The Colgate Optic White deal at Walgreens is a little better than we originally reported.  Some of you may have received a Colgate-Palmotive products rebate in your 1/29 SmartSource insert.   If you were one of the lucky ones, you can try this moneymaking deal out at Walgreens:

Colgate Optic White  $3.00, On sale thru 2/3
Buy 4, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Use 4 $1.00/1 Colgate Total Advanced, Colgate Optic White, or Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, any 4 oz. or larger from SS 1/15
And Submit $5.00 Mail in Rebate when you buy $10.00 in Colgate or Palmolive products from SS 1/29 (regional)
Pay $8.00, Receive $4.00 Register Reward AND Submit for $5.00 Rebate
Final Price:  $1.00 Moneymaker

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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53 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Colgate Optic White Toothpaste at Walgreens!”

If anyone has any extra Colgate forms and is willing to trade I have access to 2 computers for printing as well as a bunch of coupons!! Feel free to email me at Thank you.

I did the CVS deal, spent -.03 cents which was taxed at .97 for a total of .94 cents, got back $6 ECB.
The Speedsticks were b1g1 at 1.99, coupon rang up at 3.99, making it a $5 moneymaker. after I used up all of the speedstick coupons I had, I used the colgate mfg/store coupons, got some of the irish spring and used a couple of the speedsticks they had on clearance for 1.07.
I didn’t even realize there was a rebate, this is gonna make about $10 per transaction!!! what a deal~

To anyone who has the $5 Beautiful Reward that printed out from buying the Optic White this week:
The Colgate Promotion Page wont be live until 12:01am on Feb 6th.

I didn’t receive the mail in rebate.  Can anybody please mail me one? I’m willing to trade it for some coupons.  I have some food for pets and I don’t have any so I can send you some.  Please email me at

I’m looking for an extra rebate form if anyone has one!!! I hope I’m not too late in posting this and someone sees this!! lol If you have an extra rebate form please email me Thanks in advance!

Hi! If anyone has 1 or 2 of the colgate rebate forms, I would trade you coupons!! I would really love to get this deal and Indiana didn’t get the forms in the SS :{ Email me at if you would like to swap! Thanks

If anyone would like to swap rebate form, I do have extra Pfizer rebate form and I need the colgate-palmolive rebate form. Please email me at  thanks!!!

Tried this deal today with 4 coupons & the register didn’t print the $4 reward. The manager said that my total had to come to $12 AFTER coupons for the register to print the $4 rewards! Anyone else experience this or is this just my Walgreen’s policy? 

It should have printed a RR for you!  Every once in a while that happens and sometimes the paper is just out.  I would take them back or email wags.

How is everyone submitting the UPC?  Obviously can’t send them in, so do you write it down on a piece of paper?  Please help!

for what?

The rebate

I have extra forms if anyone wants to trade.

Hi Sonya, I would love to trade.  I would love to have the rebate form.  What kind of coupons you are looking for?  I don’t have any pets so I am more than welcome to provide with some coupons or just let me know which one you need.

What are you looking to trade for?

I have extra rebate forms. Would trade for the dulce du leche Cheerios or the Honey Bunches of Oats with Fruit coups I missed out on when they were posted.  Also, I have some baby related coups (diapers, etc.) that I won’t be using and I’d be happy to throw them in with the rebate form. 

dulce de leche cheerios coupons are still available with my area code. 98275. At least they were about an hour ago. I already printed 2.

Thank you Crystal!

I would love to trade for some!  I can print more of the cereal coupons for you!  Please email me at zack783 at yahoo!  :)

If anyone has an extra Colgate-Palmolive rebate form, I’d be willing to trade a Pfizer rebate form for it. Please email me at Thanks!

Please let me know if you have an extra Colgate/Palmolive rebate form (  I am more than happy to trade for coupons that I don’t use. 

I live in Texas, what section did you find the Colgate/Palmolive rebate form in?

There is a $1 off 1 Colgate coupon in the feb Walgreens book, Can you use this also for a better deal?

I didn’t get the Colgate rebate either. If someone has an extra I am game for trading coupons and/or other rebates! Send me an email if your interested. I have 2 extra Pfizers and 2 extra Prevacid.

I did the speedstick deodorant deal yesterday at CVS. They were $1.99 each and I had a buy one get one free coupon. I bought six deodorants, total cost was $11.94 then I used three B1G1 free coupons which took off $3.99 each for a total of $11.97 savings. This was already a 0.03 moneymaker. Then, to make things better, since I spent $12.00 on these I got a $6 care bucks reward! Now, I can submit my receipt for the colgate-palmolive $5 rebate. My total savings this trip is a $11.03 moneymaker on 6 deodorants! Wow I wish I could coupon like this every day lol.

So with the B1G1, they gave you the full price for the deodorant instead of the $1.99? That’s awesome! I might just have to make a CVS run this week :)

I have two CVS near me. One gives the full price of the coupon and the other one ajusts the coupon down. I go to the one that give full price, obviously! It seems weird that the different stores have different policies. Corporate must give managers discression on their individual store policies. They also are really great about taking expired coupons :)

There is a Colgate coupon in the new Walgreens book, Can you use that with this deal?

I would think so

Hi, I wonder if theres anyone have extra colgate-palmolve rebate and maybe if I could ask just 1 rebate form, u may email me at thank u!

I’ll trade someone a Colgate rebate for the Pfizer one I didn’t get! Stealmagnolia (dot) deals (at) gmail (dot) com

Hi Wynne, I have the Pfizer rebate. I just e-mailed you!

I’d like to trade as well if you have extras. I didn’t get the Colgate form but have an extra Pfizer rebate. Look out for my email.

Don’t forget you have to spend $10 and this is only $8. It has to be on one receipt. Softsoap and Irish Spring also are in the RR deal, and you might have coupons for these (I didn’t get the Softsoap qs) but I don’t know if you can get the RR twice in one transaction. There is also the Lady Speed Stick BOGO coupon you could use along with the in ad 2/$4 coupon for the rebate!

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Hey Malcolm Stop SPAMMING!

I am also looking for this rebate. I have an extra Pfizer if someone can exchange this for the Colgate rebate.

oops never mind, lol

i thought the colgate/palmolive rebate was $5?

can anyone who has received the rebate in their newspaper inserts tell me which state/area they live in? I did not receive them in my Seattle Times newspaper.

We got the MIR here in Chicago. I bought the Chicago Tribune. Hope that helps.

i live in cleveland and i did not get one :(

houston got it :)

If any one has an extra m.i.r. for this item, & would like to donate one to me please email me at:

Please & Thank you!

does anyone have a extra of the mail in rebate for this item? if you do please contact me at:
Thank you.

the mail in rebate also states that lady speed stick, speed stick are qualifying products. so scenario of cvs buying 6 ladyspee deodorants should qualify for this offer. and actually making it a 5.00 moneymaker.

Wow, thanks for the heads up…

My mother and I were also amoung the many who did not receive the Colgate-Palmolive rebate form this past Sunday. I was wondering if anyone had any extra forms that they might be able to send to us? My email is…Thank you so, so much! :)

does walgreens not take printed coupons? i tried to use 4 of optic white coupons from redplum for this but the manager refused them. does ” limit 1 coupon per perchase of product mean per item or per transaction?

1 per purchase mean you can only have 1 coupon per item purchased. In the fine print on the coupon, it will tell you if there is a coupon limit per transaction. If it doesn’t specify, you can use more that one per transaction.

I to have had issues with printed redplum and I read on another site that it had to do with an updated barcode system and the stores that aren’t accepting those coupons are the ones with the older scanners

i had several clipped red plum coupons from Sundays papers that were problems at the Acme and Shoprite – the cashier manually keyed them.  it’s the new bar code that Red Plum is using. it’s affecting circulars and printable’s.

does anyone have a spare of the mail in rebate for this item? if you do please contact me at