Have you tried the Bounce Dryer Bar yet?  I have, and I really like it.  It seems to do a good job of reducing static, plus I like not having to remember a dryer sheet each time I dry a load of laundry!  Right now at Target there are specially marked Bounce Dryer Bars that contain $4.00 of P&G coupons.  So buy one, then turn around and buy another for just $0.99!

Transaction #1

Bounce Dryer Bar $2.99, Regular Price
Pay $2.99, Receive $4.00 of P&G coupons inside packaging

Transaction #2

Bounce Dryer Bar $2.99, Regular Price
Use $2.00/1 Bounce Dryer Bar from Transaction #1
Pay $0.99

Final Price: $1.99 each when you buy 2 

Be sure to grab the specially marked box(es) containing $4.00 worth of coupons inside! :)

Thanks, Totally Target 

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30 thoughts on “Bounce Dryer Bars Only $1.99 at Target!”

There is also a Target coupon for $1.00 off the Bounce dryer bar that you can stack with the $2.00 Mfr Q, making it free if your Target sells them for 2.99. My Target (NV) sells them for 4.29, still a good deal..

Last night at Target I was able to get 4 3-month bars for $6.50 + tax

First transaction:
2 3-month bars $8 ($4 each)
used $1.50 off any 2 bars
& used 2 $1.00 off Target peelie coupon (Located on select Tide bottles)
Total: $4.50 + tax

Second transaction:
2 3-month bars $8 ($4 each)
used 2 $2.00 off from previous bars package
& used 2 $1.00 off Target peelie coupon (Located on select Tide bottles)
Total: $2 + tax

I don’t use fabric sheets because I get a lot of static cling. Do these things really work?

YES I will never go back to dryer sheets. Last a decent while and so much simpler. I stock up when I find a good deal.

thanks, Diane

I didn’t find the bars marked for $2.99 so I just purchased the 3 month bars for $4 at my target in AZ with my $.50/1 coupon from P&G. Either way I think it is still a good deal.

These are in my target ad for 5.99 :( I was so bummed, because I have one and it is time for it to be replaced. Im not sure if anyone can help or not, but if so please let me know. Thanks

Thanks for the heads up. I just purchased a 4 month with the P&G $2.50 coupon but no internal coupons. Bummer, but I still have 3 $1.50 coupons to use before the end of the month when they expire. I’ll be careful as to which ones I purchase. Appreciate all the info and feel horrible for those having issues at Target and the scams that are being run.

My target didn’t have any boxes with coupons….ugh.

Only “select” packages have the coupons inside, so be on the lookout for those. : )

My Target has NOT had a lot of deals that Totally Target talked about this week, including the pasta and pasta sauce deal and games. There would also be several coupons to use with the Bounce if we did find these, which wasn’t talked about? Like 1.50 off 2 and .50 and .20 off exp. 1/31/12.

Are any of you finding this actually marked $2.99? I found the 2 month bar at my store but it is $4.29 and they have that price cut on the 3 month bar which is on sale for $4 until 2/4. I’ve found in the past that prices differ across targets that are even right down the street from each other. So i intend to check another target tonight, but i’m not sure i want to do it on the $4 bars.

Also, how cheap do you tend to find these things in general? If i hold out, is CVS eventually going to do some deal making them free? Or is there a chance that P&G will eventually put out a $2.50 coupon for them?

This deal is even sweeter with a 0.50 cent coupon the p&g flyer from 1-1

@Jenna- Ouch! I would refuse to shop there-that could be considered harassment….I would write cooperate they get reimbursed for the coupons whats the deal? My target is usually really coupon friendly?

I spoke with the loss prevention supervisor when the guy in uniform was being rude and stuff. So it went alot better. But I was still upset and annoyed I was held at check out for almost an hour. Luckily we have 2 Targets in town so I go to the other one alot but many times there are no items left because that’s where our group of 4 couponers go because we hate the other one. It’s frustrating but I guess I’m going to have to just buck up and get used to being followed… I would be nice and offer to show him how I do it but it’s always the uniformed guy following me around and he’s just rude and treats me like a criminal.. I guess if being a single mom of 4 ages 4-9 is criminal then so be it!

I did this exact same thing at Kroger last week. I opened the box, cut the coupon out and used it to pay for my order. The cashier didn’t seem to care that my box was cut open, I guess she figured if I was buying it that way then it didn’t really matter lol :-)

Our Target is being really crappy!! 2 nights ago my friend and I went coupon shopping we had $300 subtotals and 40+ coupons each… They wanted to read the fine print on EVERY single coupon and check every single item in the bag. Which was fine but it was the loss prevention security guard doing it. In the end I was completely right and the only coupon we got into an argument about was the $1 off ANY size band-aid used on the $.97 trial size. In the end I won on that one as well. It was embarassing but I prevailed quoting and showing the Target coupon policy!! He did also try to reject my $1.00 off glade candles that were clearanced out for $1.02 each. but with coupon policy in hand I won that one as well!! I guess they are having issues with loss of revenue due to couponing so they are cracking down on the couponers. I was actually followed around by loss prevention and even followed me and my 4 yr old son to the restroom and waited outside of it for us!! Talk about embarassing and harassing!!!!

we also had a similar trip . But now if it should happen again I would welcome him or her to follow me around Talk with them show them what you are doing ask them questions about what you are buying any Just be you self and friendly

That really stinks you had this experience. I work for Target and can usually tell when someone is couponing for their family or for themselves. I say “for themselves” because we have had a HUGE problem with people buying A TON of items and using coupons on every single item, then turning around and returning EVERY item they bought to guest service. They have found that our system cannot hold the coupon money from them because we get reimbursed already when we send them to the company. They get everything that they paid back in cash PLUS all the coupon money, in cash. It has turned into a “hustle” and we have now had to deny returns and purchases from “known” “coupon hustlers”. It was to the point that five would come in in one day and clean out our registers with $400-$500 returns and leaving us with a ton of things to put back on the shelves…I am hoping that this problem will be resolved soon because I love using my coupons anywhere and everywhere. I just hate that people are ruining it for us. And you.

That is HORRIBLE!! I really can’t believe that people will go and take advantage of your store and system like that, you’re right this really does ruin things for the rest of us that are using coupons the way they were intended to be used and to support our families.

Thanks for the info, Katy.

My last trip to Target I picked up about 15 items, had coupons for most of them, and the cashier checked every single coupon against every item I purchased, physically checking the items in the bags. I was annoyed (didn’t show it, and pointed out items in the bags), and I felt bad for the people waiting behind me, but I thought that the cashier might be a new hire.

I feel bad that you and your son had this experience, stores shouldn’t be losing money when coupons are used correctly, in fact they should be coming out slightly ahead. Plus, is you and your friend were spending over $300 there I would say you are a pretty good customer and they should be appreciative of you!!!

Jenna, that’s harassment. I would definitely talk to management and let them know if it happens again you will report it to headquarters. I have a similar situation with one of my 24 hr. Walgreens; not following me but one manager on the night shift makes stupid remarks to me, talks about me while I’m in the store, and treats me like I’m committing a crime by taking advantage of RRs. I’ve reported it once before and just last Sat. night she did it again. She really shouldn’t be a manager at all.

Mine are marked $4.99 at the stores:( I have a $2 coupon from a P&G saver too so I was so excited for this deal.

You need to make sure you are getting the 2 month. The 4 month ones are 4.99.

Me too. (I have to $2 off coupon) Hopefully my Target has them for $2.99, though!

Just a quick question – is anyone running into any issues using coupons on clearance items at Target? My friend was told she couldn’t use them today – and when I contacted Target to see if there had been a policy changed – all I got was the generic, canned response “Thank you for contacting us regarding your recent Target shopping experience…please refer to the Target coupon policy below….” which mentions NOTHING about prohibiting use of coupons on clearance items. Just curious :)

That must be a store by store thing because my Target allows coupons on clearance items.

It could be because they are “bonus packs” and do not have the same upcs as regular items that Target carries. But in any sense, if it is the exact item and size indicated on the coupon, you should not be turned away.

Most of what I buy at Target is on clearance and using a coupon. Got 3 Garnier hair color for 34 cents each using coupons this week.