Extreme Couponing Tip: Get “Full Value” Coupons for Free Products!

If you’ve been watching Extreme Couponing All-Stars episodes, you may be wondering how some couponers get “free product” or “full value” coupons. These coupons are good for a free product, usually up to the full retail value, meaning no cost to the customer! So how do you score these? Check out below!

Rave reviews: If you love a product, let the manufacturer know! Write in a rave review, and at the end, kindly request any coupons they may have; make sure to give both your email address and postal address. As I’ve personally experienced, it helps if the review is specific, the review is witty, and you can mention any extenuating circumstances that elicit sympathy in a fun way. For example, in college I wrote to one of my favorite breakfast restaurants and mentioned how I just loved their new berry pancakes special and that I just couldn’t get enough! At the end, I said “And if you happen to have any spare coupons, this poor newlywed college student would greatly appreciate them!” Lo and behold, I got mailed 2 coupons for any free entree for both my husband and me! This method tends to work about 10-30% of the time. Other times you’ll probably just receive a kind email thanking you for your feedback. 

Reward programs: Sign up for reward programs that offer free product coupons after you accumulate a certain number of points, usually when you buy a certain number of products and enter codes. Examples of these sites include Stonyfield Yogurt, Pampers Gifts to Grow, Huggies Enjoy the RideDisney Movie Rewards, Old Orchard Juice Fan Club, Stouffer’s Dinner Club, My Coke Rewards, L’Oreal Paris Gold Rewards, and Seventh Generation Nation.

Caution: If you see “free product” coupons listed for sale on third party sites, chances are they are fraudulent. Unless you know for a fact they have come from a newspaper insert (such as the free Frank’s Hot Sauce coupon last March) and are genuine, DO NOT BUY THEM.

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Out of all the brand diapers we have bought an tried, pampers have by far been the best! We loves the product! Since we’ve bought them we haven’t went back to any other brand! Thanks pampers!!!!

I get most of my cheap to free products at rite aid and walgreens. I find free food hard to come by. I suspected the wal-mart wouldn’t stock shelves for products with coupons that were more than the value of the product. I always come away from that store irritated. I’ve checked E-bay for full value coupons and yeah, they are there, but they are expensive. Once you buy them you’ll end up only getting about fifty percent off that item if you count the cost of buying the coupon. Still a savings, but yeah its not a cost your gonna see on that show. Where do they get them? Probably through working with the companies or buying high value products. Last year my parents bought a washer and recieved twenty five coupons for free tide. So I guess all you got to do is buy a three thousand dollar washer/dryer set to score some free coupons! I live in Michigan and my favorite place to get good deals on food in Meijer, they have digital coupons, store coupons and stack them with manufactuar coupons. They have an excellent sales ad every week and when I combine everything I come out at about fifty percent off. Some Meijer stores even double, but mine dont. Plus, I dont run across grumpy cashiers there like I do at Wal-mart.

So I have a question, when you write a company is it in today’s electronic computer age typically or snail mail?  I would LOVE to write Tide and a few other of my favorite manufactures of which I spend TONS of money on every year.  With 3 boys at home and possibly more kids on the way every penny really does help and the contributions of this site have helped to greatly reduce my out of pocket.

I live in Colorado and recently found Mt. Olive Texas Pete Hot Sauce flavored pickles. I love them and it is so hard to find things like that here. So, I wrote to the company and told them that I really enjoyed their pickles (this was Friday of last week) and I got 3 coupons yesterday! One for a free product, one for 0.55 off, and one for $1 off. Not too shabby.

I have done the same– it really works!

I really want to learn more about getting items for free. I want to put the skill to good use for our office food drive, which also includes non-food items.

I found a coupon for Advil products in my pile to file yesterday, the odd thing is that it doesn’t have an expiration date on it. Face value is .50. I don’t trust it at all and will never use it, except to teach my coupon classes about fraudulent coupons. Anyone ever see this before? I am stumped.

Yes, I have had a few that printed from the same site on the same day. I used a couple recently and the computer did not beep!! So it must have been an error on that particular day & particular site…have not had any since from that site.

I’ve been debating to comment or not. Well here goes. Companies will send free coupons if you email or call and explain what they are for. I’ve written many companies and let them knew that I was donating to a local charity. I also submitted my business tax i.d. I have been asked many times to send in the tax deduction page that I receive from the local charities. I’ve received as many as 50 at a time. So it is possible as long as they know it’s not going to you personally. As far as the show, the companies knew that the products were going to charity (they could record the show), so I’m sure they were more generous with their coupons. I’m sure there will be replies. But please nothing negative. As always what works for one may not work for all.

I have written and emailed my favorite companies several times, and each time they generously send me high value coupons, samples and great reply letters. They just want to see that a person is using the product and/or really wants to either try it or donate it. I have more Tide coupons than i know what to do with!!! I just got FREE K-cups, Tissues and razors delivered the other day. :)

I have written to several companies and I have not gotten anything not eve na thank you e mail. A couple have sent very low coupons like .$25 or .50 off but only 1 place has sent coupon for free which was ziploc. I loved them.

The problem with some of the rewards programs that offer free product is that there is a limited number of free product the company is willing to part with. I belong to Paw Points with Fresh Step and although I have more than enough points, every time I try to redeem for free product it comes back as ‘unavailable’. I finally had so many points accumulated that I redeemed them for the $3 coupon.

It just soo happens I spent my Saturday afternoon doing this exact same thing. I have only recieved 2 responses and one company told me that they do not have any such coupons and if they are being sold on Ebay they are probably fraudulent and not to buy them. Well, I have decided to write back and nicely tell them that I did see them on Ebay, but would not buy a FREE coupon, because I am not that desperate for items….but that in fact I saw them on the Extreem Couponers show on TLC….and they all went thru the register, so they must have been good, and I doubt they bougt hundreds of them becasue that would defeat the purpose of the show!!

But Thank you for the suggestions!!

haha I *just * wrote a little blog post about this. I do believe that most of those free item coupons are bought (and, even though legitimate, they weren’t necessarily obtained in the most ethical way by many of the sellers, employees who lift them from work, etc.). Though for the show it is possible that some of them were donated. But that’s always been my biggest beef with Extreme Couponing – they don’t explain the “incidental costs” of obtaining those coupons, especially free item coupons, which aren’t cheap on eBay! So while it looks like they’re saving 100%, it may only be 60-70% (or less!) after you factor in the cost of the coupons they used.

well i just went to walmart and got 22 packs of disposable razors,4 bottles of lotion size 3.0 oz and bic pens and didn’t pay a cent for anything they gave me money back to take it out of the store so anything is possible.

Where you get the razor coupons like that?

If your store has the $1.97 packs of Schick disposables (find them with the women’s razors) in stock, there have been $2.00 off any Schick disposables in the paper. Many stores have been pulling their stock or not restocking the shelves because so many couponers have been cleaning them out as soon as they stock them. In my area, even the warehouse inventory is gone and the distributor hasn’t been bringing more.

i never had good luck with walmart couponing.

I almost have enough Gift to Grow rewards to cash in for my FREE Dreft!!

I email Lactaid Dairy company a few times each month. I buy their milk for me and half a gallon is about $4.89! I know, pretty pricey…but that’s the only milk I can drink. They always send me 3-4 pamphlets with $1.00 coupons for milk, cottage cheese and some of their other lacose free products.

Writing to companies do work though. I wrote to Luvs and explained to them I loved their diapers but I was buying defective packs. They sent me (2) $10.00 coupons!! I also wrote to Beechnut telling them my baby really enjoyed their products and they sent me (5) free coupons (5) $1.00 coupons

I’ve been collecting pampers gift to grow points for a couple years now, but I don’t see where you can select for free product coupons. Can you please help? All I see is entering for a chance to win diapers and wipes for a year, I won’t bother wasting my time or points on that since I know there’s likely no chance of winning. But I would absolutely love coupons!

the only one I see on the pampers site is for 3,200 points:

Pampers Cruisers Jumbo Packs and Wipes
You’ll receive four (4) coupons, two (2) which are each good for one (1) free jumbo pack (up to $13.99 maximum value) of any Pampers diapers or pants and two(2) which are each good for (1) Pampers® Wipes (60ct-70ct) (up to $3.99 maximum value).

I found it by searching diapers in the rewards catalog. Huggies does it too but for less points I’m pretty sure. I’m not even sure if my pampers codes are going to add up enough to be worth much… I only have 127 and it looks like you have to have near a 1,000 to get anything worth while and my baby is 20 months I don’t see them adding up that much by the time she’s out of diapers.

The only thing i saw on there was for free Dreft…which i am saving for :)

The coupons for the free diapers are not always available. You have to check the reward catalog (pampers and huggies) every month or so to see what is available. As someone else mentioned look out for free codes. They have posted them on this site before. I had over 4000 pampers points but also had two in diapers. I used my points this year at Christmas on shutterfly certificates to make photo albums for the grandparents. It wasn’t a free box of diapers but it was 3 free presents.

I figure the companies they used on the all star show donated the coupons to them to contribute since all the products were going to charity+ the companies got free publicity from the show by showing them buying the products.

I guess this makes more sense. I wish the companies would share those more often atleast 1-2 per household. ;(

I agree with the previous comments, 2 coupons vs. over $6,000 in groceries – what did they have every member of their family plus friends and work associates write in for free coupons? No, I personally think they bought them from online auction sites (obviously this cost was not shown on the show) and used them to get their 100% – Sorry, but the highest I have gotten was about 70% on a really, really good trip – otherwise I average 50 – 60% – I live in a high cost area on the east coast AND my store doubles all coupons up to $.99.

Same here, I tell my husband. What will work for me is if they also included their total cost of input to all the coupons they purchase. Now that would be more realistic for me. And still wondering how they got so many high value coupons.

I live in MI (Detroit area) and the major grocery store here is Kroger and they don’t double coupons at all, so getting free stuff I think would be almost impossible. I use my coupons wisely, but many things like meat and produce you cannot get coupons for at all. Also I’ve been unemployed for 4yrs and I prefer to go to Aldi’s because there prices are almost half of the other grocery stores. They do not accept coupons cuz there prices are so low already and cuz they carry Aldi products only, which are just as good as the big name products. My bill is generally half as much as I would spend with coupons in Kroger. I have to admit that the coupon clipping and finding good deals is fun and exciting but not always worth it.

That still doesn’t explain how the people on that show got hundreds of free coupons though

It cannot be possible to get a $1000 plus dollars of groceries for FREE as shown on extreme couponing, I was completely turned off by the program. Yes, the groceries were donated, but for the average consumer coupons do not work that way.

Very true. I stop watching because it isn’t realistic at all!

I agree…and you see the sales tax ring up on there and then it just disappears?? If you live in a state that has sales tax you still have to pay that on the coupons. They would have to get tax exempt for donating to charity so it isn’t really possible for your average person to have a zero balance grocery bill…the best i have done was 65%

I believe in some states you don’t have to. Sales tax laws vary widely state by state.

It is true….I live in Toledo Ohio and I personally know “Joanie” from Sylvania.

what is true? that she wrote to the companies for all of the 100s of free coupons individually? I am not trying to judge, just trying to understand how to do it….

Same here, after seeing that episode I got online and just cant figure out how they did it. I know companies will sometimes offer some but not to that extend atleast not that I know of. But if anyone here has a way, I as the rest would really appreciate it ;)….


It seems some what far fetched that they were able to score so many free coupons by writing rave reviews and rewards plans. Especially with the massive quantities they had. Is it possible they wrote the companies asking them for free coupons so they could donate products?

thats what I figured they did+ it showed them on tv getting those products so it gave the company free publicity.

Great info, thanks for sharing! I’m going to have to look into these!