Have you heard of thredUP yet?  thredUP is a site that will pay you up to $10.00 per box of gently used children’s clothing or toys when you send it to another mom.  thredUp will do most of the work and send you postage paid boxes, and even arrange for them to be picked up.  You also are able to get used clothing for your own children at a fraction of the cost.  The boxes available to purchase start at just $9.00 and contain around 10 items!

Here is how to take advantage of thredUP:

  • Sign up and join for free
  • Search through the community for the type of box you’d like to receive. Examples of boxes are Boy Short Sleeve  T-shirts, Girl Summer Bottoms or Baby Pajamas.
  • Place your order and typically pay $9.00 per box plus $10.95 in shipping charges for a flat rate shipping box.
  • List your own boxes of items for a swap. Be sure to categorize items by gender, size, season and type and to briefly describe what is in the box.  Once yours is selected, you print the label and mail it out.

This can be a great way to get gently used kids’ clothes at a fraction of the price!

Go here for a no-obligation signup, and take a look around.


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3 thoughts on “Make Money Off of Your Kids’ Old Clothes!”

I love thredup! It’s the only way I get my son’s clothing. It is important that one you receive a shipment that you really like, make that seller one of your favorites and continue to get their clothes.


Since I had twins, I tried thred up and both times that I received boxes, the clothes were not as described. Absolutely no quality control. You can’t see the clothes so you have to rely on someone’s description. I had clothes with tags that showed that they were a size smaller than the listing and when I complained I was told that was okay. Then I got clothes that were dirty and stained. It seemed like it was even okay to just put one item in a box too. I had 4 boxes of clothes listed for almost a year and no one was interested in them. People were only interested in larger sizes like size 3T and up and since they were larger you could not fit more than 3 or so items in one box. Both times it ended up working out to getting baby clothes at $8 per item. The thrift store and ebay are much better not to mention buy things on sale and Gymboree or Childrens Place are even cheaper alternatives to thred up. I was fed up with tread up.


when I was doing thred up, you did not get the money from the box you sold. I guess they kept the $5. More like a swap, not a moneymaker, except for certain sizes of clothes.