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Extreme Couponing Tip: Stack 3 Coupons at Rite Aid and Save!

You’ve heard of “stacking” before–pairing a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon for additional savings. But did you know that at Rite Aid, you can stack up to 3 coupons?! Read below for the specifics.

Rite Aid has two types of store coupons, referred to as Rite Aid Valuable coupons (bar code starts with “RC48”) and Rite Aid manufacturer coupons (bar code starts with “RC49”). As per their coupon policy, Rite Aid will allow you to stack one “RC48” coupon, one “RC49” coupon, and one manufacturer coupon on a single item.

As a general rule, these are the coupons and their corresponding bar codes:

  • Video value coupons for a dollar amount off (ex. $5/$15 purchase): Bar code begins with RC48
  • Video Value individual item coupons: Bar code begins with RC49
  • In-ad weekly coupons: Bar codes may start with either RC48 or RC49
  • Manufacturer coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts, magazines, and printable Internet coupons: Bar codes start with “5” or sometimes “9”.

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17 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Stack 3 Coupons at Rite Aid and Save!”


I have a question. I went to rite aid earlier today, I bought 6 pantene ( 3 shampoo 3 conditioner) and 2 tide. I have a coupon BOGO free for the pantene and $2 off 1 Q for the tide. I also loaded coupons from the rite aid app on the phone as well to my card. There was a $5 off 3 Q for pantene on there and another $2 off 1 for tide. Is it possible to use my manufacturer coupons and also the Qs from the rite aid app that was loaded to my card? When I did the transaction, it didn’t take off the $5 and $2 off at all. The rite aid qs also said one was minimum 3 and the tide q is minimum 1. Is that why? please and thank you.

I love Rite Aid because of the rolling Rewards Like CVS (no fillers needed). I wish they would bring back the $5 off $15 for doing a survey. I LOVED THOSE!!!

I honestly think they took that out because too many people were using them It’s probably because we were getting too much for free 😉

I for got to put my code in to print my VV and they did not print out, I wasted about 2 hours watching all of those videos, and no coupons to show for it..

There’s a number on the video values webiste to call if your coupons don’t print. I think it’s under the “rewards” tab. Worth a shot.

Contact them, RA is very good about resetting their coupons. I had to do this twice. It does take a few days though.

Nice!!!! I printed their Loreal video value q and then also went and printed my Loreal q’s from their website. Is it being greedy if I’m wishing they would let us print at least 2 of the same Video Value q’s instead of just one? :o)

ok, stacking question not related to rite aid but wasn’t sure where else to ask…..

if you use a wyb coupon can you use a coupon for the other item?

ie; $1 off crackers when you buy 2 cheese spread. so if I have coupons for the specified cheese spread can i use 2 of them with the $1 cracker coupon?

yes, you sure can.

In my experience it depends on the store or sometimes the cashier. Safeway won’t let me, they called it piggybacking and said it’s not allowed. Rite Aid allows you to combine the coupons.

Do you have to use a filler item(s) at Rite Aid to stack coupons for one item? Like at Walgreens you have to purchase two items to stack a Walgreens coupons with a manufacturer coupon for one item.

i have not had to use fillers only if it surpasses the coupon amount like say your total is 4 and the coupons come out to 4.50 i usually grab a candy bar or gum

Tanya is correct. It’s only Walgreens that has the rule where you have to have as many items as manufacturer coupons.

I have yet to find a Rite Aid coupon that begins with a 48 and I’ve been looking for them. Has anyone found any lately?

was not sure if this is in your location yet but in ma we can load certain coupons to our rewards card no need to clip :)

Certain load 2 card coupons actually says “No other coupon may be used with this coupon.” so everyone should look out for that.

Yes, most digital coupons have a fine print of not combining an eCoupon and a paper coupon.