon but a check. No barcode.

wanting to know this too. it’d be extra sweet if i can use the $5 checks in addition to the $10 coupons and i just received a 20% off coupon from CVS, which will make these $5 each for me!

you should be able to.

I have used a check + a coupon every time I’ve bought formula at Target. Never had a problem combining the two (my daughter is 20 months). And if you can catch the unadvertized sale, there’s usually a ten dollar gift card when you buy two of the box refills or three of the 22oz tubs. I take a box and a tub to the register and have them ring up three of each to see if the gift card promo is going on. Also, watch the catalina machine! Even though you don’t complete the transaction, it tends to print Target coupons for Enfamil. If you’re nice to the cashier, she’ll usually give them to you!

Buy six large box refills @ $32.89 ($197.34)
Use six Enfamil $10 coupons (-$60)
Use six $5 checks (-$30)
Use two $7/3 Target catalina coupons (-$14)
Get three $10 gift cards (-$30)

Pay: $63.34 (That’s only 4 cents and ounce / 16 cents for a 4oz bottle!)

YAY!!!!!! This is an awesome coupons. My son needs the soy version and it’s even more expensive.

and it looks like my yahoo account has been compromised. My name isn’t “lice”

How often do powdered formulas go on sale? I’m trying to decide if I should hang onto this or just use it now.

Is there any way to print more than two? It says print limit reached and I tried clearing my cookies, deleting my history and trying another web browser. I never see coupons for this high dollar amount and could use a few more. Any suggestions?

Another computer?

Thank you for posting this coupon!!! This is a huge help with having triplets!!! Thank you again!!

Even cheaper in the northwest at Albertsons starting tomorrow. Buy 2 at $22.99 each, get instant $5 off plus use two $10 coupons, makes them $10.49 each.

They are cheaper at Walmart, making them $12.

I’m wishing I had a baby on formula right now…

will the mobile coupon work for this? HAHA nevermind it expired on 1/6/12 boo

I cant believe I actually found and printed out 4 of these coupons before I saw it on here :) oh yes I feel my coupon senses tingling!

LOL! :)

were did you find it I have been searching for it & no Luck