Arm & Hammer Try Me Free Rebate Offer
Thanks, Passion for Savings 

My cats don’t live indoors so this isn’t something that I use.  But if cat litter is a necessity at your house, check out this great rebate offer for Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Cat Litter!  Right now when you buy the 20 lb box, you can submit a Try Me Free rebate, up to $8.99!  Here’s how it would look to buy this at Walmart:

Arm & Hammer Ultra Last Cat Litter, 20 lb $7.88
Pay $7.88, Submit Try Me Free Rebate Offer
Final Price: Free

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33 thoughts on “FREE Arm & Hammer Cat Litter After Rebate, Plus Walmart Scenario!”

Target is giving out a $5 gift card when you buy the litter. They’re charging $10.99 for it, but you get $8.99 back with the rebate plus the $5 gift card, that makes it a $3.00 money maker!

There are 2 types peelie rebates that can be found on the Arm & Hammer -Ultra Last Cat litter. One rebate applies to the 20lb the other to the 28lb. The peelie rebate for the 20lb you may receive a refund check by mail of purchase price (up to $8.99). The peelie rebate for the 28lb you may receive a refund check for $8.00 by mail.


both rebates state one per household.

So since they are two different rebates you can do one of each right? There is a different address on the “try me free” peelie that is on the 20lb box that has a different expiration date than the “try me free” print out. they have different business names and different promotion codes….. so we should be able to do 3 then correct? On for the peelie, one for the print out, and one for the 28lb?

Still very new at this but not familiar at all with rebates. How do you get the form for the rebate ?? Is it printable?

Hi Billie,

You may find the rebate form on the Arm & Hammer Cat Litter site. It is a printable form.

You can just use the link in the above post. It will take you directly to the rebate form, and yes, it’s printable.

This week at Target, if you buy 2 28lbs of Arm and Hammer Ultra Last Cat Litter, you will get a $5 gift card.

I found the multi-cat on clearance at Target for $7.62 reg price $10.89. It is the 32 lb size also. I only have 1 cat, but with a coupon, what a great deal! and send in for rebate also.

Thanks, I buy that brand a lot.

I found it at a Walmart in Laurel, Maryland. It even had the rebate form attached!!

I found it at Walmart in Laurel. It even had the rebate form attached on the packaging!!

I found it at the Walmart in Maryland. It even had the rebate form stuck on the packaging!!

Sorry, guys, I posted an incorrect pic. This rebate is only for the Ultra Last cat litter.

There is a $1.00 off coupon for the Ultra Last cat litter on the Arm and Hammer website. Click on the Savings Center tab near the top.

And it is for the Ultra Last 20 lb. ONLY.

I found the 20 lb. at Wal-Mart on an end cap by the cat litter for $7.88. Had Try Me Rebates on them. It’s available online as well (Up to $8.99). Used a $1/1 MQ from the manufacturer’s website. Target had the 28 lb. on price cut for a little under $11 with Try Me Rebates for up to $8.

Just wanted to add I live in N Cal. Near Sacramento

the rebate is for the ultra last… I posted this find last week I think. I found the 20lb at walmart with TRY ME FREE peelies on them, they were on an end cap for all to see…..Target they were 10.89 for the 28lb litter and had $8 MIR peelie. I bought mine at Target used $1.50 MF found from the PRINTABLE section on KCL paid 9.39 OOP and submitted for $8MIR so $1.39 for 28lbs :)
I also found this one on an end cap at Target

I have tried Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway – no one has this litter!

i found it at target

i can’t find it anywhere either

Ive been looking for the Ultra Last for about 3 weeks now, cant find it anywhere. (walmart, haris teeter, petsmart, kmart…) anybody actually find it?

no can’t find it anywhere either.

I also can’t find it anywhere. However, I did pick up a 28 lb box from target that had an $8 mail in rebate peelie attached to it.. so got the 28lb box for about $1.99. Still looking for that 20lb box though…

Like Kelli mentioned there is a 28 lb box at Target with an $8 rebate. But at both of my walmarts they are not on the cat litter isle. They are on a flat in the middle of the walkway close to the pet area. HTH

i found it at target :)

The rebate form says Ultra Last.
Makes no difference to me. I always buy Fresh Step now. Have tried them all and it’s the only one that really works, but I’ll try this, since it’s free! :)

The rebate form specifically states “Ultra Last baking soda coated” litter, 20 lbs only. It will only work for that kind.

Isn’t it supposed to be the ultra last like said on the rebate or can you buy any arm and hammer litter 20lbs for 7.88???

Isn’t it supposed to be the ultra last like said on the rebate….or any cat little 20lbs. for $7.88???

isn’t the rebate only for the ultra last cat litter? I just canceled my onlin e order w/ walmart…you posted for super scoop